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  1. Well make sure you choose to launch ArmA 2 Combined Operations. When I do that a steam window appears telling me it's launching ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead (notice it says OA) then the command prompt appears and the game launches, but it's actually CO. When I go to the editor I got Chernarus and Utes, also I got the USMC + CDF on BLUFOR as well as I got the Russians + Insurgents on OPFOR. And the PMC, ACR ...etc you should check this out too, because the first time I launched the game and I saw that it says "Preparing to launch ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead" I got confused but then I saw I got all the CO content and understood that this is ArmA 2 Combined Operations. I guess you're experiencing this.
  2. Hi, guys. If you ever played the CWC campaign, remember the mission called "Escape" where you play as pilot Sam Nichols and are captured by the Soviets, then taken to a camp and told to stay in a tent? When you get in the tent, wait a bit the time starts to change and you can see the cool sunset. I was very impressed by this and wanted to do this 1 day in one of my missions. Here is how to do it: setacctime 1.0 _i = 0 #loop _i = _i + 1 skipTime 0.015 ~0.1 ? _i > 150 : goto "end" goto "loop" #end titleCut ["A few hours later...","BLACK OUT",3] ~3 skipTime 3 ~1 titleCut ["","BLACK IN",3] You can combine it with camera script to be even cooler. Edit: I made a little change to the script and uploaded a demo of it: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3CFTOYR5 Hope you like it.
  3. Hello. I am sorry if this has already been posted on the forums. I have a problem with the squad leader (he is an AI) telling my squad to get in the helicopter once it comes. We are in a middle of a forest under attack by CDF soldiers. I first tested the extraction without enemies, it worked perfectly. But when we are under attack the leader keeps issuing orders to attack targets. Some squadmates go into the woods to hunt down the CDF :j: When the helicopter comes sometimes the squad leader doesn't even tell us to get in it. I used in his init: mygroup = group this; (group this) enableAttack false; named him Rus1, made a trigger once the helicopter is near us and put in it's activation: assignAsCargo forEachMember mygroup; Rus1 orderGetIn true. So even though I used enableAttack false the squad leader doesn't shut up and keeps telling us to target the CDF soldiers :mad: when the helicopter comes and enters the trigger sometimes he tells us to get in it, and if there is an injured soldier who can't walk we just stay there under heavy fire, the whole squad except the injured in the legs soldiers stays in the helicopter and wait to be killed. The injured soldiers won't get in. I had to get out and kill him in order to continue. How can I fix the problem with the squad leader not telling us to get in and make the injured soldier to get in? Thanks. NOTE: THIS IS ARMA 2 NOT ARMA 2 OPERATION ARROWHEAD.
  4. domcho

    Hold the line

    Hi guys. I made a mission called "Hold the line." It's a simple mission where you have to drive to Le Moule at night and hold the village against enemy attacks. I created it on CJE's winter version of Everon. You will need the following addons: CJE island pack - http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/CJE_Island_Pack;43167 Winter Nogojev (so you can play with arctic units) - http://nakedsquid.com/downloads/lolofpaddons/WinterNogojev1.1Addon.exe The mission is not hard, make sure you check the whole village because you need to kill all the attackers in order to complete the mission. Sometimes they hide in the forest and then sneak to the village. Also when you reach Le Moule you can use 0-0-1 and then click on the map to launch a green flare to illuminate the area. Special thanks to Aldo15 for helping me make this flare script :) I hope you enjoy the mission. I also added a soviet theme music from another game. :rolleyes: Mission download link - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J5B6YQX0
  5. domcho

    The Great Escape

    Hi guys. A few years ago a friend of mine had an idea of making a mission on the AEC island (Malden, Everon, Kolgujev in one) where you start as a Spetsnaz only with a pistol in a village full of dead friendlies with no ammo. Your objective is to go to the base Northwest from the airfield, steal the Mi24 and fly to Kolgujev. But before you get to the base you must clear all the villages that are in your way. So my friend Vasilii Koslovich made most things in the mission and I just added some commands that he didn't know. The mission didn't have any end triggers, briefing, objectives and that kind of stuff. So I finally decided to fix the mission and upload it here for you to check it out. Starting area: Dead friendly convoy: Another picture of the starting area: It's made by me and Vasilii Koslovich. It is both for singleplayer and multiplayer. Please leave feedback :) thanks Mission with required addons needed to play it download link - http://www.mediafire.com/?fb0jmeggmse1fee Also a very funny thing: when you get killed in OFP and the menu appears there is a quote from a famous person. While I was testing the mission for bugs I got killed and got this quote; "And lastly there is the oldest and deepest desire, the Great Escape: the Escape from Death." It's quite a coincidence I got this quote since the mission name is The Great Escape :D
  6. domcho

    The Great Escape

    Sorry. I had internet issues and I still do. I couldn't connect to the internet. Thank's mrmoon for uploading this
  7. Hi guys. I made a blackhawk which has to come when I kill 4 squad of enemy infrantry but there is a problem. What he has to do is fly over me and my squad and drop black ops with parachutes. The problem is that he doesn't follow the waypoint as he should. The waypoint passes through the center of the trigger but he always flies away from the center and drops the black ops too far away. The helicopter has 0 ammunition, careless behaviour and I also set him to fly in height 100. I deleted everything and just left the heli. I put myself as 1 of the black ops in the helicopter and then started the mission. He follows the waypoint correctly. But when I play the mission normally, he flies too far away. I don't know why is this happening. He just doesn't want to follow the waypoint. His behaviour is careless and no one is shooting at him. I have never encountered that kind of a problem before and I find this waypoint problem very frustrating. Can you please tell me how to fix it. Thanks.
  8. domcho

    2 Nogova police missions.

    Thanks :) There is also another bug. When I made the first mission and put the VIP his face was face1 from the facelist. When I made the second mission I just used setface "face1" command but I found that if you save the mission and load it his face will change. So i made a trigger of a police unit going in and out so it keeps activating setface "face1" :D:D I was just lazy making a description.ext with CfgIdentities :D
  9. domcho

    2 Nogova police missions.

    Hi, guys. I made 2 missions where you play as a Nogova police officer and you're standing against the locals who started a rebellion against the goverment. The 1st one is called Riot. You have to rush to Petrovice and kill the rebels who are attacking the city. Then you must continue to the nearby village called Slapy and rescue a VIP which is taken hostage there. The 2nd one is called Escort. You have to escort the VIP to a small island South from Nogova. You will need the following addons: dmx police addon:http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/Nogova_Police_Forces;69818 CJE island pack for Desert Nogova:http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/CJE_Island_Pack;43167 Missions download link:http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RIXPWUPQ The mission Riot is to be played 1st because Escort is a sequel to it. :) I hope you enjoy my missions. :)
  10. domcho

    Nikiller's scripts pack

    This thread should be made sticky :bounce3:
  11. Okay thanks btw do you know how can I spawn smoke(grey/red/green) at a marker position. I don't know the code to put in the script.sqs for spawning things. Can you please tell me. Thanks.
  12. Well yes, your script is awesome but you have to name all the units that get killed. That's the thing that makes it bad, because if I have lots of units on the battlefield I will have to name each one of them and put their name in the 1st script. As pulverizer said about losing rating by destroying vehicles, I didn't know that. :eek:
  13. domcho

    2 Nogova police missions.

    Well I saw that CJE made winter islands so I downloaded them but it also contained desert version of the islands (except Kolgujev) so I decided to make the mission on Desert Nogova :p
  14. domcho

    Hold the line

    Thank you Zulu!!!!! :) ---------- Post added at 07:41 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:37 AM ---------- I uploaded the mission on mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?ia4e2fs15djda5d
  15. domcho

    Hold the line

    Yeah it drives me crazy. I forgot how to use the set pos in game thing with fwatch and it also doesn't work gives me some errors, so I have to place and click preview, then move, preview, and again and again :o Whatever. I still manage. :D
  16. domcho

    Hold the line

    Thanks for the feedback. This is my first mission I've ever submitted. :p I know it's easy. I have this weakness of always making easy missions but when making them I always like to make everything like perfect. Especially when it comes to "decoration" you will never see me putting objects like ammo crates or tents in each other. I mean for example putting a truck next to a tent but to put it so close that the truck is inside the tent and looks stupid and unrealistic. I have a friend who is not so good with the mission editor so I put the hard trigger stuff in his missions. But his weakness is always making missions impossible and long and putting decorations badly. Like a half of a tent is inside a building... lol. Once again thank you for playing my mission. :yay:
  17. domcho

    Behind the scenes...

    Looks like the hidden website is no longer up. I get "The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading." :confused:
  18. Hey guys, when I played OFP before in the notes section in the briefing the text was like written on hand, but I don't know why from some time it is different now. I found this thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=8803 but the link for the tutorial there is broken :butbut: Here are some pictures: imageshack.us/photo/my-images/38/greda.png and this is a screenshot that a friend send me of his briefing notes: imageshack.us/photo/my-images/853/flashpointresistance201ln.jpg I changed my fonts.pbo so I can see cyrillic in game, my friend sent me his fonts.pbo which are the original ones. I replaced the one who allow me to see cyrillic with original ones but this didn't change it. Can you please tell me how to fix this. Before my briefing notes were normal handwriting. Thanks!
  19. domcho

    Handwriting in briefing

    Okay, I'm an idiot. I said I changed my fonts.pbo with the original one, but I only changed the one in OFP/data, now I changed it also in OFP/res/data and it worked, it removed the cyrillic stuff, but the handwriting appears. The problem was not in the </h6> the problem is that I am a fool, and did not change the fonts.pbo in res/dta also. I apologize for my stupidity :o
  20. Hello guys. I am making a mission which is during the night, and I wanted to know how can I spawn green flares using the radio and then map clicking on the map position so a green flare appears. Thank you!
  21. Mistakes happen sometimes :p Have a Happy New Year :D
  22. It works. Everything is OK now! Thanks a lot to both of you :bounce3:
  23. It gives an error. When I click on the map it says on the top left corner '_pos]|#| exec "flares.sqs": Error Missing ( :butbut: I copied and pasted everything that you wrote here.
  24. Thanks, it works. But is it possible to click on the map without holding any buttons?