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  1. Isola

    F-22A Raptor

    wheels still not spinning
  2. Isola

    F-22A Raptor

    i still have crosshair....i'm going to disable Ace2 and i'll check if it is a sort of incompatibility.
  3. Isola

    An Interview With IceBreakr

    he needs to be hired from BIS. He is one the most talented map maker ever.
  4. Isola

    F-22A Raptor

    why not a Gau8?it's even more effective compared to Gau12!!!
  5. no either OA,only Arma2 vanilla.
  6. i hope you'll solve this problem,those helmets are fantastic...Black hawk's one is awesome
  7. my F5 key is no more lol:D
  8. Isola

    Sti UH-60L

    also a cup of coffee is appreciated....lol...
  9. now the sounds are awesome! I think incoming sonic cracks and so on should be improved!Just my humble opinion. New MK16-17 sounds are top notch!
  10. Avira antivir says that everything's okay!
  11. You are Fast Anders! Maybe one of the fastest releaser out there! :D
  12. Isola

    F-22A Raptor

    even at Full throttle i can't see any options regarding AB....seriously, i reach 998-1000 in speed but nothing appears...
  13. Isola

    F-22A Raptor

    Now i'm at work i cannot try it any further......i could'nt make afterburner works in my last gaming session maybe something related to ACE and keybindings.. Another bug a found was landing's gears wheels not rolling but doing a "moonwalk"! I can confirm that when u release countermeasures it opens bomb bays.
  14. Isola

    F-22A Raptor

    yes it kinda leans to the left but also the main gun crosshair leans,dunno:confused:
  15. Isola

    F-22A Raptor

    i have no "flames" or something like that coming out from thrusters,maybe some colors are appreciated. Btw your model is awesome i definitely love it :p and the canopy is perfect :p
  16. Isola

    F-22A Raptor

    at full throttle it leans automatically to the left,is it normal? And the gun's crosshair leans to the left as well (using ACE). he lose too much speed during turns,doesn't he?From 980 to 340 circa Btw great mod,great airplane,great animation and great model,well done! Feedback incoming :D
  17. or an iraqui-iran war reenact....
  18. i think you should fire it manually when the circle appear inside the acquisition's target square.
  19. don't worry,you're not alone!lol!