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  1. Yup I totally agree with you B00ce.

    It is not a single graphics card issue.

    Verifed proof with three different players last Saturday night.

    I have dual GTX270 in SLI, my buddy has Dual ati 6850 ATI in cross fire and a third buddy has Dual 6950 in cross fire.

    We all got it.


    It doesn't happen right away.

    It is almost like an over loaded memory on the video card. i got it first(lowest Video ram) then the 6850, then the 6950 2gig cards got it a short while later.

    love the choppers but this image can cover the whole screen when you glance towards them or look directly at them. This picture is a tame image.

    Don't know what it is, and I have never had anything like that with any other choppers and we have ton on our dedicated Clan server.

    Same here with radeon 4890

  2. DayZ has brought in lots of people, there are so many DayZ servers that are all full. The only downside is that most of them are assholes and not the nice, courteous ArmA players.

    I was just in a server where a guy was bragging about his job, how many Facebook friends he had, and how big his d*ck was. Yesterday, I approached another player and told him I wasn't going to shoot. He shoots me and just walks away, didn't even loot me.

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    I just counted 120 DayZ servers, most of them being completely full at 50 players.

    L4D players!