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    Arma 3 Officially Announced!

    man, what a very positive surprise. Congrats to the developers and all us gamers ! :) Finally realistic physics and even better graphics then before on the same simulator based game with giant geographical and material environment. What do you want more I ask ? Splending !
  2. CommanderYuri

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    That would be great Fail Cakes ! An annual military parade is in six days during the independence day and further material will be available after it. Is this acceptable for you ? I would PM you the material. Just didn't expect such a fast reply ..... ^^
  3. CommanderYuri

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    Another vehicle hint for our modders here ..... ^^ Not a surprise that it's a Georgian hint again .... :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6Z1n9Nf8yE There are two variants. One SF and recon unit and one APC unit. Armament is remote controlled M124 weapons station and NSV gunner seat.
  4. I am highly impressed. That's what I call authentic landscape. Eager to try it out !
  5. CommanderYuri

    Project Reality - WIP Discussion

    Man, I am just pissed that they did not add Georgian units ..... ? Don't you get it !? :p
  6. CommanderYuri

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    There is an upcoming Georgian Armed Forces complete pack from SaS_TrooP and it would be really great if someone took time to model the items listed below. If anyone has interest in it, please contact me and I'll provide infos about addon status. It obviously is not that little to do and anyone is a gift for us, who fullfils at least one of our bids:). Here is our still to do list: 1. The G-36, G-36C and G-36K with US scopes. Example pictures of Georgian CTC. http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=155696&d=1304959069 http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=155698&d=1304959072 http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=155700&d=1304959074 http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=155699&d=1304959073 2. The Galil Galatz support rifle in black polymer. 3. The IMI Negev light machine gun. 4. The Tar-21 series ( MTAR-21, STAR-21, CTAR-21, GTAR-21 ) - secondary. Vehicles: 1.Priority is set on the Turkish "Nurol Ejder" 6x6 2 crew, 10 passenger APC. 2.The Delga-1 FAV, equipped with PKM front seat, AGS-30 gunner seat and PKM rear gunner seat. I will provide more pictues when discussing. SaS_TrooP is currently in vacation for 2 weeks, so if anyone has questions or offers, please PM me instead.
  7. CommanderYuri

    More races

    more races ? Sure I would really love to see the klingones and the Bird of Prey in an Alpha release allready.
  8. CommanderYuri

    Project Reality - WIP Discussion

    Absolutly agree man, as long as they do not add a cultural/historical important region of Georgia .as battleground for foreign forces...
  9. CommanderYuri

    Project Reality - WIP Discussion

    Yeah well, Georgians did their own job to eliminate the Chechen enclave in both the Pankisi Gorge and parts of the Kodori valley without the help of Russia, when they got pressure from Moskow back in 2002. Abkhazians did the same in parts of Kodori also without any help of Russia. It is just unrealistc. Russian troops in Mestia is the same like a decleration of war against Georgia, as long as noone requests their support in fighting terrorists in these areas, even though Russian military units do sometimes fly over Georgian airspace or coduct "common" reconassaince over the border without asking at all. Mestia is a place of highly cultural importance. My point is: not to blindly include regions without informing first or include them with the correct factions at least. The only possible scenario for Mestia would be: Georgians vs Abkhazians or Russians. Kodori and Mestia had strong presence of Georgian police and military forces from 2002 to 2008, now of course only Mestia.
  10. CommanderYuri

    HK-G3 Sniper Rifle

    Excellent work. Are you also working on some vehicles: Ejder, Cobra, Pars ?
  11. CommanderYuri

    British 'Bulldog' APC

    This looks proper amazing actually. Wonder if you re camouflaging it ?
  12. CommanderYuri

    LT army mod.

    of course someone will, just because of the fact that they invented the Steyr-Aug ..... :D
  13. CommanderYuri

    Project Reality - WIP Discussion

    I only support this in case that you don't do the same fucking mistake like the project leaders for BF, using a Georgian region ( Mestia ) for a combat scenario between Russians and Chechens. The same shit was done in COD MW2. It is not funny at all..... lol Anyway, looks great so far.
  14. CommanderYuri

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    Idea: ATV with AA ability. Since the GAF uses ATV's as part of it's mobile low-to-medium attitude AA defense, I thought it would be pretty cool to have implement something similar, so that the passenger in the backseat is a threat to helicopters and warplanes. Maybe that the Igla / Stinger or whatever is kinda like mounted on the vehicle and the character not nessesarily sitting but standing ?
  15. CommanderYuri

    16AA's British Griffin reskin of UH-1Y

    looks fantastic. Nice work with the camos !
  16. CommanderYuri

    FDFmod 1.0

    This looks absolutly fantastic ! Great work 14/10
  17. CommanderYuri

    Netflix: Special Ops Mission

    This looks pretty awesome. Too bad it's only in the US.
  18. CommanderYuri

    If A War Were To Break-out...

  19. CommanderYuri

    If A War Were To Break-out...

    10 years + another 10 ( remind that the Checehns won the first war (!) )to declare victory over Chechen fighters which not counted more than a few thousands lightly armed but well trained peasents hiding in forrests and mountains in a tiny small area inside the Russian Federation. 8-14.000 military casaulties for the Russian army, allmost the same amount like in Afghanistan, is a bit ..... unusual. Well, the Russians adapted and learned from the the Grozny catastrophy and some other epic mistakes. Still the Chechens allmost defeated them by dropping morale at a point, where nobody wanted to risk his life in a forrest anymore. In a timeframe of 20 years, an army has to be able to learn from it's mistakes. I mean, just think about it. The Chechens used the same tactics over and over again and it worked, inflicting heavy inacceptable losses. They didn't move anywhere else. It all did take place in the same damn area. Resistance makes your life hard. Chechnya is just an epic proof for that.
  20. CommanderYuri

    If A War Were To Break-out...

    Fightinng a rebellion in your inner circles is something way different than fighting a foreign invader who wants to destroy you. In such a case there is a very high possibility that both opposing sides would couple to fight the new enemy. But a much higher possibility could be that the rebels side with the enemy in the same situation to finally gain control over your state, but most probably would have to hand it over to the invaders. Both has been withnessed in a suprisingly amount in the past decades. The "asshole sends me to hell" issue is something than falls short during an invasion, when the army is allready shattered and everyone relies on eachother. The suviving military elemnts provide the professional core of a resistance. Orders in such situation will most probably be in favour of tactical superiority of your side and not sending everyone wave for wave into enemy machinegun fire. That's a misleading thought. The Chechen resistance for example was trained by the Chechen "military" force that gained experience in fighting the Russian Army in the first episodes. There were not massgathering of Chechen militia all throwing themselves into Russian volleys like a few movies show. No, they behaved tactical and were divided into small groups of 4 mabye 8 men, half of them armed with RPGs and sniper rifles. It worked years considering that Chechnya is in Russia(!) and a peanut sized territory for Russia to control. Anyway, nothing will prevent you from beeing personally affected from what happens around you. So, is there much of choice anyway ? - NO.
  21. CommanderYuri

    If A War Were To Break-out...

    You guys have some funny scenarios ...... I am currently living and studying in Germany and I know from my friends who are in active service and underwent reserve training would not nessesarily sacrifice their lives and all their dearest belongins if the enemy reveiled it's superiority in the course of fighting, especially when so much could be destroyed. Germany simply has not the effective structure to hinder a greater force from invading the country and it's lacks on a decicive quantity of newly developed defensive systems. That all in case, if the enemy really reached the borders. But of what size of force are we talking about ? The Russian army ? The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have reached their peak of might ..... in the early 80s and it dramatically dropped in the 30 years that followed. The eastern block alone would be a titanium wall for Russian logistics, supply and motorized divisions. The Bundeswehr could even launch supportive attacks and drive them back. It is completly impossible today for Russia to take over land, unless it uses unconventional weaponry. The Russian govenrmnet would have to create an ultimate fighting doctrine, spendings a hundred times higher amount of money and and unbelievable high amount of resources than at the current to mobilize a force greater then tens of thousands to risk an intervention. It would take a decade at very least. We allready witnessed it. As of guerilla and asymmetric warfare. I know that my own country wouldn't survive an invasion of someone like Russia. Guerilla warfare would just bring even more casaulties to a determined large scale assault on my nation. But still, I personally would like I did the last time, anytime break up my studies go there and take arms. Even if it is only for days and pretty much hopeless. If you have an effective fighting force with a size, then asymmetric warfare makes you survive and him bleeding out. It is simple and it simply works. You have to be disciplined, must have unbreakable fighting will and morale. If you allready at the beginning start to whine on such a discussion and come with how senceless everything is and everyone will die anyway, than of course nothing will ever have a chance. An invasion does not mean that you are completly off from any military capabilities. A nation`s army if not surrendered instantly because of loosing all available capacities in the very first hours, will try to first expose itself with all means it has to stop an enemy and when that fails, it will rely on the nation's support for building up resistance cells, training them, supplying them and mobilizing them for supporting asymmetric warfare of current radius. That means, there will be plans to attack the enemy where it exposes weakspots and you are able to make painful damage, often beeing not nessesarily superior in numbers and arms but more effective ( position, situation, tactics, strategy ) only in that radius of action. I like how many people are fascinated from the hillarious Chinese Red Dawn scenario. How are they gonna invade the US, with steamboats ? Seriously, stay serious.
  22. CommanderYuri

    New Russian Soldiers

    First of all: Great work on these units, although with the textures and helmet, they look more Georgian than Russian. But I really like the idea with flag camo on face. Pretty good.
  23. It's clearly not efficient, indeed it was more of a dissapointment. I awaited something really massive from the creators, a worthy successor and my ( everyones ) expectations as old OFP vet and fan were completly disregarded, set asade or just completly ignored. Adding somewhat of "realistic physics", dynamic light, a bit of better texture and graphic and a very very short partially boring but from the main idea excellently thoughtful but not virtualy implemented campaign, does not make it an as thrilling military simulation as OFP. It's just way far behind.
  24. CommanderYuri

    Israel Defence Force

    Finally seeing some Tavors in action ! Great work. Looking forward to see the Galil MAR and the IMI Negev .... ^^
  25. Excellent work on those units. Good to have some different CDF :)