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  1. CURRENTLY IN WIP MODE AS OF APRIL 2013; RELEASE SOON ARMENIAN ARMY Description I am proud to present you my very first ARMA 2 addon and also the very first addon in general for these amazing game titles. I have decided to take the Armenian Armed Forces as my first great project and will hopefully succeed with a complete package, as you may have noticed, it's only the country's land forces at the moment and incomplete!, but when having enough time and get hands on the required material, I will finish the it. Basically, it is mostly a reskin of provided units, since I still have to expertize myself a bit more on creating own models what is time expensive. So I rely on given content and can hopefully please you with this for now ..... :) You will find the army on independent side. Content The addon includes different unit types and classes with their groups. I tried to create proper groups but did also use my own fantasy for example on special units or tanks. More and mixed variants will follow with the next update. Basic single content is: Armenian Infantry - 3 variants, different camouflage Armenian Special Forces motorized vehicles mechanized vehicles tanks static weaponry artillery ( in this case, divided from static weaponry ) Basic groupings are: Infantry formations, from squad to small teams - Mechanized Infantry - Motorized Infantry Special forces formations + mech/motorized Tank formations, platoon sized only. 3 weight classes 2x T-72B variant. Since you cannot correctly implement the camo on the era bricks ( or it needs damn lot of work ), I made my own camo concept on it. Simple but yet fictional in addition, different crews and some rather decorative or symbolic equipment, since their army has it. See yourself .... ;) Sample Material NO VALID, OUTDATED ONES REMOVED, WAIT FOR UPDATE ! Credits Of course the people who helped, aided and supported me got to be whorshipped. Many many thanks to the following people: SaS TrooP - a friend, Arma 2 companion, spmbt opponent and main instructor for configurations and scripting, what would have I done without him ! We both motivated eachother on completing own projects even though having some hard times - plenty of good and helpful tips and assistance. His Georgian Armed Forces addon inspired me to work on this. So many great thanks to you and before I forget: SPMBT is the best game eva! ^^ Rellikki - big thanks for providing me his Chernarusian Red Army troops. I appreciate it very very much since his units brought a good addition to my infantry ! :) hcpookie and Franze - for their brdm2 med-range air defence variant and again hcpookie for his amazing work on the upgraded brdm-2, I hopefully will be able to implement some of the many more variants, for the next update. D@VÅ - for providing his SLA troops, what made me possible to include additional units, which I would not be able without it. Thank you very much for this ! ACE team - for developing a realistic overhaul to an allready amazing game, making it even more climatic with it's realistic futures, settings and possibilities. Please continue the good work, every step of yours, is a further step to realism ! Many thanks also to every single person who helped and supported me ! God bless you all ! Bohemia Interactive - for just making such awesome games ! Every single one Known Issues - at the moment, some small texture bugs to be fixed on the brdm-2 AA ( it looses new text at a far distance ) - two same units for SF. Just hade no time anymore to fix it :D please report me, if you find any other bugs like for example missing textures etc. Future Plans - to complete the Armenian Armed Forces. When I'm done, it will be called so. adding the air component and additional vehicles adding naval elements ( yes, they have .... ) adding additional sf with camo variants + peacekeepers enhancing everything ( more dirt - dust, more flexible larger and mixed formations, to name one issue .... ) Required: ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead / Combined Operations A.C.E - Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA + Extras CBA - Community Base Addons - CO for all people who will hate me for this, yes I will also try to make a non ACE version ..... ^^ ACE has just so many awesome features, the vanilla lacks on. For example the fancy safety goggles .... :P Downloadable Content BEEING UPDATED WIP
  2. CommanderYuri

    North Korea General

    such tough talk only proves that there's heat in internal affairs. Someone want's to show who's the leader and at the same time evade any internal conflict by simple warmongery dialogue against the west. I would take those preemtive strike threats serious though, no matter if SK or Japane are able to defend themselves against ballistic missiles or not. Even take a preperation for a conventional assault of NK into considaration. After all, a surprise attack is allways a huge possibility and it is what it is, pretty much capable of dealing quite significant damage in the beginning, no matter how well prepared you think you are. For something like that you are never really prepared.
  3. I have one big config for my entire addon. Is there any way I can add a camo face to some units this way ?
  4. Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs 0.5 Info So, this is my second addon so far and definitly not the last. Like the title says, it's the Georgian MIA, at least as much as I could add for now, while still working on my first addon in the meantime. I included most of it's sub branches and there is still lot to do, yet I consider this the right time to release a first version. I won't spoiler too much so for who is interested there are some screens below, yet I will say that one of the most important units are playable. What is Georgian MIA ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ministry_of_Internal_Affairs_(Georgia) Screenshots http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8310/8057580932_ec72bd6664_b.jpg http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8452/8057581369_c6c0dfa05a_b.jpg http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8450/8057581297_76f963d7d5_b.jpg http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8458/8057581110_1f742bb576_b.jpg The addon consists of - Border Guard - KUD ( Constitutional Security Department ) - SOD ( Special Operative Department ) - Counter Terror Center - Gulua Group 2004 - Intelligence Service - Security Police - Special State Protection Service - Special Task Main Division Known issues no backpack proxy yet for Gulua Group, just hide backpack during mission some gloves dissapear in 1st person mode Still to come - Criminal Police - Finanical Police - Traffic Police - Bomb Squad - newer units Credits Special and most thanks go to Vilas for providing models from his awesome Polish Miltiary and Police addon ( highly recommend those and P85 for a try at least .... ) Once again Bohemia Interactive Sutdios for gifting us such a great game and also the Arma Community Required Addons This is primarly an ACE supported addon, but it comes with a non-ACE config as additional download. - Community Base Addons - Advanced Combat Environment ( ACE package ) ----------------------------------------------- - for non ACE users, it is required to download the non-ACE config below and replace it with the original. CBA is suggested I highly recommend using this with ACE since the non-ace version looses realism as it is limited on resources like arms, gear, items etc and I had to improvise with what vanilla offered. Download Links http://www.gamefront.com/files/22400677/Georgian_MIA.rar ( packed 206.75mb ) non-ACE config ( optional ): http://www.gamefront.com/files/22396443/Non-ACE+config+Georgian+MIA.rar Would be very nice if some alternative download sources were added Any positive or negative feedback is welcome
  5. CommanderYuri

    Georgian MIA forces

    Ok thx, will check that Well, write to SaS TrooP for infos and questions about GAF addon, it is mainly his project and he has all the files.
  6. CommanderYuri

    Georgian MIA forces

    Okay the texture dissapearance is fixed, I recommend checking yourself again, with the new upload you can download from now As of rpt debug report. The error messages shown shouldn't concern anyone as it is the normal response to the corresponding models including that of vilas etc, so they don't have any influence whatsoever.
  7. CommanderYuri

    Georgian MIA forces

    and is it happening to one or several units ?
  8. CommanderYuri

    Georgian MIA forces

    Hi thanks for the report. Hm, I encourter this the first time so I'll try to find a solution. Are you using the ACE or non-ACE version and is it happening to several units or just one specific ? As of backpack, well we gonna have to live with it for now untill the next update. But yea I definitly won't leave it by that :)
  9. CommanderYuri

    Georgian MIA forces

    Update: Added Non-Ace config as seperate download. I appreciate feedback from people playing without ACE, thank you
  10. CommanderYuri

    Georgian MIA forces

    K, for anyone who downloaded, yes sorry I forgot to write down the requirements :o Will add a non-ace config as a sole download soon. This is an ACE version.
  11. CommanderYuri

    Georgian MIA forces

    thank you ! :)
  12. CommanderYuri

    Stalker Units 0.5a

    are the arm texture bugs fixed ?
  13. Interesting. But isn't this rather ...... Lego ..... :P
  14. CommanderYuri

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    How about a Lazika. I know, it's not even out for serial production but ..... :P
  15. CommanderYuri

    Stagler's IRA

    great addon. Thank you :-)
  16. CommanderYuri

    Armenian Army 0.1

    An all-in-one would be really nice R0adki11 :-) The current one yes. I will add the non-ace version in future. The filefront one is working.
  17. CommanderYuri

    Armenian Army 0.1

    Thank you much guys ! :-)
  18. CommanderYuri

    Armenian Army 0.1

    UPDATE 0.4 I made a small quick update which contains a bugfix regarding the shading of the mixed Infantry units. Further, I remade the Commandos and gave them a much better and diverse look as they were rather odd. I hope you enjoy before the next large update :). Download the new version from the first post.
  19. Very impressive work on the island dude !
  20. Yeah we used a dozen of reequipped material, which were not scrapped due to outbreak of war. Everything outdated was put into use again and in some occasions fitted with helicopter missile launch tubes to compensate their limited functionalities and maintanance problems. The BTR-60 was not used anymore. There was a much more extensive use of BRDM-2, BMP and T-55 than any other vehicle anyway. In the last decade Georgia allways had to fight with outdated equippment. Alone in 2003-2007, some 200 T-55s and S-125 single-missile systems were scrapped and every single equipment from the 90's in exception of some T-55s and engineer vehicles, were scrapped. BTR-60 might have been one of the most rare vehicles even back then. Maybe interesting for you: this was all due to a broken agreement between Russia and Georgia prior to the wars, to arrange a weapons delivery of around 900 pieces of new military hardware, Georgia could have relied on completly untill today. Of course, it did not happen, obviously. But anyhow, this addon is about the Georgian army of 2008-2010 and not the Georgian People's or National Guard of 1991-2003
  21. The Georgian Army allways had BTR-70s in their arsenal and they still got around 30-50 in storage with upgraded engines etc, but beeing replaced by BTR-80 as secondary APC option to the Nurol Ejder. I am afraid, you are mixing it up with the Armenians. We did never use BTR-60s, as they for instance did and partially still do use it as their main APC. So seeing this as palceholder, rather than realistic replacement would be more correct
  22. CommanderYuri

    SOC-R Special Ops Boat

    Awesome. Just awesome !
  23. CommanderYuri

    TGW M163 Vulcan for CO

    Niiice, I was waiting for this a long time ! :) Excellent job dude, though I would only use that for BlueFor, it takes out the climate when everyone has it.
  24. CommanderYuri

    Multicam Pilots

    good work with the camo
  25. CommanderYuri

    Armenian Army 0.1

    Thank you Foxhound ! Though is it possible to add the requirements ? Will think about it. But keep in mind, that some key vehicles cannot be included in that case :)