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  1. St. Jimmy

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Over 70 civilian died in US led (not sure what the allies or real bombers are, maybe NATO?) airstrike in Tuesday. It could be the most civilians killed strike in Syria.
  2. St. Jimmy

    New engine?

    Hard to say anything about DayZ if you could easily make all kinds of PvP modes, how well those would be supported and what kind of modules BIS will bring in DayZ. In DayZ there wouldn't be any kind of vanilla PvP mode that could include combined arms. Examples of those things need to be done by the community alone. Also DayZ has optimized the network bubble to work in their game. Not sure how things behave in long distance fighting and shooting. Life, Battle Royale etc. could easily get in DayZ, but some combined arms PvP modes need way more work.
  3. St. Jimmy

    New engine?

    I didn't really mean getting rid of the AI. I was implying that actual military AI doesn't even exist in Enfusion, so "Arma" without AI could be a first baby step in the new engine. I also put it in the quotation marks "" because it could be called something else or be named like Tactics and Mobile Ops. At least it wouldn't be Arma 4.
  4. St. Jimmy

    New engine?

    BIS should make next "Arma" without AI or very limited one like only civilian AI (MP only game). Imagine all the features it could have because of no need to think about AI handling stuff. That could also buy some time for programmers to make good military AI in Enfusion if in the meantime both the Arma 3 and "no AI Arma" are enjoyed by the people.
  5. St. Jimmy

    Apex - Tanoa - Window Glass.

    The problem is likely the bullet deflection system. The bullet penetrates and deflects from the glass. You can be hit easier from the outside because the bullet travel is short after the deflection, but it's hard to shoot from the inside because the bullet needs to travel long distance after deflection. There was same kind of problem in some Altis buildings and I was cursing why I can't hit anything that's outside but the AI can hit me when I'm inside near the window.
  6. Yeah it looks pretty bad but you can make your own dashboard or use someone other's to make it work like the old feedback tracker and beyond except you can't bring the voting back. My dashboard is like this: https://feedback.bistudio.com/dashboard/view/5/ No need to visit 3 different feedback trackers anymore when I can browse Arma 3, TOM and DayZ from the same page.
  7. St. Jimmy

    Server browser negation search

    Oh my I didn't know you've already done the exclude filter or I just somehow forgot it :o Dat feeling :292: http://i.imgur.com/wsUh1nr.jpg I guess that's the place you mean with the "full text exclude" because I can't get exclude working anywhere else. If I type -something in for example Server Name filter e.g. server:-something it includes the - in the search. Would be nice to exclude all Role Playing Game game types, as you can see them appearing in the search.
  8. St. Jimmy

    CTRG Gear.

    Hopefully you gifted your Apex because you got it for free in support edition.
  9. Nope. I've never had this problem but after every patch someone reports this happening.
  10. Yeah a hint if you're changing to headphones + mic, the motherboard in/outputs aren't enough and especially mic can also get some bad signals.
  11. St. Jimmy

    Co-op Campaign: APEX PROTOCOL

    I'm waiting for BIS or community to do what .kju said on the last page before I touch the campaign. Campaign with respawns and "unlimited equipment" doesn't sound Arma to me.
  12. St. Jimmy

    Your favourite war movie

    Tuntematon Sotilas naturally hits the heart the most for me. 1955 version is IMO bit better because of the more humor acting. 1985 version is bit more serious but the acting is lacking bit too much. They're ~3h long movies. There's new version coming in 2017 so interesting to see how good it will be.
  13. St. Jimmy

    Arma 3 and 21:9 monitors ?

    Just wondering is the field of view actually lower with the 3840 x 2160? Or does the FoV increase both vertically and horizontally?
  14. Nice. I benchmarked multiple times AVX with LargePages and it's improvement almost like the fred's malloc. This is bit behind it (not really much but what I benched it's just a bit lacking behind) but better than the vanilla. My results in YAAB: Vanilla was around 36,7fps xtbbmalloc 39,4 all the 4 times that I tested fred's tbbmalloc was around 39,9fps, never fell behind the xtbbmalloc. // I also tried SSE2 but the results waved from 38,0-41,4, so dam hard to say about that one.
  15. Simple copy paste isn't possible after 0.60.
  16. St. Jimmy

    UK leaves Europe

    Yeah we have now Jyrki Katainen as "Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness" in the Commission. He's probably the most hated guy in here but he run away and hide himself in the commission. Only thing he did was to kiss the arse as much as possible to get in there with the cost of ruining some of the own jobs, growth, investment and competitiveness.
  17. OK I was already loving the animated sights alone but oh my... you took things on another level.
  18. St. Jimmy

    Tanoa Lite - a possibility or a total No-Go?

    BIS made it very clear why there won't be any lite stuff. In short: it takes time to manage that kind of extra branch. It isn't like the lite stuff would be the same as the main stuff. They need to be updated, managed, QA etc. separately.
  19. St. Jimmy

    Good editor settings for occasional rain?

    Not sure if it can be gone around somehow but that command hasn't work right since alpha. In a minute the lighting condition changes to the set overcast's value even when the sky is clear. Also there was maybe a problem that you can use it only once and after that you need to use skipping to use it again.
  20. St. Jimmy

    Good editor settings for occasional rain?

    There's not much you can do. Start the weather as pretty clear sky (low overcast) and then put something in the forecast like 90 overcast. Then change the time of changes so it doesn't happen in that 30min. Or you can give this a shot if you want more dynamic. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/182738-new-dynamic-weather-script-and-addon-v2-tort-dynamicweather2/?hl=weather%20script The default weather system is pretty weak and you need to wait for a day for any radical changes after the first forecast you've set in the editor.
  21. St. Jimmy

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    You can likely expect that in Enfusion. TOM uses Enforce so I highly doubt it coming in RV
  22. Yes the same thing happens with sniper scopes.Disable AtoC and max your shadow view distance (yes 200m is better than 50m in that case) helps a lot. There's something that causes a huge load in GPU.
  23. Could you fix the issue when you've controller plugged in, you can't assign controls because it bugs in keys from the controller. Assign something to W and it when you push W it registers W+controllerkey#1. Just example. The bug has been in the game for a while, at least a year. This issue https://feedback.bistudio.com/T82394
  24. St. Jimmy

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Quote me a post in this thread that has complained about the too dark nights. I can find 0 but I don't know how you can find them when you're posting something like this: Almanzo never said at any point that nights are too dark... This thread is about how well flashlights, car lights etc. work. Nobody is saying that nights are too dark but for example car lights are too short if we want to have high beam mode that every car has. Flashlights were useless before because the nights were so bright. Now that the nights are dark they're still useless because they don't light enough far away. Flares are like the most useless stuff. Real flares make the night like a day in a large area. So how do you purpose we to adapt with this broken stuff mr. master of adapting?
  25. St. Jimmy

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    You should read the thread and posts first because you don't seem to have any idea what this thread and the post you quoted are about.Hint: people have been talking about how useless flashlights etc. light sources are in the night time in this game. Troll... Flame... Whine...