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  1. bobtom

    Surrendered Units in OA?

    I shot one and nothing happened so I just left them be. The cuffing and sending them behind the lines would be another good aspect that could be added to the game.
  2. bobtom

    Where/how/when to buy ARMA2:OA?

    I just got my copy via the amazon preorder and 1 day shipping. It's delivery est. of July 1 was wrong, thankfully. :D
  3. bobtom

    Where/how/when to buy ARMA2:OA?

    Preordered from Amazon. Estimated delivery: July 1
  4. bobtom

    Sandboxing ArmA II

    ArmAIIholic, were you Prestige (2006) in "That game's" forums? If so your missions were one of the few things I liked about the game. I hope you continue it here because I like this game much much better. :D Good luck man!
  5. I agree. If you were under fire and had to use a SMAW to kill an armored vehicle, bunker, etc. Your squad would have to cover you as you assemble it, and would add some more teamwork in multiplayer. But its a little late to add it in OA..
  6. I agree on this one. This mission is going to be awesome!
  7. bobtom

    SP Undead Missions: Something Wrong

    Just finished both missions. It was great!! I encountered no bugs and had a great time. Continue this for sure! Thanks a lot! The more zed missions the better!
  8. It sure does help me. On high I can get an increase of about 4 fps. However when I put it on realtime my frame rate drops like a stone. :confused: Anyway, yes it does help.
  9. M3! I have been waiting for this! Thank you!
  10. Well tonight at 1:00 GMT (BB time) tonight works fine, or anytime tomorrow past 5:00 GMT. Not sure what your timezone is so I used GMT :).
  11. Yes I would. I have the latest beta patch.
  12. That sounds like a good idea. I would be willing to participate.
  13. bobtom

    The Undead Mod

    When I first got this mod I made a mission with both fast and slow, but seeing that I had no idea what I was doing I don't know if this applies to this situation. I think I did it by synchronizing or grouping the infected module to the spawn module and the zombie module to another spawn module. Is this possible? NOTE: If I am saying something completely idiotic I am sorry. :)
  14. bobtom

    The Undead Mod

    I sure have, after being overrun on an island in Sahrani I swam to the mainland, only to realize that the zombies were following me.... on the ocean floor. Freaky...