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  1. St. Jimmy

    180 turn animation for AI

    I just got owned two days ago by AI. I tried to sneak near him without beign detected to plant a satchel at the radiotower and I said to my friend to shoot the AI if he detects me but AI turned 180 and shot me before I or my friend could even react. That turn and shot happened maybe under 0.1s.
  2. St. Jimmy

    E3 - Arma 3?

    Those physics are too lightweight. Boxes are flying around when they should drop down heavily and when he threw the grenade enemies flew like in a hollywood film. But the game is still looking absolutely gorgeus.
  3. Ooooh now even I can see it if you mean that the legs of the guy in the middle are streched. That looks sick but I haven't seen that in game earlier so I'm not bothered. It looks like the left leg got some anorexia and the right leg and foot are chubby. But i think that issue got a good reason to be there.
  4. St. Jimmy

    Cover system for Arma3?

    Ok let's replace the "even more realistic" with realistic :) And if you or your squad leader thinks that's uneffective and you are wasting too much ammo then don't use it.
  5. St. Jimmy

    Cover system for Arma3?

    @metalcraze If BIS can do that kind of cover system I believe they would make it even more realistic like exposing only light weapons or make MG's to be veeeery unaccurate and you can't climb over the walls with 100kg backpack etc.
  6. St. Jimmy

    Cover system for Arma3?

    I think everyone should try Smookie's Animation Replacement Pack especially those who are complaining about cover system. It's only v0.2 but it's already pretty amazing stuff. Hope Smokie will get back to wall work on both sides not just over the left shoulder.
  7. St. Jimmy

    Who are this Time the Enemies ?

    +1 to that! I hope that in Arma IV we can kick ass yankees in America :cool:
  8. Haha :D I haven't tried to only click the mouse. I've only tried to press the right button and it only zooms over the binoculars. Haha how stupid i have been. Ty
  9. Why I can't use binoculars when I'm using this mod? It puts binoculars in front of the nose but I can't see through it. That is really annoying Even re-installing the game and mods didn't solve my problem. I only have GBA and ACE 2 mods and this problem only shows in ACE mod.