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  1. Former ETS2 MP lead developer is now working on a new multiplayer My Summer Car mod. You can follow the progress of that in the website http://www.mysummercar.mp/ or discord https://discord.gg/HQd4ZuN


    There's also discord server dedicated for My Summer Car gamers: https://www.discord.me/mysummercar

    Funny thing is that the Discord server is now sponsored by Ylands :f:


    There have been huge amount of details added in the game in the year. Here are some examples of new stuff:

    - Stress meter

    - Cigarettes

    - Finnish version of blackjack "ventti"

    - Fishing

    - Electric bill

    - Your house can burn

    - Jail

    - Brewing sugar wine

    - All kinds of car part wear

    - Moped

    - Train that can wreck you!



  2. 2 hours ago, Nremik_ua said:


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    I pulled the island ChernarusPlus from the game Dayz Standalone. Changed for the game Arma 3. The island in perfect condition without changes. Question! What are the consequences if the island is made shared on Steam? How are the separate addons?

    Something between mod taken down and you getting banned.

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  3. You can thank Steam it's not really possible to disable auto update without constantly watching download tab and aborting updates. But you can always easily revert back to the older version with the beta code that's given in each SPOTREP.


    But if you can live with two Arma 3 installs then it's possible. Install the Steam version in drive where Arma's Workshop mods are OK to be and then use Game Updater from Arma 3 tools to install the manually updating Arma 3. You need to launch the game's launcher from the GU's version folder to be able to play that version and then maybe refer the Workhop mods folder to see Workshop mods in that launcher.

  4. I think it would be the best not to set affinity of Arma but set it for everything else so the main core(s) would be reserved only for Arma.


    Also if remember right when you set affinity of Steam, it also applies to the game you launch next time, so giving Steam for example one core and after that you launch Arma, Arma also is set on that same core only. Just a tip if anyone starts to mess around with this so you don't wonder why games run bad suddenly. I guess with program like Process Lasso you won't have that, but doing it manually it can go like that.

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  5. 7 hours ago, canninball80@yahoo.com said:

    I ordered it during 2013 and I never received an email from them stating any of that. I did screenshot my inbox from at that time. I looked for any recent if not any time from then until now, checked my spam folder and I never got one. https://gyazo.com/745c655ca31b2c7ba85c42eed52d30d8 also I have a screenshot from when I activated the key they gave me on steam. https://gyazo.com/b62f54365ce84e62202717706bd8b7ec

    If remember right the credits offer was only for the first 1000 or something like that at first. But because there was issues in the shop on the release day, they gave it for everyone that bought the supporter edition on the first day I believe (or just first 2500). You seem to have bought it couple weeks later so I would guess there is the reason. The game was released 5th March.

  6. It uses BE and that ban also carry to VAC ban https://dev.arma3.com/post/sitrep-00171


    Recently, we have partly introduced the Valve Anti-Cheat (Game Ban) system to Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and Arma 3. Our partners at BattlEye have connected their anti-cheat program to its Steam counterpart. It essentially means only one thing. Players who receive a ban via BattlEye will now also be banned via VAC and will not be able to ask for a refund of the game. If you don't cheat, VAC will in no way interfere with your experience, VAC is only used to flag Steam accounts for hacking, it is still completely up to BattlEye to prevent hackers from joining protected servers.

  7. 9 hours ago, Varis said:


    Funny that online on Steam there is just a very basic (pre-)manual.


    Is there BTW an easy way to find your install folder? (For the record I'm using 3 Steam folders too.)

    In Steam right click the game -> properties -> local files -> browse local files


    It's also good to make a shortcut to .cfg and .rpt files.

    .rpt and some other logs can be found from C:\Users\Your_PC_Username\AppData\Local\Arma 3

    Though many games use the same place so\AppData\Local\ is a good shortcut.

    .cfg and profile files can be found from C:\Users\Your_PC_Username\My Documents\Arma 3


    Shortcuts of those two can come very handy.

  8. CPU usage doesn't matter because the game pushes most of the stuff through first core. If you see lower than 99% GPU usage you are limited by CPU, RAM and/or Hard drive speed because they can't push enough work for the GPU.


    That's how this engine works. Don't compare your AMD FX results to anyone that has Intel in this game because it really can lack behind. Even dual core Intel Pentium can beat it when it is clocked the same.


    Then about why you get lower fps than your friend with same specs and mods. Well you're hosting, maybe your hard drive is slower or fragmented, maybe your friend has more overclock, you have more programs running in the background or some bad anti virus that slows you down, he has set up lower video settings like view and object distances and detail, you have some broken mod etc.


    Takistan isn't as heavy as Altis. Also if you have Takistan on SSD then that also makes some difference.

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  9. So for you PiP fps lowers in some situations even when your fps is good? Generally the PiP fps is lower to likely save performance so are you sure it's not just about that?

    If you can record a video it would be easier to judge if the stuff you see is what it also looks for everybody else.


    Are you experiencing this in dev branch, stable branch or both? What I read and understand this doesn't sound like a hardware thing. That hardware should be capable to run this game.


    Maybe low fps destruction animations are just mod conflict (test without mods first) or recent bug that nobody had yet report.

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  10. Did you submit your name through the email that BIS sent?


    According to this page https://www.fmfclandivision.com/forum/index.php?topic=1090.0  it was something like this:


    "Dear Store.bistudio.com customer,

    As you were one of the first to have purchased the Arma 3 Supporter Edition, we would like to include your name in the game credits of Arma 3.

    To submit your name and to be included in the credits, please visit this link and log in with your Store.bistudio.com account. Note that it is not possible to change your submitted name afterwards.

    On behalf of everyone at Bohemia Interactive, we thank you for your splendid support of Arma 3 and its development!"

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  11. 13 hours ago, esfumato said:

    Any good tutorial to overclock the CPU?


    I have a i5 2500k 3.3Ghz. I would like to overclock it to improve performance.

    What kind of cooler and motherboard you have? Motherboard also matters a lot in overclocking.

    My 2600K runs something like 1,45V at 4,7GHz. With worse motherboard I couldn't get over 4,5GHz and achieving that took long time. 4,4GHz is likely easy to achieve with any Sandy Bridge. Best way to see if your overclock is stable is actually just play some games and run basic everyday programs. For me Warthunder has shown faster unstable overclock than any of those torture programs like Prime95 and IntelBurn. Those programs are good to see the max volts and heat quickly but for me if the heat is enough low for me in gaming it's good.


    Google is your best friend. Try to find tutorials for your motherboard. Remember that every result is unique. For example I need to push more volts than many other people that have shared their results. Though I use CL9 2133MHz memory so that can also be a reason for higher volts.

    Be prepared for a lot of restarts. It takes time to overclock and then fine tune it. For first time it can take weeks or even months until you understand everything.

  12. On 23.6.2017 at 3:15 PM, metalcraze said:

    " Battle Royale is a mod made for several open-world zombie survival games, first DayZ, then ARMA 3 and H1Z1. "

    Quote of the year right here. Just wow...


    What comes to PUBG it looks like a game that many think DayZ should be. It's good that something like it exist as a standalone, so Arma or later DayZ server browsers aren't full of them and naturally PU can bring his full vision of the gamemode.

  13. Possible to use the free head movement to correct your head position to your liking? I don't mean the alt free look but the ctrl head movement that's basically what you can do with TracIkR etc. It was hold left ctrl + move mouse so the head moves in different position unless you've disabled in the controls. Just trying to give a tip for a possible workaround.


  14. You can go for the Pentium G4560 at first and then later upgrade to something like K version of i5/i7. It's 3,5GHz dual core with hyper threading so basically i3 with low price tag 60-70€.

    Those i3 CPUs are money waste now. Buy good motherboard, RAM and 4 thread Pentium. Then later when you've money to buy K version i5 or i7, sell the Pentium and replace it. You really want the K version at some point.


    I wonder if your budget could afford 4 core Ryzen, was it 1400? That's other way to have a good platform for future upgrades/needs for your budget. Just get good overclockable motherboard and if you can afford, some FlareX RAM or other that could hit that 3200MHz.



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