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  1. Hey, thanks for all the help :D Really appreciate it man--will have to check out this list!
  2. All right, so I'm a new player, just starting to get into the amazingness that is ARMA. I've got Arma 2 free, and as soon as I get some cash, I'm going to be upgrading that. I've already got the original edition, and now I'm starting to take a look at making my own missions. However, as I've poked around here and the larger web, I've come up with several questions I'd like to ask the community at large. As I am a new player, I know my posts may not carry as much weight as some of the veterans of this site--that is to be expected. However, I do hope that someone will take pity on this newbie :P and at least offer me some pointers in the egregious error of my ways. LOL Okay, now on to the questions: 1) What is this "Warfare" mode I keep hearing so much about? I've read the manual, found here, but that is even a step ahead of where I am at this point. What -is- Warfare, and how does it work? From what I understand, it's an MP combat mode in which the objective, in a nutshell, is the entire island, and you cap it by any means necessary, right? What I want to know is do you have to find "60 of your closest friends" :P to properly play this mode, or could me and 3 buddies get together on a weekend and throw this together over a LAN hub? If so, how do we do this? I tried poking around in ARMA, and didn't see the mode. Is it something you have to code for when you're making a mission in the mission editor? And if so how do you do that? 2) Is it possible to create a mission simply by using boolean variables? If, Then, Else, And, Or, Not? Naturally, search didn't turn up all that much on this as these are some of the most common words in the English language :P I don't really have time to get in-depth on scripting, but I know some basic stuff already, and I was wondering if that could be generically applied here, or would everything appear too stilted? I'm okay with some woodenness, this is a game after all, but I want to know if using booleans will simply create a repetitive scenario or if I can tweak waypoint radii and spawn probabilities and the like to add some dynamism? 3) Is there an easy way to place people inside buildings/carriers without having to manually manipulate their xyz coordinates? 4) What do you recommend I get to make my AI not just drop where they are and fire prone in a firefight? I've checked here, and there are a lot of good mods, but I'm not really 100% sure which one is the "best", and/or which ones are a) compatible with one another, or b) compatible with ARMA 1.
  3. Gen. Shaffer

    Enjoying the full ArmA experience without multiplayer?

    Hey all, thanks for the replies. And I'll try your suggestions about AI LAN...as soon as I get this problem resolved: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=63474&page=31 Look there for my other problem, and hopefully someone has a solution?
  4. Please read this before you just say "Get multiplayer!" I do have an internet connection--unfortunately, because of where I live (out in the sticks) dial-up is my only option. That pretty much means that multiplayer for any game is pretty much out. But I hear so many good things about how amazing multiplayer ArmA is...so I was wondering what I could do, short of hacking into someone else's internet or getting a huge LAN party going...? Thanks in advance ^_^
  5. Hello fellow soldiers! General Shaffer here, a new member to the ArmA forums, and, like most new members, I have a question. I was a good little poster and searched around beforehand, but I didn't find an answer to my specific problems, so, here goes. I am on a craptop which, obviously, cannot be upgraded, so maybe my solution is simply to get a new computer--anyway, when I'm playing ArmA, framerates are fine, gameplay is good--until I go into the multiplayer tab. Not even into a game yet, just trying to find/host one...and my framerate becomes something that a slideshow could outrace. I have no idea what's going on at all; the game doesn't crash, just slows to a CRAWL. System Specs: Toshiba Satellite L355-S7905, Vista Home Basic 3GB RAM 120 GB HDD Single-core, 2.16 GHz CPU (don't remember the exact make) Intel 128 MB Cantiga integrated craphics card...<_< Thanks in advance for any help you might offer! ^_^