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  1. Kudos to you Christian! downloading.
  2. nope!but i found the origin of the problem. the problem comes from old Robalo's ACE configs for ukf weapons.
  3. outstanding work......all your helos are superb!
  4. I'd wait till the end of the world for your mods!
  5. Isola

    F-14D Super Tomcat

    I tried your super tomcat....superb!!!
  6. Isola

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Of course we play it ;) welcome back
  7. yes sir!Plus BAF and PMC ---------- Post added at 07:30 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:26 PM ---------- here you are,no addons loaded. UPDATE Solved! I'm using Arma Launcher and the "addon" called "expansion/beta" should be put in higher priority than "expansion". sorry!!
  8. this problem happens only with the beta patches,no matter how many mods running. I tried with only baf-beta-beta-expansion-pmc enabled.....same...:(
  9. Isola

    US Marines

    Thanx Bink!! Now i'm a bit confused! I can't imagine why in the editor i have that kind of troop if it isn't part of your addon!
  10. Isola

    US Marines

    i'm the only one crashing using the "automatic rifleman m27"?
  11. i'm gonna find out witch one...i hope. Should i exclude all your addons? :p
  12. i get this error message from every beta patch,only with stable 1.59 everything goes flawlessly,any tips?
  13. Isola

    US Marines

    Great update Bink!!!Your work is superb as always! Automatic rifleman (M27) makes my game crash.
  14. Now on tapatalk!!!so much better!
  15. download doesn't start from gamefront! EDIT:With IE it works...