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  1. Isola

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    i hope not FOR Christmas
  2. Isola

    RH Mk18 1.0 pack

    simply awesome. Well done RH.
  3. Isola

    SEAL Team Six 4

    this is because you have updated TF86 NAVY SEALS Addon,don't you? The new versione doesn't have ACE support. Just rollback to the 1.0 version.
  4. Isola

    SEAL Team Six 4

    it has been discussed before in the old "seal team six topic" and it appeared that the majority of the players prefear the BIS medical system so Sick disabled ace one. And i confirm my preferece for the BIS.:)
  5. Isola

    PedagneMOD for Arma2 released

    downloaded once, and everything went alright. No problems so far.
  6. new peninsula and a new main airport,great work Ice,awesome Mod!
  7. Oh my god, outstanding work m8! Sei un grande!
  8. Isola

    WarFX Particles

    i didn't say i'm not happy,it was just an opinion.;)
  9. Isola

    WarFX Particles

    ACE FX seems better..... Warfx GBU-12 is far from real in the vid. :confused: Just fix the GBU... In my opinion only Smoke Grenades are better in Warfx,seems like in the 203 explosion only mud/dust appears,the same happens for m67
  10. Isola

    SEAL Team Six

    first campaign Ace version,last mission ,does anyone has tips/advices ? Can't find a good place to snipe enemies and they are too many
  11. Isola

    RH Aks Pack ver 1.2

    Best Weapon skin ever! Great JOB RH
  12. Isola

    SEAL Team Six

    Don't play seal team six with Group Link 4 Special FX Edition, at least the first campaign. GL4 messes all the objectives,every enemy comes in your position as a reinforcement. Even if you stay at the "drop point" or not far from it,"key-objectives" come to you and you get all the mission updates. Enemy and friendly AI behave better with GL4 ,they use smoke granades,feign death ,they call upon reinforcement(see above complaint),but if GL4 is used with a campaign you face the problems stated above. Should I modify the GL4 config file?
  13. Isola

    SEAL Team Six

    i have a problem in the second mission (campaign 1 ACE version) Heli pilot leaves with my team member onboard. In the first mission,my team completes the objectives too early,without killing alla enemies,i'm at the first port and second target(the other port) is done even if i'm not there at all and it drives me to the Island. for the first problem i think that's a matter of ACE2,complex pilot AI pushes the pilots to engage enemies, or something like that
  14. Isola

    SEAL Team Six

    Almost finished Campaign 3! What am i going to do after that!!? Panic!!
  15. Isola

    SEAL Team Six

    Thanx mate. At first I thought it was a bug but if you say so it clarifies all
  16. Isola

    SEAL Team Six

    is it possible that with silenced magazines the accuracy is Fu.cked? mk12+silenced magazine=bullets 1 meter higher than normal