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  1. That means that if I place a soldier on my site and put in his init this setuintpos up and then an enemy soldier comes and I shoot him he wont lie down? OK here it is. I set the soldiers behaviour to combat and preview. He lies down. Then I type in his init this setunitpos up and again he lies down when he is in combat mode or if I use the script command dotarget dofire he again lies down. Am I missing something?:butbut:
  2. This makes the unit to stand up if it is lying. I want to disable the unit's ability to go prone.:j:
  3. Do you know how can I disable AIs to go prone. I made a mission where soldiers execute prisoners but they do it in a stupid way. They either shoot the prisoners and the lie down or lie down and shoot. :confused:
  4. I don't need the soldier to shoot. I posted a video on youtube but it's just stupid when they turn their heads to look me it's kinda embarrassing. I though if I could like make an object and something and force the soldiers too look at it the whole time maybe that would work but I forgot the command :/ Thanks anyway
  5. Hello guys!!! I saw in the 1st mission of the CWC campaign that they're 2 soldiers who do MORE than 3 push-ups. When I use the command soldier switchMove/playMove "FXStandDip" he only does 3 push-ups and stands up :mad:. I want my soldier to do 20 push-ups, sit down to rest 10 seconds and then start over again. Help please :( Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  6. OKAY!!! Thanks alot. I will try it. I know it's "Spetsnaz" but in OFP it's Spetz Natz.:eek:
  7. Hey guys!!! I am making a mission where I am a spetz natz and have to rescue a hostage. The thing I want to do is place resistance snipers as terrorists. Gonna change they're weapons to AK-47. But Civilians = Resistance. So to make civilians not attack me I have to set Resistance friendly to everybody or to East. But then the resistance snipers (the terrorists) won't attack me :/.Yeah I can use Black Ops for terrorists but I prefer Resistance snipers. So is there anyway you can change the side of a unit? Please Help. Thanks!!!