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  1. CommanderYuri

    Someguywho's North Koreans

    Love the pictures. Will test it immidiatly !
  2. CommanderYuri

    US Marines

    Great release. Thank you ! :)
  3. CommanderYuri

    Military Humor

    This is so priceless .... ^^
  4. CommanderYuri

    M109A6 Paladin v1.1 (UPDATED)

    EPIC release. Thank you guys ! Excellent work ! :)
  5. I am really eager to test the new system. :)
  6. That's excellent ! :) I presonally would wait ( some may not agree with me :P ) until everything is done to the last detail to ensure a great release. That's a good course you have. Keep it up !
  7. One of the most realistic models I've ever seen and currently around.
  8. CommanderYuri

    Binkowski's WIP thread

    pure awesomeness. Love to play with them alleady !
  9. CommanderYuri

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    Just some side thinking .... Did ever somebody actualy think of making the MT-LB ZSU mount ? I wonder because it's an old and outdated but quite an interesting constalation
  10. CommanderYuri

    ArmA III Website, video and new pictures

    Total opposite. Imo the teaser just shows that you are in need to improvise in messy situations like the no-effect hit on the tank and forced to use much more tactics and strategy to survive the field. I think this is exactly the thing we wanted to see and in addition a very good impulse for any other gamer to pay full attention on this. I actually do expect a "lot" of people to play this after release. The first real reveal will be jaw-breaking.
  11. CommanderYuri

    Arma 3: Confirmed features | info & discussion

    You are right ! I didn't saw that picture ....... So Israel got obviously overrun, since the Iranian soldiers there carry Tavors. Good. Still I tend to claim that Russia will be the main enemy with Iran as emerging power and probably even ally. If China in fact gets included than my guess is, that they are neutral until something happens .... or we find the super weapon and free the US and remaining allies from beeing cornered by the rest of the world. Ah, way toooo interesting. BTW, to the point with Israel option 1: beeing neutral = Quite possible and even plausible option 2: beeing overrun = Quite probably and also plausible option 3: beeing allied with an islamc coalition ( aka Iran ) = They would rather nuke themselves.
  12. CommanderYuri

    Arma 3: Confirmed features | info & discussion

    Eastern armies does not nessesarily mean "IRAN". Russia for guarantee will be involved against NATO, since NATO is driven into the SEA. Well I guess, England remains the last yet untouched bastion on the table and I assume you start your op from there as special elite task force member of a combined NATO strike group of Delta, Seals, SAS etc. Something very important speaking against an only Mid-East scenario is the fact, that the story tells about the Coalition forces beeing allmost defeated in Europe. I am pretty sure that a mid-east coalition or maybe Iran on it`s own will be one important antagonist against bluefor while Russia still beeing the main antagonist, which supports the efforts of mid-eastern forces. Other indications are the Russian Mi-28s and the sexy east spec-ops dress with this kind of "evil" Russian touch on it ^^. However, it will be the most epic battle in warfare-game history.
  13. CommanderYuri

    ArmA III Website, video and new pictures

    Hmm, advanced innovative armor, modular active defense systems and .... high velocity rail weapons .... ? This sounds like some creepy scenario and a mountain load of projects and secrets. I wanna see their feelings when a tank just rushes out of the cloud without a scratch .... I like the concept. Keep it up BI!
  14. CommanderYuri

    Military Humor

    exactly :D
  15. CommanderYuri

    Military Humor

    It's not a joke at all. The Georgian Army of the 90s mounted S system launchers on various vehicles, including MT-LB and BMP-2. The Russians did the same.
  16. CommanderYuri

    Stealth Kills?

    Agree, kinda unrealistic the option to hide bodies by just make them dissapear into the humus. Or at least they could add the option to disguise the corpse by soil type. Like for example, sand for desert, wood for forrest etc, but make it impossible in urban areas and it would be perfect in addition to a drag option.
  17. CommanderYuri

    Some Plot Speculation

    Yes, but as you know, politics is a very mean bastard .... EDIT: same as above .... and China allready started it's little experiment with Maoist forces, placing several thousand ( disputet and kept secret, sources vary between 15-50.000 ) soldiers on the Chinese-Russian border, which literarily vanished from the surface by the most massive Russian BM-21 bombardement of the century. It left such a giant molten devestation on their armoured brigades, that people started to rumor about secret soviet orbital weapons stations, which never existed. However, unless Russia does not use the same firepower over and over again without adding nukes, China in full mobilized force, would most probably rush trough Russia like a glowing knife through butter.
  18. CommanderYuri

    Some Plot Speculation

    This is a very hard mess. Because guess who opposes such an idea ? Yes, good old Russia. They would immidiatly respond on such an Iranian developement with striking hard on their economy and that would be fatal for the entire country. In case of Iran beeing able to expand without any negative response from the rest of the world, Russia still would be pretty much capable of smashing them down by military force with China and India most probably joining up. No, it kinda sounded more like a Mid-East scenario, where all arabian states unite, conquering Israel and crushind all remaining or potential US allies in the region and then with help of all great or emerging powers ( China, Russia, Latin-America ), trying to pick on the US everywhere they can. An US vs everyone scenario, where Europe is the last ally, maybe.
  19. CommanderYuri

    They better have female soldiers...

    Why ? Girls are not to be placed on the front. Leave the job to us ! I am not against female soldiers serving or in general against females lol, but the thing is, I would search any chance to prevent a women be placed at the frontlines. It is just so.
  20. CommanderYuri

    Vehicles, how will they be improved?

    Maybe they could make the system differ between the attitudes from which an air vehicle crashes. It is a bit exaggerated when helicopters just explode to thousand pieces when falling from 10 meters.
  21. CommanderYuri

    JSDF MOD 1.0 released

    What a great surprise. Congratulations JSDF team. Giant work !
  22. CommanderYuri

    Stealth Kills?

    Stealth would mean that you are able to quietly sneak up on the enemy. I hope that while doing so, your movement sounds wont simply switch off or are completely imperceptible for the AI. That would be simply unrealistic since only No.47 is able to do that. It sounds more like a campaign issue where you surprise sleeping AI or guys approaching your position without recognizing the nasty sniper in ghillie suit. Okay, if you ask me, they could just insert the option to stealth kill when someone stands in front of you and for what reason ever did / does / does not want to see you.
  23. CommanderYuri

    daveygarys Rangers

    great job !
  24. CommanderYuri

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    Roger that ! :) The second larger variant seems to have an even easier shape. Do you want material for both or only one of the two ? The smaller vehicle ( shown more detailed in the video ) has a crew of 2 + 7 passengers with a mounted remote conrolled minigun system, with the alternate option of beeing able to use it manually. The large variant ( in the background ) has 2 crew with 9 passengers, armed with a 12.7 mm NSV, which is not remote controlled.
  25. CommanderYuri

    Arma 3 Officially Announced!

    They are just giving other people a chance to create their own model of OPFOR Russia .... :D