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  1. played alf an hour ago....nothing comparable with your older units.....such an huge improvment....helmets are top notch. Grats....
  2. 375mb? EDIT:Downloading :cool:
  3. i love surprises......thanx Meat
  4. I had to raid with my guild in the "old republic" but i couldn't with this beauty out!
  5. now soar's blackhawk by Yurapetrov and we are done!
  6. You are the best Konyo :p
  7. I don't give a s**t about ac3! The real problem is to figure out if your release date is real or just a joke..... It Seems all too easy lol
  8. zomg....seems outstading.
  9. Same here with radeon 4890
  10. Isola

    ACE for OA 1.13

    -----everything's okay-------
  11. No problems rock and everything's clear , i'm One of your biggest fan and i know very well your addon's quality . I daily use all your released stuff for A2/CO , unbeatable! When you play with something like that ,you don't want to miss a single inch of it
  12. yes i know rock,but you know...i saw your new typhoon version ,tornado other things on this WIP 3d,i'd only want to know if all those great things are also for arma2 or only A3....:p see ya m8
  13. Rock, are you going o release something fot arma2 , typhoon at least, i hope!
  14. one of the best modding team ever! Great work,downloading!
  15. Isola

    Football: Euro 2012