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  1. Thnx, Clayman - nice work! Im using some of these features in one of my missions. I used BigDaddys scripts (slightly modified by me), but they have their limitations. I will implement your mod into the next version and send you feedback about MP gameplay. cya, [KH]DaOarge
  2. Hi everybody, At the second Wednesday event, we're gonna take on Hells Gates, an old classic by BlackDog1 converted to OACO. When: Wednesday, 1.12 @2000GMT Where: Kellys Heroes Event Server Further Infos: - no mods required, but KHPack is recommended. - will be played in veteran mode - being in time and on TS is mandatory --> [KH] Teamspeak Info If you're interested, please sign-up here. regards, DO
  3. Hi everyone, We are about to restart our (public) Wednesday Event Series, starting at the 17th November @2000GMT and then repeating every second week. Our first mission will be Insurgency 0.72 BAF / Zargabad, future missions will be posted here and of course at our forums. All missions will be played in a tactical fashion, which means that there will be a mission commander (responsible for developing/briefing tactics and real-time adaption of these), as well as Squad Leaders, which will carry out the given tasks. Being in time and on our TS is mandatory. If you're interested and want to have a slot reserved for you -> Sign up here. Or just show up at our TS in time and hope, that there is still a slot free for you :) EDIT (11/16/2010): 4/20 slots still free! regards, [KH]DaOarge
  4. Hi, I added you as Grunt to Delta Squad. atm we have 16 players signed up (incl. you) - if there arent any more to show up tomorrow, you'll get a SL and medic moved to your Squad. Thnx & cya! DaOarge
  5. Sign-up ends in about 24hrs (16.11 @2400MT)
  6. I also ran into this problem. Solution: move the initial player spawn location away from the respawn marker. Here is an example.
  7. I set the objectivestates by using triggers, where the corresponding variables are "publicVariable'd". According to this page: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/6thSense.eu:EG#Join_in_Progress these variables should get synced to JIP players automagically - that would have fit me lazy guy :) But thanks for the clue anyway, i think i can handle this issue via the above mentioned script! cya, DO
  8. Heyho, I just built a mission using F2 2.4.1 (OA Folk). Everything is working perfectly, but only JIP players do not get objectives synced when they join. Could anyone give me some advice on this? (JIP reinforcement selection option is disabled, let me know if you need further info) Thnx! DO PS: Thanks a lot for this framework! :icon_eek:
  9. I think, that OTHERPARAMS="-cpucount=2 -mod=mymod" will do it.
  10. This is how the preamble of the Domination Tactical Guide starts (download it here) and to prove the theories in this paper right, we are going to have a public hc tactical CoOp event this Saturday (05/08/2010), at 14:00 GMT using the KH edit of Domination V2 ACE Wounds. Requirements: . ACE2 . TS3 . A2T . a working microphone (all SW updated to current version) We will be keeping this strictly tactical, the mission slogan is "Speed. Precision. Efficiency." - just have a brief look at the DTG, if you want to know what we're all about to do. If you're interested, you can find more information (and sign up too) here. cya! DO
  11. Hi! Thanks for your feedback - if you like playing Arma this way, just have a look at our homepage on a regular base - we usually play our events that way :) cya! DO