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  1. this is the exact word to explain everything right now:yay:
  2. Isola

    Chechen War Russians

    great mod ,this + checen rebels=flawless victory :p
  3. best blufor's weapons sound mod is RWS. For everything else i like JSRS but HIFI for A-10 sounds and stand alone Su-25 sound mod. Sounds of Anders is making a step forward upon every new release....
  4. hope the fixed CTD. with latest beta 7777 i had always CTD...
  5. wait....i have only HK in the @RWS_ACE ...running only the RWS_ACE folder means only HK416/417 ingame...
  6. the best for A-10 indeed.
  7. just set higher priority for this soundmod. i have JSRS and this mod,using arma launcher,you go in the third Tab called MODS and just put RWS higher than JSRS and you are done!If you don't use Arma launcher just write down @RWS before @JSRS in the command line inside the shortcut. for me it works!
  8. Are they "Lingorian" troops or American troops for the Lingor Environment? I suppose the second one 'cause the stars and stripes on the shoulder....
  9. this is by far the most beautiful map ever,damn very good work ICE....total immersion with your lingor map.
  10. Isola

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    i love this mod.....concerning the helis i think that Merlin is too quiet,quieter than others!
  11. Isola

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 77159

    i'm sorry but you have just to register...that website is full of good quality content...you won't be disappointed! :) firefight footage,FLIR videos,theoric weapons lessons...and so on.. Thanks mr.charles.
  12. thanks,only a keybinding problem.
  13. Concerning my problem with locking target from gunner ,without any addons it works.Only with mando+CBA.....now i try with ACE as well... Edit:CBA+ACE+Mando = no lock from gunner position CBA+Mando = Fine! ACE version b.452 (ACE 1.7-U2)
  14. thanks mandoble! Just figured out the "double tap" trick for free lock camera :) Another quick question,from gunner position can u lock target without using the "camera" mode? Can't lock the target using the "lock target" key:confused:
  15. Isola

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 77159

    http://www.apacheclips.com/media/25432/FLIR_blackhawk_picking_up_wounded/ http://www.apacheclips.com/media/22284/VOTD_-_FLIR_Quick_reaction_force/ http://www.apacheclips.com/media/14650/Apache_FLIR_Video_Afghanistan/ http://www.apacheclips.com/media/1272/US-Special-forces-rescue-italian-hostages-in-Iraq/
  16. a question....have you changed your default lock key from "tab" to something else? Because if i look at a target using the monocle i have to push "Alt" key,plus the lock key "Tab" the result is Alt+Tab = Back to desktop. Strange question i know but i thought there is a trick for that without changing shortcuts.
  17. MY favourite map!!! Let's hunt Osama Bin Laden!