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    Take On: Hinds!

    Yep - seconded - I'm looking at ACE - hoping there's something in there that will tidy up some of the quirks. On the subject - anyone else notice how wierd the behaviour of guided missile is? I can't select targets when they are selected, and as gunner aiming them with scope they go high everytime. current workaround is to use the radio to order the gunner as a unit to target - rather than the crew "select /cycle target" commands. But downside is there's no way of really knowing if they have targetted or not. Why do I launch the missile also? I don't fire the cannon other than in manual, rockets - the gunner fires when I line it up, missiles - I fire them? But he targets them - but I can't select targets using the normal route. Discuss!
  2. Pudenfuhrer

    Take On: Hinds!

    Yep - it should basically look a lot like this
  3. Pudenfuhrer

    Take On: Hinds!

    Having spent all evening flying this I have to say it's nice. Rough and ready but nice. I kind of get people complaints but - the addition of what is demonstrated in this video would surely silence most people here - I think it would be wise for BI to look to it asap! Then we could just get on and script some troop insertion, support and evac missions to complement all the tank killing :) Couple of tips? I have bound a button to "select all" squadmembers. I use this to target missiles - as the "tab" approach is not very good/ doesn't work so well with missiles. If you "select all" (which selects your gunner crewmember) - then look at the target direction, the cursor changes to "attack"/"target" and click "select" to give the order (which is the same as a left mouse click - I have that bound to my trigger). I then click fire and the missile goes on target to that vehicle. Another tip - in the Hind with the 30mm fixed cannon - get the collective settled well back so that you aren't having to fight the torque with the pedals AS WELL AS get on target with your close in small adjustments you'll want to make. I use blips of cannon to get on target, then cycle weapon to the rocket pods once it's there. This is pretty surefire. I really think this is a cool game. How many other flight sims could you potentially get out and finish the job on foot - or nick the enemies tanks - or order the team of solidiers that you insert etc? That's where I think the magic will be with this one. I'm happy to pay the money to have these flight models alone - and the intergration to a fully functional battle sim (bits of ARMA2) is just the icing on the cake. Keep improving! Take care p
  4. have a look at 099 098 Small Shed 133 092 Hut with gastank outside 134 092 Industrial shed ---------- Post added at 01:38 AM ---------- Previous post was Yesterday at 11:47 PM ---------- edit No - your pbo is slightly different to mine.. And it seems like everythings okay with it. How strange - from what you described I replaced the same files as you - either way Nazul - good job - your pbo's seem solid
  5. Pudenfuhrer

    wit's end

    Okay - I've simmered down. My issue is the marketing and manual. I found this thread http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=77932 I made a basic mission - I worked out how to put ammo and empty vehicles down for your guys, a few friendlies and a few enemies on patrol. (You have to make the item 'unplayable', then it can be set to 'side' empty). Then you add the modules and the game does the rest and is soon spawing alsorts I gather. Why is this not presented better - no example missions, no templates with the modules on already etc. etc. No mention in the manual - no search facility on this forum that I found - just the blurb in the reviews. I bet when they rated the game they'd never found this stuff. I've had this a month and been trying to get it to do what I had a hunch it did. While it's a lovely feeling now it's going (and it runs much better than the campaign) why not make more of an issue of this? 30 minutes and you've got a whole evenings random missions and theatre creation. Endless co-op fun now on my island.
  6. Ok - I've pretty much had it with this game. Never so much work for so little gameplay. I make a mission in the single player wizard. I save it. It's a few guerillas - and we knock over a village and blow up a BTR. I add some extra units - but I can't change the waypoints options - as there is no 'enter' or 'confirm' when you double click on the waypoint you set. Kinda rubbish - but hey. I want to play this with my chum online - only it's not there. It's only there for single player - maybe I just assumed that the wizard missions would be available like some crazy person.. Then I try the online wizard and it's totally different missions. I just want to play a mission similar to the one I just made, engage a few enemy fireteams etc - but I want to play with russian weapons etc. The wizard only offers US - why? So I make a mission quickly with the online wizard - and bring up the full editor - I figure I'll load it into there instead and then tweak the forces No you won't the editor doesn't pickup the wizard missions at all. So the wizard is useless once you've played it's ONE scenario it actually offers.. I open the editor. I want to create a team - I find one - give it a waypoint - I go to move it - oh it's on top of a house - so I can't move the waypoint. Give up and go to the pub. Anyone know any expanded wizard templates that are available for ARMA 2?
  7. Yes I think you might be right. The buildings mod isn't going to be very useful I thought one of the blurry buildings might have interfered with the dogtags at the quarry - but no actually.. Off topic - I'm really not sure about this game - certainly as far as the campaign goes. It seems, potentially, like OpFlash but then with heaps of mandatory scripting and only a handful of missions - rather than going the simple, self-evolving sandbox missions route. So it's brief moments of brilliance and then lots of work to get around the clunks. What a shame - at least the quick editor rocks.
  8. I've done the same thing as you - however there are more Something called the 'linekeepers box' ingame - it's next to the cow shed in the Razor 2 mission, next to the gate with the writing above. This is at the cowshed in Staroye where you help the farmers. Also there are the other two sheds, one of which has a small horizontal gas tank outside - also at the same cowshed (can be seen in the Razor Two mission). The same building and gas tank combo shows up when you go to the quarry on the same mission.. Then there is also a commercial fence with angled barbed wire on the top. A pile of logs that features often outside houses. Most noticable was a industrial unit-like hanger I tried replacing "Ind_Shed_01" or "Ind_Shed_02" - but that didn't work. It's a shame as this mod really speeds up the loading of textures around towns etc.. Anyone any ideas of a way to find out which files are for which buildings? The trial and error method sucks. Thanks