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    RAM Management - Serious Question

    Sorry I go offtopic now.Watch this benchmark. Notice how well Broadwell performs considering it runs much lower GHz and it's DDR3L. It beats the Skylake and Arma 3 isn't the only game Broadwell performs very well. The thing that Broadwell has is the 128MB L4 cache. That article also shows the importance of RAM speed and latency in Arma 3. Go few pages back in it to see.
  2. Look at the rpt files. The numbers in the file names are date stamps so just look if a one gets created when you've launched the game.
  3. St. Jimmy

    RAM Management - Serious Question

    So this doesn't happen with singe GPU but only with multiple GPU? Now I might understand bit more what you've been talking about earlier in some threads about GPU memory and stuff. Also that could explain why people don't usually recommend using more than a one GPU in Arma. That memory leak can put many system on their knees because people don't usually have more than 8GB of RAM. Would be interesting to hear if this is AMD only issue or does this happen with Nvidia.How many GPUs you're using in those tests and does the amount of memory used differ between 2 and 3 GPUs for example? So maybe 3 GPUs somehow triples the memory usage or something along those lines.
  4. St. Jimmy

    Volumetric clouds changing shape?

    I remember hearing something in the lines that it maybe would've been better to make own system than using 3rd party software. The TrueSky wasn't easy thing to implement in Arma. They might have learned the lesson because DayZ will also use them so it's interesting to see how that goes. Could face the same issues or things will work better there.
  5. St. Jimmy

    RAM Management - Serious Question

    Could you post this kind of picture from resource manager? And didn't you say you're not using page file? Well then you should get load in your RAM. It has been pointed many times in these years that if you've low or disabled page file and you don't have enough RAM, the game crashes because of "out of memory". The interesting part in here is that you seem to actually maybe see the RAM load, when usually nobody hasn't seen any big RAM loads. But usually those issues has been posted by people that have 8GB or less and you can get the RAM load to 6GB pretty easily so I guess there isn't "enough free room". @Freghar Why are you using RAM disk for page file? I've read there's no real point to do that. You could just disable it and have the same effect or is there some other wizardy going on?
  6. St. Jimmy

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    I'm amazed that you sound modders even release and tweak the sounds during these huge audio engine changes. Just so they likely get somehow broken in the next patch and a new tech is introduced. I guess there are couple waiting in the shadows for BIS to make things more ready before they join in with their work. I'm mostly waiting those environment sounds again because that's the next big thing that the vanilla audio is missing. I'm currently pretty happy how the vanilla guns sounds so anything better is just extra for me. I haven't had time to test the new version yet.
  7. In a good server that hasn't been ruined by some scripter, lag or performance doesn't differ from any other gamemode. Unless Arma 3 updates themself have broke something.
  8. Maybe Tanoa campaign will explain that ;)
  9. St. Jimmy

    Is it just me or are the new sounds too quiet?

    So is your issue now that the game or gun shots volume are too quiet or just that further away gun shots are too quiet, so they attenuate too fast?About your weapon sound mod. Are your weapons now louder than the vanilla weapons? Or you just needed to adjust them to get in the same level with vanilla stuff? Usually everyone that has headphones has external/internal amp/dac (audio "card"). At least my motherboard couldn't amp up my headphones even close what I needed.
  10. St. Jimmy

    Is it just me or are the new sounds too quiet?

    Unless you've just some basic USB headset you might want to add an amp if you already don't have one. Modern things are usually very loud and Arma 3 seemed to have joined against the loudness war. Now you've more room o tweak in the quiet end so 5% volume isn't already very loud and you can have communication apps like TeamSpeak in reasonable non clipping level.
  11. I have to agree with the action menu. It just isn't as readable as before. I also don't like the new numbers. The old font had that modern digital feeling that fit the game perfectly. Current numbers (or even some letters just like the ABC pic shows) are just too round and looking.
  12. St. Jimmy

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    Can you link the article?Seems like everything goes like expected. Red team is in huge lead because they had the head start with Mantle.
  13. St. Jimmy

    RAM Management - Serious Question

    I've been thinking to upgrade my RAM to 16GB so I'm bit interested what happens in Arma 3. You can read some of my results from this post with page file naturally system managed with the 8GB of RAM. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/186732-amd-cpu-bottleneck/page-3#entry2967561
  14. St. Jimmy

    Is it just me or are the new sounds too quiet?

    Modded stuff sounds could have been effected. Have you tried the same in Altis without mods? Btw I increased my game volume tthat was below 50% to the 100% so there should be a big difference in general volume.
  15. St. Jimmy

    RAM Management - Serious Question

    So -maxMem parameter doesn't prevent this happening? So it's loading textures in the RAM or something related. I've tested the same thing couple of times but I've only 8GB of RAM so I've only got the RAM usage somewhere above 3GB (maybe 3,5GB) when I flew with the camera 20mins around the Altis. Yeah could you post Resource Manager stuff how much RAM is shared, commited etc? That would be very interesting.
  16. When something is hard to read it isn't just a small thing. I've tried to get used to this new font for weeks in dev branch and it still looks bad.The font is just too thin and in some places too tightly spaced. The UI size scale is horrible with this one.
  17. Didn't help :wacko: I also reinstalled the whole tools by deleting local files with Steam and remaining manually.
  18. St. Jimmy

    RAM Management - Serious Question

    Have you tried if this happens with page file enabled? Would be interesting to hear.
  19. St. Jimmy

    Development Blog & Reveals

    The imgur imgage seems to be sharper. And that jungle seems to be pretty dense B)
  20. And here's a right forum for you https://www.reddit.com/
  21. H-barrier LOD missing still an issue in both dev and main branch. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=27383
  22. St. Jimmy

    Update broke some stuff -- what's changed?

    They said exactly the opposite. 2D editor will be removed and you can use Eden's map as 2D environment.
  23. I agree partially with demoshup. This goes in the same category with the Fatigue->Stamina "change it right or let it be" Though it's bit better now than in the dev ranch couple weeks ago. Still the old one was much better.
  24. If you're keeping only one of them at a time with Steam then you need to download every time you switch between branches. The download size really depends and I can't remember which one makes you download more or is it the same Dev -> Main or Main -> Dev. Switching between branches is usually ~0.5-1GB.
  25. Well HBAO+ is NVIDIA stuff so that's the reason very likely: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-2102005/nvidia-features-amd.html#13079502