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  1. Honestly, it's what I'm most excited for too. There's nothing like some good old SP.
  2. The mod will have an SP version and an MP version. The SP version will be more story based, while MP will be more....multiplayer based.
  3. Guys, this mod will be awesome. I'm glad to be involved. Just saying. -Craig
  4. Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Update .09 Privet, DZS is now undergoing a large overhaul. Many of the old features and methods are being trashed for newer, cleaner, and simpler ways of doing things. I’ve already changed a lot, but it’ s only the surface. A lot is in the future, so fasten your seatbelts. It’s time to have some fun. Changelog: New Parameters screen Correct headers and loading photo New file structure Rewriting functions ADHD? Σ= .09 Beta Aesthetics Rewrite Download .09 -Craig Vander Galien http://dynamiczombiesandbox.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/2013-06-23_00001.jpg (253 kB)
  5. bobtom

    Endless Survival

    Looks very nice Dom! I'll be playing this as soon as I can! I can't wait to see how it develops in the future as well. As usual, I'll help in whatever way I can.
  6. Intro: Hello and welcome to the initial release of my latest Arma project, battleGames. I'm Craig Vander Galien, and I have an obsession for ArmA. It's currently in a fairly simple state, just as my last mission, Dynamic Zombie Sandbox, was on initial release. Hopefully it will develop into something far more complex and exciting, but the core functionality is all here. Description: battleGames (I'm not sure why I styled it this way. But it comes completely from ArmA commands' capitalization style) is a fairly dynamic mission based off of the Battle Royale and Hunger Games books/movies. Players start as civilians and are randomly placed throughout a predefined area. Loot is spread throughout the nearby buildings. All loot. You can find clothes, attachments, explosives, Chemlights, and of course weapons. Not only can you kill opponents, but also in your own personal clothing style. If you live long enough to find some, of course. Features: Ever growing set of parameters 40 players maximum Multiple play areas Dynamic loot spawns Full Russian translation, and more languages on the way Many future expansions and updates Credits: Liza Konovalova (translations) Luke Jansen (testing) Download: battleGames Alpha
  7. bobtom

    [MP-40] battleGames

    Okay, thanks for the feedback. It's still early stages, so many things will be added yet! An option for a periodically updating radar that puts people's location on the map has been added for the next version. That sound good?' Craig
  8. Alpha came out with an update today, it may have changed some things.
  9. Okay, thanks. I recently found a command to fix the problem for both vehicles and food bags, so I'll be updating that soon.
  10. The parameter name is "Game Type". Parameters are found in the player selection menu. If you want to make this change permanent, adjust the description.ext default value for the Game Type parameter to "3".
  11. Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Update .07 Original Post Hey, Quick update, a couple fixes from .06 and a couple new things. Changelog Overview: Zombies not working on clients New Game Type: No spawns (for developers) Detailed Changelog: The list that said “Don’t spawn things on coral†was not pushed to clients Want to build off of DZS platform? Just take this parameter off and change the map how you wish. Players will not be relocated and vehicles/weapons will not spawn. Zombies will spawn as usual, however. ADHD? Σ= .07 Bug Fix. Developer update Download A3 .07 ---------- Post added at 08:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:00 PM ---------- Yessir, they are next on the list. .07 includes the ability to disable weapon/vehicle spawning. Also it doesn't put the players anywhere. People can add stuff easier now. You can turn off the boxes easily. It's a parameter.
  12. Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Update .06 Original Post G’day After a brief hiatus I have nice new version of DZS to be released. Many things have been fixed and improved, which lays the groundwork for much more revolutionary features to be added and re-added into the Arma 3 edition of Dynamic Zombie Sandbox. Enter smoother gameplay and hopefully not massive lag after 5 minutes (a result of faulty vehicle spawning). Have fun and report any bugs you encounter! Where to report? On this web page or email me at craigvandergalien@gmail.com Changelog Overview: Zombies no longer spawn in water Vehicles no longer spawn in water Vehicle spawning redone Building destruction parameter fixed Medic packs in vehicles removed Dead zombies may have bandages All spawning parameters work correctly now Decreased .rpt spam Debug mode fixed Parameters cleaned up further Grass settings now longer crash game other minor fixes and improvements Detailed Changelog: For some reason BIS defined coral as a house, so that was the reason for these issues. Why BIS? Why? See above Vehicles spawn as the player roams the island. This should work fine in MP as the variables are synced across the network Yep, turn this parameter on and all houses (including coral, sorry) will be destroyed, for a post apocalyptic feel to things 6 medic packs per vehicle? Too easy IMHO. A class issue left over from A2, now this works again “Everywhere, more in towns†caused a figurative train wreck, has been resolved. Mainly removed conflicts from Arma 2, less spam makes everyone happy. Dots wouldn’t appear on map. Quick Legend (Brown dots = zombies Red dots = spawning triggers Blue dots = Vehicles) Self explanatory Weird issue indeed, I’m not even sure how I solved it, but it has been solved Yep. ADHD?? Σ= .06 Bug fixes. No spawn in water. Smoother. Enjoy. Download A3 .06
  13. Does anyone have any idea what the "Handler not present" message means? It tends to spam the .rpt's now, and I have no idea how to avoid it!
  14. What version of DZS are you using? And if you are using beta, what version of the beta? (When did you download?). This will help me the most, thanks.
  15. Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Update .05 Salutations,For the third day in a row I have a release for DZS Arma 3. The changelog will be a little more fleshed out this time, compared to the relatively short one for .03, therefore I have deemed this version to be .05. Changelog Overview Added weapon and other loot spawns in buildings Headshots will kill Split up player groups Removed jittery zombie spawning Cleaned up parameters Zombies not attacking Players starting without weapons Boxes being empty Detailed Changelog: DZS now uses the same loot spawn system included in Wasteland. Tonic and I have exchanged scripts before and this is another example. Previously headshots were not guaranteed kills. Now they almost always are. They will still take a decent amount of FMJ to the rest of their bodies, however. The radio chatter was annoying and gave the split up players' positions away The problem has been in place since DZS 1.0 Combined Operations. It's gone now. Many old parameters that no longer work in A3 were in the list, I removed them. As DZS A3 gets developed more, they will be returned. Not sure where this problem came from, but it was seen in V.03. Last night I threw out a hotfix that changed some code, and the problem disappeared. Name says it all, also fixed in hotfix Boxes spawned by clients were seen as empty, server now spawns all boxes. Fixed in hotfix. Note: The hotfix was .035, no official release post was made for this. If anyone can confirm that the hotfix did not fix the above issues, please inform me. Download Also I really like this video! Thanks to Karwin Leutscher for creating it! This is on version .03. 0JGB90ytXc8
  16. The link has been updated on the website, the version should now read .035. It's basically a hotfix. From my tests online, the issues with zombies not attacking and weapons not being added, etc, etc. Are gone now.
  17. @Bejasc3D Correct, if I am going to make mods dynamic, I will also need to make it so anyone can join the mission with any mod. So problems like this may occur. It's best for everyone to have the same mods on the server. So put it in your server name I suppose. I could never see slow zombies as being fun, mainly because it would be too easy to kill them. Is it still enjoyable to play with slow zombies? If so, I'll gladly add this as a parameter. The latest beta version (March 3). Has working barrels and food stands. To cook you need to go to a campfire. This has all worked for me on a lan server by myself, but I've never been able to try on a dedicated or via a non-server environment. Indeed, it is quite similar to C#, but the commands obviously being very specific to the engine and operations within the gameworld, they take a while to learn and understand. Thank you for the post, if you would like to help, I would gladly have you on board! @Nikita The 1.3 beta is only for the Combined Ops version of Arma 2, sorry. :/
  18. So I got a chance to play on some servers, and yeah. There are some serious problems... Zombies don't attack and boxes don't have weapons in them. I'll fix this now.
  19. Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Version .03 Good Day, ladies and gentlemen. Here I have, as promised, is another version of Dynamic Zombie Sandbox. It includes a major addition, vehicles. I created a new spawning system that will be more efficient. To summarize, it spawns vehicles as you explore the map, instead of right in the beginning. Making a smooth load for the host. Also, I added civilian zombies, a difference between A3 and A2 was causing them not to be included. Changes: New vehicle spawn system Adjusted some parameters Included Civilian skins Note: This is an alpha version of a mission on an alpha version of a game. Don't expect perfection, play at your own risk. Please don't rate down an unfinished product. (Photos on website) Download
  20. What version of ArmA are you using?
  21. B00tsy, I respect both you and your missions, which I thoroughly enjoy. I have noted your opinion on this subject on the ArmAholic forums, however I fully intend to not only continue the development of DZS, but increase the intensity of development. I'm sorry if this conflicts with your interests. Edit: If you wish to continue this line of discussion I'd be fine with PM's or email @ craigvandergalien@gmail.com
  22. @lakedead I have a life outside of gaming (not saying that you don't) , all my free time has been on DZS since A3 came out. I haven't even been able to play vanilla A3 yet. So don't call me lazy please.
  23. It's MP of course, just like the A2, OA, CO, and TOH versions were. There are currently 18 available slots.
  24. Does it not work in multiplayer? :/ I test via LAN, I don't have a stable enough internet connection to host online and test, so please tell me if there are issues.
  25. [h=4]DZS Arma 3 Version .02 [/h]Hello! Sorry for the delay, the last few days have been hectic for me in real life. Now, however, I have updated DZS A3 to version .02. Changes: Included plentiful ammobox spawns near where the player starts. NOTE: You may have to search for them! Made steps to counteract the "Swimming on respawn" issues. Zombies no longer stop spawning permanently, they will begin again over time. Did a lot of testing regarding vehicles Vehicles are still out as of now. After you load in after the mission spawns vehicles, there is massive lag for a long time. Disabling simulation helps a little, but isn't a final solution. I'm currently writing a more efficient method of vehicle spawning, which will be released tomorrow (March 9) Download: http://dynamiczombiesandbox.com/downloads/