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  1. what' the difference between your harrier and the bis one? I know your model will be awesome compared to bis one.
  2. Another outstading work from MYke incoming for sure!
  3. Unsung+http://www.apacheclips.com/media/26966/Vietnam_Radio_-_Recon_Team_ambush/ in background =intense!
  4. "one file" download link? damn 1 hour delay to download part N°2 :(
  5. worse indeed.(performance related)
  6. Isola

    75th Ranger Regiment

    need now!lol Well done,great models!
  7. just don't switch it on trough action menu.
  8. yes i read it but is it already implemented?
  9. that's right.... I think that right now pilots have too much advantage compared to AA. I'd nerf countermeasures too :D
  10. i have a simple question related to AA and planes. don't you think that in arma2:OA the flares system is too much overpowered? with SA6 i have to fire all 3 (at least 2) missiles to shot down a plane. Is it normal or not?
  11. lol,are you seriously only in 2? Damn only 2 and you make such a great piece of art!Yes the typhoon is beyond a simple technical work.
  12. Isola

    FDFmod 1.0

    units,trailer.torrent,installer,campaign,sp-coop-mp mission what the hell,this is nearly an official expansion :p Well done!
  13. Isola

    FDFmod 1.0

    i just tried out your mod...
  14. Isola

    FDFmod 1.0

    I love your Typhoon soundmod!
  15. Isola

    Isla Duala

    me too but the level of immersion in Lingor is simply outstanding! the ambient sound,the fog,for me is unmatched! and simply the best for ambushes!