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  1. Hello everyone. For the past 2 hours I've been flying with A10 shooting T-72s and T-90s with the GAU-8 and I didn't do much. I want to know how can I lock on the target because it is really hard to shoot correctly. It's driving me crazy. I increased mouse smoothing to max and lowered the X and Y axis of the mouse on like 25%. Didn't help much. BI really made shooting correctly with plane's machine guns and rockets really hard I barely hit anything. I decrease speed but it doesn't help I either have to pull up or keep moving the mouse until the crosshair is where it should be and then crash :butbut: I noticed holding down both the buttons for the rudders makes the plane steady I think, but it did not help. I simply can't aim at the target. It's not fun to use the mavericks and the sidewinders it's too easy with them and it's a lot more fun to tank bust with the GAU-8 . It's not only with the plane's machine gun, I can't hit anything with the hydra missiles or the S-8 rockets on the Su-25. Can you tell me what should I do with controls options or what to press while flying so I keep the aim is steady! Thank you!
  2. I didn't know ArmA 2 has flares I though only in Operation Arrowhead you have. How do you drop flares?:eek:
  3. I don't understand what you mean :confused:
  4. Hello! I wanted to make a huge parade in the Everon airport. The problem is I can have only 63 groups and in my mission there are 63 groups with only 1 unit in each group because if I group the units 12 per group then they are not placed how they should be. I tried a few thing but they didn't work. I set the units not to be "In formation" but to "None" and used doStop this. Problem here is they start looking at random spots. I used switchmove commands such as "FXStandAtt" but they still were able to rotate and look where they want. I used disableAI move and that didn't work as well. I am using the ICP_anim addon. So basically I am trying to make lots of soldiers from 1 side staying in a specified place and facing a specified direction. Thanks you very much in.
  5. I'm not following. Can you explain?
  6. Works great, thank you! Now my problem is that I must put less than 100 units otherwise it will lag, but I wanted like 300 units marching :D
  7. domcho


    Hi guys, I searched for cyrillic in OFP but all I found are old post with broken links. Can someone post a link for an addon which will make cyrillic messages to be displayed. I have Bulgarian cyrillic font installed on my PC but all I see are strange words which are not in cyrillic. Thanks!
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    Game logics?

    I was just wondering if it's possible using game logics.
  9. What is a game logic? Can you make LGB bombing using game logics?
  10. domcho

    PAA pictures

    Hello, Okay I searched in forums for PAA file and in google but with no help :confused:. I need a bmp/jpg to paa converter and paa viewer. If I missed threads about this and posts please post them. Thanks!!!
  11. domcho

    PAA pictures

    Yes I saw everything. Thanks a lot dude. You saved my day :D :D
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    PAA pictures

    Yes I downloaded this but could you please explain how to use it because I don't understand where to type commands and stuff. Thanks.
  13. Hello, how can I make waves of groups to come 1 by 1. I mean: I want 2nd wave of soldiers to attack when 1st wave of soldiers is dead, but it's too slow if I have to name each soldier of the 1st wave and then type (not alive soldier1) and (not alive soldier2)... etc. :eek: :eek: I mean is there a faster way like (not alive group1) and (not alive group2) wave2 = true (wave2 is variable for 2nd wave to march) Group1 = group this but it doesn't work with (not alive Group1). And I don't know any other way except naming every single soldier and then typing (not alive soldier1) ... etc. Thanks a lot!!!
  14. domcho

    Dead groups

    You're absolutely right :)
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    Also to make like 1st objective to be completed use the code in trigger activation box: "1" objStatus "DONE" If you want it to be failed the type: "1" objStatus "FAILED" Good luck :bounce3:
  16. domcho

    Dead groups

    LOL do you ever give up? :D Even though my problem is solved you still help :D. Thanks I appreciate it. Would give that a try.
  17. How can I make a mission end when I land a helicopter. I made a mission like black hawk down instead it's with hind MI-24 :D I want the mission to end when the I land the Hind in the Soviet base. Thanks!!!
  18. domcho

    Landed Helicopter

    I tried what you said, this time he keeps the rotor spinning as I wanted but he doesn't fly after my units get's in. I also tried with trigger soldier1 in heli heli fly in height 100 but doesn't work :mad: thanks by the way ---------- Post added at 08:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:22 PM ---------- WAIT!!! I found a way to do it. It's made in a so strange and annoying way. Here is how I did it (I used an example from the mission 02Ambush from the single mission in OFP) I put a move waypoint on chopper and in it I type NameOfHelicopter land "GET IN" Then I make a 2nd waypoint for the chopper but again a move one and I type there NameOfHelicopter flyInHeight 100 and of course I synchronize it with my Get In waypoint Now the chopper keeps spinning the rotor and when I get in he follow the next waypoints instead of just spinning his rotor and standing on the ground Thanks a lot!!!
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    Dead groups

    Works awesome, thanks a lot!!! :yay:
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    Dead groups

    I tested it with a trigger but it's bugged a bit, probably because I don't do something correct. I place 2 west squads and both have guard waypoint (and of course the guard waypoint is not near the trigger) I place the trigger with guarded by west thing. The closest group goes there and then I use "_x setDammage 1" foreach units Officer1 but 2nd group doesn't move. So I put 2 mechanized east squads and this time the 2nd group moves but it does before the 1st group dies. In the waypoint:guard info it says that the 2nd group is to wait until the 1st group dies but it doesn't seem to happen. And yes it's probably because I am not doing something correct.:eek: and the (count units Group1) ==0 it's takes wayyyy to long.
  21. domcho

    Landed Helicopter

    No no. I mean: I hold my position until the chopper arrives and when it lands I get in it and fly out of the battlefield. But he lands a bit far so it won't be that easy to just complete the mission :D. There is a pilot and a gunner in the chopper, no one get's out but by the time I get to the chopper he turns his engine off and then on again, so when I get in 50% of the time I get killed LOL. Thanks!
  22. domcho

    Landed Helicopter

    Thanks dude! Can you tell me how can I make a helicopter turn his engine on when he lands. When a helicopter land he turns engine off so I use hawk action ["engine on", hawk] but the problem is that it doesn't work except if I don't use condition on the trigger and also put a wait time on the trigger. But problem is I have to adjust the time so with each mission it would be different timing also and I will take years do adjust it. All I want to know is how can I make the chopper not to turn his engine when he lands or how to turn his engine immediately after he turns it off. Thanks!
  23. Hello, 1st I would like to apologize if I posted this in the wrong place :j: I used the WinPBO to open ofp file but missiosn.sqm of CWC and Res campaigns are empty. I can only see what's in the mission.sqm of red hammer missions. Can anyone help me? Thanks :yay:
  24. Hi. Can someone tell me how to make a unit on my side not too look me. You know he just stands look forward and I am to his right. From time to time he turns his head to look at me and I want to disable that. I tried with the disableAI autotarget but it doesn't work. Thanks!!!
  25. Yes sorry I would like to apologize for this nonsense :D