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  1. Here's my filter that I use in the server browser. Naturally if BIS hosts gamemodes like KotH, Wasteland, their servers naturally get filtered out. -"life" -"King Of The Hill" -"wasteland" -"breaking point" -"exile" -"epoch" -"sims" -"RPG" -"Grand Theft" -"ALTISFUNFACTORY" -"HARDRP" -"TANOARP" -"ALTISRP" -"STRATISRP" -"roleplay" -"rolepay" -"Tanoa County" -"battle royale" -"battleroyale" -"battleroyalegames.com" -"A3L" -"ArmSTALKER" -"Role Play" -"stalker" -"LastIslandRP" -"ViruZ" -"Hardcore-RP" -"我的世界]模拟生活服" If you also want to exclude all the official servers by BIS you can just add -"[ OFFICIAL ]" in the list. These exclude filters leave only around 3100 / 5800 showing. Hide empty servers and only bit over 400 servers are left to be shown compared to over 1200 without any filters except the noempty filter. If you like some game mode particular just naturally remove the exclude filter that's in that list. The filter list is kind of "what other game modes there are other than KotH, Wasteland, Batlle Royale, DayZ clones and most of the general RPG stuff" so it's a good base to find something new. The exclude filter checks from Server Name AND Mission Name. Be careful when you add any filters. For example if you write -"king" it excludes every server that has "king" part of the server or mission name. Even if it's only pat of a longer word it's then filtered. So things like "asking", "kingdom", "making" etc. are all excluded in that example. I pretty much assume that no other than Life servers have a word "life" in their name or mission. Here you can see how to use it and what the server browser can look like: So just copy paste the stuff in the top bar. Enjoy and hopefully this can help some other people :)
  2. St. Jimmy

    Arma 3 world record hours (10k ++ ?)

    Two weeks have 336h and recent activity is 316.8h in two weeks so the launcher/game has been closed for 19.2h for the two weeks, 1.37h per day. Yeah...
  3. What's your mouse brand? Maybe bad mouse drivers or something. Try to download new or other drivers for the mouse. Remember to download 64-bit drivers if they're available. You don't seem to be the only one. Seems like I found your old ticket about the same issue. Interesting that it's not assigned https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124246 Some other ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124102
  4. St. Jimmy

    Getting kicked out of every server

    .rpt file can be found from: C:\Users\<your_user_name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3 You could copy&paste it in something like https://pastebin.com/ if you want someone to look at it. Be sure you don't have the "no logs" parameter on.
  5. St. Jimmy

    Getting kicked out of every server

    What is it saying when you're getting kicked from official server? Have you checked your .rpt file?
  6. Aiming sensitivity is also missing.
  7. St. Jimmy

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    @RaptorAceX What Logitech drivers you've tried? Have you tried to uninstall the current ones and then install new ones? You need the 64-bit drivers, some people have noticed that they have been running 32-bit ones. It's very interesting that some people have those issues in 64-bit and some don't. When the same stuff happened in 32-bit sometimes through the years, it affected everyone with virtual surround. Current issue is much more specific thing for example I hadn't any issues with G930 or Asus Xonar virtual surround. There are some topics in troubleshoot section with tickets. Try to look if those have any help. Post your hard/software in those tickets to help the devs narrow down the issue. They likely want to see your dxdiag file. // Here Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124112 Try to give as much info as possible.
  8. Just that if motherboard isn't on the QVL list of the RAM, there's a chance it won't be 100% compatible (might not get to the rated speed). But I just noticed from few pages back that it seems like he has motherboard that's in the list so he should be good to go. Not sure if it's some marketing thing. Would be pretty stupid for memory maker leaving out some motherboards that are compatible unless the motherboard has come later in the market.
  9. I for some reason didn't first even notice he had Flare X sticks. Hopefully he has checked the QVL list first for the kit http://gskill.com/en/product/f4-3200c14d-16gfx Those Flare X have a chance that they don't run at the rated speed on other boards that aren't in the QVL list. Could need to loosen timings or something. I accidentally found that he has Asus ROG CROSSHAIR VI HERO, so 3200MHz should be one click thingy.
  10. What speed your Sandy Bridge RAM runs? You need to get that Ryzen up to 4.0GHz Interesting how closely Sandy and Ryzen performs in Arma 3. This is second time seeing that kind of results.
  11. St. Jimmy

    Re-uploading mods on the workshop

    The point is that you can't just load them from certain place. You need to go semewhere else to dowload. That's usually enough.
  12. setFeatureType 2 and like 20 aircrafts flying, I didn't see really any bigger hit in performance. So I'd say it's ok to change air vehicles to that. Zoom to see objects in distance is part of the object detail optimization that happened a while ago. Current Ultra is like Normal in the old system. I agree that sometimes objects aren't rendered enough in the distance until you zoom. More than current Ultra is sometimes needed no matter what the performance impact is.
  13. St. Jimmy

    Re-uploading mods on the workshop

    Steam Workshop is official mod hosting site. Something like a Google Drive is usually for personal usage. That's a big difference. Search in SW is already enough bad and having the same mod 100 times won't help things. Mod makers can say that don't upload their mod in any other hosting sites just like they say they don't want to see it in SW. Hosting sites like Armaholic and PWS naturally then don't do that because they pick the mods that they host, not the other way around.
  14. St. Jimmy

    Banned the fourth time

    How to get banned in video games: Cheat and don't obey the rules. Then after that attack the admins about your deserved ban and come whine in the forums and pray for more bans. OK how the future will look: Then you're mega pissed and start to run some hacks so BE gives you a global ban. After that you're emailing BE about a false claim even when you exactly know why you got banned. Well at least you still have other two accounts so you maybe learn someday?
  15. St. Jimmy

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    Quiksilver in Discord noticed that "Help" task type icon looks kid of the same but the ORANGE one has wings on it. Can be found in A3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\simpleTasks\types\help_ca.paa So some kind of a winged aid and helping it likely is. It kind of reminds of humanitarian aid, winged medic squad or the logo just means helping hands and the wings are like angel wings and IMO that's what medics are. So it's likely some kind of a medical thing. Many shooter games don't really touch deeply medical help. Could be civilian, military or both. BIS likely liked the MANW Healthcare In Danger winner Pilot Civilian Air Rescue On Mission by RobJ2210 so maybe there's inspiration from there or just generally there could be some inspiration from International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) missions. Of course orange tanned women would be nice addition
  16. St. Jimmy

    Clouds changing shape, any fix ?

    Changing shape when they develop and so on is very different thing. The issue in Arma is that when you turn your head they change or disappear.
  17. Yep pretty close, though it's over 5 years old CPU. Too bad that the Ryzen doesn't clock much further :( I've GTX 1070. I just realized to read that you've only RX470. Do you hit GPU bottleneck at any time in the benchmark? //Quickly tested with low preset and I got 56fps, so I guess the GPU doesn't really matter.
  18. Looks like it's sitting just behind level of i7 2600K @ 4,7GHz and CL9 2133MHz RAM. Here's a comparsion: I did the same thing as you, change the setting to Ultra and then press S for standard settings at the beginning of the benchmark. Too bad that my adaptive vsync didn't catch that 72fps spike down to get better comparison :/
  19. St. Jimmy

    Tick Tock CRASH

    Have you tried without any launch parameters? On the new update you're likely going to crash the game with them. Then the basic question: list your system specs.
  20. Some game modes have their rules, hints&tips and other information written in the top left part of the map view where you can see tasks etc. That's the first place you should look if you're new in the game or don't know what the game mode is about. There are dozens of different game modes and then naturally every server can have their own set of rules.
  21. St. Jimmy

    Audio glitches I can't seem to chase down

    Some earlier topics because this issue is likely related Check some of the feedback tracker links and give some comments about your equipment, drivers, PC specs, OS and so on that could help. For some something like downloading 64-bit version of Logitech Gaming Software has worked, some had upgraded from FX series CPU/MB to some newer and so on.
  22. St. Jimmy

    Audio glitches I can't seem to chase down

    What's your sound equipment? Virtual surround? 64-bit only?
  23. St. Jimmy


    Fixed in the hotfix RC so it should be fixed in the incoming hotfix.
  24. St. Jimmy

    Jets DLC revealed

    Jay says when the animation is shown "...and some free bonus content we don't want to reveal just yet..." That free bonus content makes me wonder if it's free for people who don't even own the DLC.
  25. St. Jimmy


    You're right they aren't in the layout options anymore. Seems like they're still in the place where I've set those long time ago. That's why many likely haven't noticed anything. I made a ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T123936