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    Arma 3 being upgrade to 64 bit

    It would be interesting to see two benchmarks in RV engine that are the same with for example 20 AI, except other one is AI without any intelligence, so it's literally just commanded to shoot and move just like set no matter what. Kind of a benchmark where you can see how much the AI calculation actually effects performance vs rendering only. But I guess something like that is very hard to do (or pretty much impossible) when the AI is tied very deep in the engine.
  2. St. Jimmy

    RAM Management - Serious Question

    Give the mission for repro. System specs in both situations would still be nice to know... We now know that you've 32GB of RAM and in that video you've 5870 but what other AMD card you've in the situation where things aren't good? And you likely have page file disabled or is it enabled? You could edit that stuff also in the first post. Did you change any graphic settings or launch parameters? This could be AMD only problem. You also could post the other video where the performance was bad in that situation. You had a topic about it or something. In this topic you've shown RAM load after flying all over the map but you didn't show that now with your video. You could help a lot but you're too cryptic. Some basic stuff needs to be answered first before the issue can be looked. Dwarden would likely happily forward these stuff but he very likely needs to get the same questions answered if not more.
  3. St. Jimmy

    What kind of gamemode BIS should develop next?

    "Inspired by successful large-scale PVE / PVP gamemodes like Insurgency, Invade & Annex or Domination?" If not that then: Advance And Secure or similar
  4. I actually just noticed this earlier today. Seems to need first press Navigation Menu key and then select the units to command so it works. I've always used the backspace or secondary mouse button to close the command menus, obviously because backspace would be a go back/previous with a common sense, so it never came in my mind until now. All these years and nobody hasn't said that to me :D For me I'd like to see some change in how the Navigation Menu key works. First of all it should be in the Commanding category, not in the Common... Then if I press Select Unit key (F keys by default) it opens this quick menu and if I press navigation menu it closes the quick menu and deselects all the units. For me this doesn't make sense, so I'd like to see that if I've unit selected and I press navigation menu key, it just changes to this navigation menu and doesn't deselect the units. I've always done so I select the units first and then start commanding, not the other way around. That's also likely the reason why I haven't seen the Navigation Menu ever until today. Also Close Context Menu key (secondary mouse button) is already used for closing the quick command menu and deselecting the units. Now I really wonder what the Switch Command Menu key even is?
  5. St. Jimmy

    Gravitem Tactics: Mius Front

    Watched the first two videos. Unit names missing and you can only see some shape in the unit card to recognize the unit sounds pretty bad. They really should fix that if they already haven't? I still haven't launched the Operation Star but I've promised to myself to do that in the near future and learn the game.
  6. St. Jimmy

    Russia General

    Got to wonder how much Crimea played role in Syria conflict. At least Crimea is bit closer to Syria and it has some military bases and having Sevastopol totally under their control could've helped them.
  7. St. Jimmy

    Apex DLC pre order advantages?

    The DLC discount will end when the Apex releases. The Apex edition price won't likely change. Not sure if there's little confusion in this topic between the versions :P I didn't see any discount from Apex edition.
  8. Tested the Purista font mod and things are just more eaay to read with that.
  9. Interesting how it's driven like a tank so either left or right side wheel rotate or both to make the vehicle turn or go straight. No need to turn those big wheels.
  10. Switch Command doesn't do anything. I wonder what it will do later? But seems like that we can now use weapon switching and commanding under the same number keys. Thank god! I hope you'll make a key for command menu that opens a menu that shows the 10 main categories so you don't need to remember which key is what category. So a menu opens that have all these shown first: 1. Move 2. Target 3. Engage . . . 0. Reply That way we don't need to do the old "was Target category in #3? Nope, backspace. #1? Nope backspace... and this goes on and on until you find which one was it. Btw. Now you can remove the weapon switching from the action menu so I pray BIS that you do that! Those aren't needed there anymore in any way. Yaaayyyyyy!
  11. St. Jimmy

    FMOD in ARMA 3

    Show me a game that actually does something like this? Or do you happen to know that some car games actually renders 166,67 sounds per second when you've 10.000rpm rev in the engine? And at the same time the sound doesn't change with the fps? You asked for over 60fps and still the ROF is limited by fps, you get it. Sorry I had my audio pretty loud: Watching closer to the ground ~60-70fps. Watching air ~90fps. You can clearly hear and see the difference from the audio and how fast the bullet count goes. I've set reloadTime = 0.008333333 and that is 120 bullets per second. You know what happens when the fps is lower than 120? The rate of fire is lower that the set value. 100rpm won't be any faster on 120fps than in 60fps. Nobody claimed that.
  12. "Added: Command Actions to open the Command Menu and its relevant pages (planned for resolving weapon switching and command menu priorities). The presets were updated to reflect this." Woah so finally they're implementing what I've been wishing couple of times so much :292: I'm so going to test this if it's already working. /Not working yet for me at least but I can't wait for this.
  13. Could this be it? Any chance to get the action menu killed? :o
  14. St. Jimmy

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-syria-russia-pullout-idUSKCN0WG23C The main force withdraws. Some things will still remain like the naval base at Tartous and the Hmeymim air base.
  15. I don't believe rendering grass in long distance would really be possible. Something along the lines of transparency could maybe do something so you're more transparent and in that way harder to spot, the closer the ground you're or how good camo you've on you. There's a ticket about that but the feedback tracker is still down. Also something like this would improve things somewhat: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/141095-terrain-improvement-dev-branch/
  16. Click the Dwarden's link before that post and you're in. I recommend making an account because you won't loose anything by doing that.
  17. St. Jimmy

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    GPU is bottlenecked so DX11 fps is faster if someone wonders. What the test show is how much CPU usage lowers DX11 vs DX12. Total CPU usage is over 2x lower constantly. Hitman Absolution benchmarks http://wccftech.com/hitman-pc-directx-12-benchmarks/ Again AMD still has the advantage. Some AMD Fury scaling:
  18. First three videos from the search really shows how good the Pentium is for Arma 3: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pentium+g3258+arma+3 The best price/performance easily
  19. St. Jimmy

    Sound update ruined this game...

    If someone wants to know what sound engine games are using this list is pretty good. http://satsun.org/audio/ Far from complete list but a lot of modern games.
  20. St. Jimmy

    Sound update ruined this game...

    Just make 6 different sounds that have different attenuation curves, filters etc. That's how it's likely also done in that FMOD video. I don't see how that couldn't be done technically.
  21. St. Jimmy

    My summer car

    Nope. No traits, only your own skills. So you won't be better repairer, drinker or driver with simple traits. Currently you can't see your character and I'm not 100% sure if you ever will. So you can't see how slim or fat your character is. You can drink like it's your last day. 4.0 per-mille is the limit and the camera effect is very extreme when you're that drunk. Here's one stream from today (not mine): http://www.twitch.tv/statusd112/v/51910934 42:40 some hardcore drinking and driving where you can see the effect. It doesn't end well. http://www.twitch.tv/statusd112/v/51934152 01:08 how Sauna is turned on. 32:55 the Sauna is warm. Time to drink and get warm. Passes out in sauna because of too much drinking and wakes up in a terrible hangover. Good 10min Sauna action :P
  22. St. Jimmy

    My summer car

    Sauna (probably the first working sauna in any game), motor boat and getting too wasted (passing out) in the last build. That Sauna looked so freaking cool :D I'll put changelogs in this post just for the lulz:
  23. St. Jimmy

    Difficulty Overhaul

    The Arma 3's Launcer already has filters for 3rd person and crosshair any/on/off. Those filters don't work yet but that's the filter you can use in the future. I believe this difficulty overhaul is the thing that's going to make them work.
  24. St. Jimmy

    Cosmos Engine 0.41

    There could've been some upload problems so the judges didn't get it. Easily top-10 stuff.
  25. St. Jimmy

    Problems with sound

    It doesn't mean how many processors (CPUs) you've. It means how many cores your CPU has. If you've 1 core CPU then you got a computer from '90s. Is that the reason that people are running CPU count 1? I wondered why on earth anyone would even run -cpuCount=1 until I saw this post.