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  1. Casualties many; Percentage of dead unknown; Combat efficiency; we are winning. Col. David M. Shoup (Tarawa,11/21/43) Yes, we are back! It has been quite silent around this mod since it's release for Arma2, but we are about to change that. A lot of new stuff has been created for Arma3 and looking towards the upcoming expansion, we are planning a public release containing the new Arma3 stuff along with some 1:1 ports from Arma2. (Wouldn't it be awesome to fight the Imperial Japanese Army on Tanoa? ;) ) What can you expect: .) Betio Island (Tarawa), completely remade for Arma3 by Pedersen .) remade USMC units (soldiers) .) remade IJA units (soldiers) .) new objects and weapons .) along with some selected stuff ported over from the Arma2 version of HiP That sounds good, but unfortunately we are far from being where we want to be in terms of the development stage of Hell in the Pacific for Arma3. Therefore we are looking for experienced modders to help us getting things done, especially in these fields: 1. Getting stuff into the game We have a lot of objects ready to be put into the game, due to the time intensive work this process takes- it's our main bottleneck at the moment. 2. write configs or polish up existing configs For example, adding recoil to rifles, adapt reload timing, adding PhysX and FFV and so on. Please let us know, if you want to help us out. Follow this thread for screenshots, updates and probably a release date some day! Updates coming soon :) DO on behalf of the HiP team PS: Click the pic for a larger version.
  2. Operation Galvanic is coming along well, here are some impressions from Red Beach 1:
  3. Arma3 hardcopy off Ebay? I better not ask... :D We're developing on the stable branch of Arma3, which we bought off Steam, so you shouldn't run into any troubles. Concerning the release date, just keep an eye (or two) on this thread. It will pay off, I'm sure ;)
  4. Everybody had a nice summer and now back at dreary work/school/university? The weekend is near and here's something to sweeten up your friday. Mr. Pedersen spent his summer polishing up IJA defense positions, so that they at least have a theoretical chance of making a stand against the imminent US attack.
  5. I've already ported the HiP ambient voice system over from HiP A2, which does something like that. Based on the situation (careless, aware, combat, etc.) and depending whether the AI unit is in command slot or not, they keep shouting appropriate stuff like "MOVE" or "TAKE COVER". If in stealth mode AI will be whispering, which is very nice if you play a night mission and hear japanese voices nearby whispering... :-) To get a picture, listen to the shouting in the background in this video. Progress has been slowed down during the summer holidays, but we're expecting to pick up speed soon - thnx everybody for your interest and patience!
  6. daoarge

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Yes, the M2 Flamethrower is already ported from HiP A2 and now undergoing some tweaking.
  7. daoarge

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Oh, we still got plenty time left. D-Day on Tarawa was on Nov. 20th :D
  8. Wow, just watched your video and the gallery - I feel ashamed that I somehow missed your mod in A2... And yes of course, we gladly accept your offer! Im gonna pm you tomorrow morning after my 2nd coffee :)
  9. Yes, it's the old ca stuff that went "K.I.A." with one of the A3 updates :) Tbh. it's a matter if the effort to port the islands matches the outcome. Since all the assets in HiP A2 were of top-notch quality, they still look amazing in A3 - but directly compared to content specifically created for A3 (objects, textures, etc.), probably not. So, we're having a look at it, but if we decide that the efforts needed aren't worth the outcome for whatever reason, we gonna dump the idea and carry on with other stuff. And no, Im defo not hating people interested in FoW/HiP, especially not the ones that actually read and remember my posts (and not only look for screenies ;) )
  10. You know, it's a lesson life's teaching you: Always deny, what they can't prove :D Scale of Betio is almost 1:1, that means an area of a bit more than 1,5km² Tbh. there's nothing settled yet, what goes beyond the first release. We have some things on our mind like porting additional vehicles, islands or creating new stuff but there's nothing to be confirmed yet. I guess 2D.
  11. Great news, everyone! And now fullsteam towards the first release! :D
  12. Haha, got it. I shouldnt post before I had my 3rd coffee :)
  13. Probably I'm getting you wrong, but you need Arma3 for this mod, which I hope you required (=payed for) through proper distribution channels :) The radiopacks will be ported from HiP A2 when we implement TFAR compatibility, other uniform textures will be added probably someday later. Yes and plans are to have the Alpha out before the A3 expansion is released. Yup, the aircraft carrier is on our "port it over from HiP A2 and make it look sexy" list.
  14. Hmm, I wasn't aware of such behaviour in HiP A2 but I would classify this as bug.
  15. If you watch the first video starting at about 1:05 (https://youtu.be/9in8yc3OULo?t=1m5s) you can see the disembark procedure. Right LCVP makes it to the beach, left one is hitting an obstacle, causing an "early" disembark. At 3:55 you can see another landing: https://youtu.be/9in8yc3OULo?t=3m55s Atm it's not planned to make the LCVP return (crew is also disembarking and joining the fights), as we have no ships where they possibly could return to and besides that, it would require a lot of scripting to make it look smooth, especially for the LCVPs that got stuck or damaged.
  16. Heyho everyone! First I'd like to say, that we really appreciate your interest in Hell in the Pacific! As we all are working for free in our spare time, player feedback is our preferred currency we'd like to get paid in and with all you people following this thread, asking questions, posting comments on YT - that's what motivates us and keeps us going! A big thank you from the HiP team for keeping us motivated! When Pedersen and me "revived" HiP A3 last Autumn from its hibernation, we didn't think we would come this far. And especially, we weren't sure how we gonna proceed after an eventual initial release. Stuff like extending/adding uniforms, et. al. was totally off our radar until now, as we were focusing on (for the gameplay) more important content like weapons and vehicles. I still wont be posting any details about our release timetable, but to boost your confidence (and hopefully also your patience ;)) in the HiP team and its supporters, let me tell you these three facts: Fact 1: There will be an Alpha release of Hell in the Pacific Fact 2: It will happen before we reach the end of the #roadtoApex Fact 3: We will continue to work on HiP after the Alpha release I'm sorry, that I don't have any more publicly classified information I could post - but as soon as this changes, you will read it here first :) If you guys are interested, I could post some more screenies here to shorten your waiting time :P
  17. One buck for every time I got asked about Iwo Jima the last months, I could pay Pedersen to work 24/7 on Iwa Jima, just to make people stop asking me about Iwo Jima. :D No seriously, we are aiming to rather release few content but that in top-quality. That means, that only Betio Island will be included in the first release. We've got a lot of plans for the future (more on that later) and that plans include Iwo Jima. But please don't take it as granted, that IJ will be released someday, as we still need to prioritize our plans. Out of personal interest I succeeded to run some HiP A2 islands in HiP A3, although they were missing ambient sounds and stuff like that and ofc other A3 features/standards. I think, it's safe to say we didn't :)
  18. Folks, I can totally understand your pain about the release date - therefore I need to post a screenie of an earlier testsession, which I forgot before :P
  19. We have an internal timetable for the first Alpha release, but we're not talking about any dates publicly (yet). I havent posted any screenies for quite some time, so here are some screenshots from my recent mission development, enjoy. Here I placed some objects in the middle of Betio for demonstrating purposes. Works a treat with Eden.
  20. No, there won't be any LSTs but it's on my plan to make the (at least the initial) spawn for the COOP mission on an LCVP inbound to Red Beach 1.
  21. Yes, there were british troops deployed to the Pacific theatre (Burma, Singapore and a third major location, which I cant remember atm) and there are british units, vehicles, weapons available in HiP A2. As for HiP A3 british units will not be included in the Alpha release, but we'll see whats gonna happen after the Alpha ;)
  22. Heyho, I'm back from some R&R, full of energy and motivation :) Usually we would like to get asked before, but I think it's no problem. Basically we'd like to ask you to donate your work to our project, so we can add it to our HiP A2 archive and possibly take advantage of it someday. Do you have access to historic information (background infos, pictures, etc.) about IJA uniforms? If so, I'd like to get in touch with you! Yes, besides the M4A2 Sherman, we have the LVT-2, Willys Jeep and the Higgins boat available. But all of these still need some love config wise. Probably there will also be one or two surprises, but they will stay classified until the Alpha release ;) Yes, we're planning to be Zeus, ACE3 and TFAR compatible. Concerning the medic system, we originally planned to port over the HiP A2 medic system which was based on the Alternative Injury System by Bon. But since Bons AIS has been ported to A3 already, we simply recommend using their port. So you can basically use whatever medic system you prefer, If you going for the "original HiP" look&feel, you would need to use Psychos port of AIS.
  23. Oh yes indeed :) and thanks! "When the road becomes steeper, we don't stop walking, we're probably just slowing down our pace" :D
  24. Thanks a lot, PM sent! That statement was a bit preliminary, as everytime Im starting up Eden I can be sure that Im about to learn something new... </sarcasm> Besides that, Im fighting with things like (but not only) Arma3 tools refusing to sign .pbos which have already been successfully signed before and other exciting stuff. Does anyone know, when the feedback tracker will be up and running again?