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    Textures Blurred

    You seem to have not that good GPU so don't use FSAA and you might want to use CMAA and not SMAA. Then sharpen filter can sharpen the image. But what comes to the texture blur, you want to use as high texture detail as possible. Also the ground texture blur can be hidden a bit increasing the terrain detail, because then it draws grass longer distance. I guess you don't have a good GPU with enough VRAM so you can't get better looking game without a big fps cost.
  2. Finally we can fly in even level with UAVs :bounce3: Then just add this to the UAV commanding and everyone should be happy!
  3. St. Jimmy

    Alternative APEX Pricing

    I paid OA as much as Arma 2 in my local store. Both costed 50€ back in the day.
  4. St. Jimmy

    What are some gpu heavy settings?

    FXAA is just the fastest but the ugliest one at the same time because of the blur. SMAA is the heaviest. CMAA is pretty much in the same level as FXAA in speed but it's pretty much the same looking as SMAA. They're all GPU stuff. These pics only show SMAA x1. I believe there are more levels of SMAA than that. CMAA has only one option and I haven't seen differ much (at all really) from SMAA Ultra. https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/conservative-morphological-anti-aliasing-cmaa-update Back in the day when the sharpen filter was inside the FXAA, it was the best looking option only because of that. Now that the sharpening filter is separate and you can add it to everything, the FXAA isn't the best anymore.
  5. St. Jimmy

    What are some gpu heavy settings?

    Choose between SMAA and CMAA. FXAA is just more blurry. FXAA/TXAA in Fallout 4 were things that almost made me to stop play the game because it looked awful. Thank god there are external programs that allowed to add Sharpen Filter. And one wonderful thing about Arma 3 is that it has Sharpen Filter slider. Use itto sharpen the image. I really like that. And you know what's good? You can use MSAA with the SMAA/CMAA/FXAA so you don't need to choose if you use for example SMAA or MSAA. Use both ;) That's also a weird option that many games have so you can't use MSAA with other PPAA stuff but luckily Arma 3 allows that. Particles are more CPU intensive at least because of smoke particles. Smoke can really bring down the fps easily so you might be better to use the lowest setting there.
  6. St. Jimmy

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Yeah I've noticed that before. It's pretty audible in that kind of a scene where you shoot once and listen the sound to the end. Like you said it's bit more quiet than before but still audible. I also don't understand the MX weird right ear "echo" or whatever it is. I don't know what it's trying to be.
  7. St. Jimmy

    What are some gpu heavy settings?

    Pretty much everything in PP & AA, then texture quality. Terrain and shadows on higher settings can be just more of a GPU eater so test those how they behave for you. Terrain detail anything lower than ultra can bring pretty ugly floating in the distance effect if you ever wonder why you see AI and objects floating in the air in a longer distance.
  8. St. Jimmy

    AMD CPU Bottleneck?

    OK that's interesting. I tried myself and I didn't see behavior you get. That's a huge difference. I think you need to report that to the devs and give some specs. I've only ~10fps difference between shadows on/off in bit same kind of a scenario. I couldn't get exactly the same scenario as in your video but I can now see that there must be something wrong in there. You've 60fps (90->30) drop in there where I got like 20fps (120->100). Could you share the scenario? I could test more precisely what's the difference between us. That fps drop really seems to be huge.
  9. St. Jimmy

    AMD CPU Bottleneck?

    Always use shadows either high or above or disabled. It's a long time know thing that the low and normal shadows are CPU heavy. Low and Normal use Stencil Shadows and that's the cause for that. Good that you found out that. It's a nasty thing.
  10. St. Jimmy

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Many maps use vanilla buildings. There should be couple of jungle map makers that will enjoy the stuff that Tanoa brings.
  11. Small and 1080p Also both the l and i letters are more grey than other letters. The UI takes too much space on normal. It seems like this font is made that in mind but I'd say the small and very small are now useless.
  12. St. Jimmy

    AMD CPU Bottleneck?

    Yep MSI Afterburner. I'll post later in this post my fps results in Combined Arms showcase if you want something to compare to Intel 2600K @4.6GHz. I'll also do a second video with my optimal graphic settings. MSI Afterburner recording takes some fps but I use RAM to buffer it and lower quality so the impact isn't so big, maybe 2-5fps. Same graphic settings as bratwurste. I died pretty quickly first so I needed to load a save. That's why there's that very small cut. Bit more optimal settings that I normally use for infantry:
  13. St. Jimmy

    My summer car

    Time to give the best Finnish future game a bump! Still not in early access or like that. There are some testers that stream and make videos of the game. Twitter What is it about because seems like the OP link isn't embedded: More about the building the car: - Fix, tune and build your cars literally one part and nut at a time - You need right size tools - Drink a lot of beer and vodka and get drunk. Remember drinking and driving isn't a good thing ;) - Driving physics with wheel and even clutch support. There is even a local time attack challenge - Day and night cycle so the local store isn't open at night - Naturally you need money to buy parts and call the local shop with your wired phone so they can be ordered and picked up from there - Pretty big open world. There is some traffic in the main road - Permadeath - Need to eat and drink. Also you need to take a piss every now and then - Authentic Finnish early '90s summer scenery and ambience ranging from that annoying neighbor's barking dog to the scenery ruiner radio mast Home page has changed the address but it's still the same old good looking page :D http://www.amistech.com/msc/ Let's give a feature list that the dev has said: IMPLEMENTED: PLANNED BUT NO PROMISE:
  14. St. Jimmy

    AMD CPU Bottleneck?

    Wow that second video :o That performance is dam good when compared to the FX-8350. You get the Pentium for 82€ and FX-8350 for 209€ in here. Even FX-4300 costs 90€ so seems like if you can OC, the Pentium is a dam good CPU for the price in Arma 3.
  15. I just tested and I got 67. 45fps was the lowest. Video setiings. I used object detail standard. Object detail ultra would likely lower it something like 5-7fps. Btw vitamin just posted this video in the AMD CPU bottleneck thread: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4OSA-vd1h8 After seeing that I don't wonder the fps that much anymore if the OP has view distance any higher. 35-45fps with those video settings in the dry salt field part is weak.
  16. I'm not really a fan of the new font. It's too narrow and round. It's also packed together too much (I guess that's how the font is). The best example is when you press Esc and the lower right corner that says Development Build x.xx.xxxxxx. The B and u are literally together. I don't know why it gives me some kind of a comic sans vibe. Maybe I just hate it so much.
  17. I remember getting around 70fps (///I just got 90fps with the video settings in the next post) in that point of the benchmark. The interesting thing that picture shows is high GPU usage which would say you've GPU bottleneck... ...but then 0% usage and low clocks on both cards in these pictures. What the hell? How the game even draws anything :huh: Nice amount of CPU usage btw. Many people don't report that good CPU usage with 8-core. 50% of 8-core usage is pretty good in any kind of game.
  18. St. Jimmy

    RAM: Impact on performance? How much?

    You also need to enable the XMP profile or OC manually the RAM so it goes to that 2400MHz. It's 1600MHz normally. Saying just in case.
  19. Not the best two pictures if you want to judge HDAO vs HBAO+ overall difference. HBAO+ seemed to add AO in more places than HDAO.
  20. HBAO+ is beutiful and no impact on fps here B)
  21. The link is broken. Remove %C2%A0 from the end.
  22. St. Jimmy

    AMD CPU Bottleneck?

    The fps increase with the i7 4770K doesn't look right when they overclocked. The chart where it shows other CPUs shows 53fps @ 3.5GHz but the OC chart shows 49fps @ 3.5GHz. Also there something weird because the increase from 4.0GHz->4.5GHz doesn't follow linear path. Something ain't right with those i7 results. They've screwed that big time when you just compare the chart that has all the CPUs below. FX8350 gets the same fps but suddenly i7 4770K has 4fps difference. The OC results are suddenly worse :D Different benchmarks show different results. In this benchmark the difference is bigger http://www.hardware.fr/articles/940-15/cpu-jeux-3d-crysis-3-arma-iii.html AMD just can't climb on the top with their FX stuff and they don't have any CPU that could compete with the high end Intel in Arma. If you want to compare Intel and AMD in the same price category then just stop that right at the beginning. AMD is good for lower budget category, and Intel if you've more money. For other type of games AMD FX-8350 is a very good choice for the price. i7 performance is pretty much the same with i5. The stock clock speed is just usually 0.1-0.2GHz higher in i7 and that's why it gets 0.5-2fps more. Give them same clocks and there shouldn't be more than 1fps difference between i5 and i7.
  23. St. Jimmy

    Game crashes: Memory and Graphics

    Yeah try to downgrade. I needed to downgrade again from the latest (can't remember how many times I've now done it with the GTX 970 for various reasons) to play Arma 2. Wouldn't be the first and last time to see/hear that the drivers sucks.
  24. Ultimate sniper psychosis