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    CWR2 coop pack

    Wow! Great job Sander, it looks like I'll have something to do when I have free time. By the way I just played the mission Cold Haul and it seems 3 objective markers are out of place.
  2. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this since it's concerning the CWR2 mod but: http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/597037256758256614/1F36D1A1D8796280046362380A9222BEAB2FFDCA/ (443 kB) As you can see I have multiple campaign missions from CWR2 in my MP missions list and there are a lot of cutscenes from the campaigns as well. I do not have any of those in my MPMissions folder nor did I ever extract any of the original missions to multiplayer from the editor. I also have single missions from CWR2 multiple times in my list. I don't know what's causing this but please, can somebody tell me how to fix it. It's really annoying.
  3. In Operation Flashpoint the triggers and waypoints have an option to switch to camera view and spin around the trigger/waypoint. I don't see such thing in ArmA 2 CO and I was wondering how can I make a camera spin around a trigger position slowly? I searched in the forums but didn't find anything. Also in the biki the cameraEffect doesn't list a Around and Slow effect.
  4. domcho

    Malden forest???

    Well IMO, I think Malden is a lot better with Everon/Kolgujev forests. I think like 5 or 6 years ago before I bought OFP, I downloaded Cold War Crisis from a website. I still have this memory (which can be false) when playing the CWC campaign on the mission called Pathfinder, the other friendly squad comes out of a forest that's like the same as Everon's. Same thing on the Interdiction mission when I ran away to finish the mission after I blew up the tank. Maybe if someone can post the CWC and Resistance patch notes because I can't find them, we can see the changes. And if you notice the screenshot, this is just below Houdan. That's where the Interdiction mission took part on that mountain. The place in the campaign was called "The Border Zone" :P
  5. domcho

    Malden forest???

    Hello everyone. I was thinking of posting this thread long ago but I always forget. Why do I have this strange feeling that Malden had the same forests as Everon and Kolgujev? http://cdn3.steampowered.com/v/gfx/apps/65790/ss_7fde608cd7f7df6003933cd362429673851a9589.1920x1080.jpg?t=1319591526 (133 kB) - this is an official screenshot I have on the back of my original OFP GOTY edition CD box I think long ago when I played OFP I remember that. But I think version updates changed the Malden forests. Am I right?
  6. Share your description.ext and the init code of the unit you're using the setIdentity. How are you expecting to get help when you say that something is not working for you without letting anyone know what exactly you're doing and how you're doing it?
  7. I did a lot of research on this but I could not find the answer. For anyone who has played the Red Hammer campaign in OFP, if you remember the HQ is named Eagle. I was wondering if it is possible to make a sideChat from Eagle. So far I've tried the following stuff: 1st - East unit named Eaglebase. init field - this setGroupId ["EAGLE"] problem on the chat is it appears EAGLE 1. So I need a way to remove the callsign number. 2nd - I tried with game logic, but it only works for globalChat Logiceaglebase globalChat "EAGLE: blah blah blah" I tried making the game logic to east side but then it acts like a unit and has it's own standard ArmA 2 callsign. 3rd - Obviosly this doesn't work - [east, "EAGLE"] sideChat "Blah blah blah" Neither does EAGLE = [east, "base"] sideChat "Blah blah blah" And I don't want to edit the stringable.csv. I am looking for a editor/script way to do this. Thanks.
  8. Okay I did some random stuff with triggers and action scripts and finally achieved my goal. Since I want the action to appear only when a player who hasn't taken a map is in the vehicle and if he gets out the action to disappear I did this Player unit name is Gastovski. Init field - this removeWeapon "ItemMap"; Map1Taken = false; Map2Taken = false The other unit name is Mike. then I use 2 triggers 1st trigger set to repeatedly Condition - Gastovski in Hawk and Gastovski == driver Hawk and not (Map1Taken) Activation - map1 = Hawk addAction ["Take Map","Map1.sqf",[1],0,false,true,""," driver _target == _this"] 2nd trigger set to repeatedly Condition - not (Gastovski in Hawk) Activation - hawk removeAction map1 3rd trigger set to repeatedly Condition - Mike in Hawk and Mike == driver Hawk and not (Map2Taken) Activation - map2 = Hawk addAction ["Take Map","Map2.sqf",[1],0,false,true,""," driver _target == _this"] 4th trigger set to repeatedly Condition - not (Mike in Hawk) Activation - hawk removeAction map2 Map1.sqf: _radarObject = _this select 0; _activatingPlayer = _this select 1; _actionId = _this select 2; _activatingPlayer addWeapon "ItemMap"; _radarObject removeAction _actionId; Map1Taken = true; Map2.sqf: _radarObject = _this select 0; _activatingPlayer = _this select 1; _actionId = _this select 2; _activatingPlayer addWeapon "ItemMap"; _radarObject removeAction _actionId; Map2Taken = true; I'm pretty sure Nimrod's way is easier and I will try it next time but since I already got what I wanted it I'm too lazy to recreate this whole thing. 2nd the _radarObject = _this select 0; is just a copy-paste from an addAction tutorial I found. I am not really sure what it is and what it means :D
  9. Hello. I have 2 questions regarding addAction and removeAction. 1st how can I make an action available for everyone who enters a specific vehicle. I only found out how to do it for a driver this addAction ["Action Name","MyAction.sqf",[1],0,false,true,""," driver _target == _this"]; Is there a code that makes the action available for everyone regardless of their position in the vehicle and is there a code for only 2 positions in the vehicle (for example an action only available to driver and gunner). 2nd I am making a mission where you have to get in a helicopter to take a map because you start with no map. But because no players start with map I was wondering how can I make an action available to all players but only usable once per player. So if I take the map the action disappears for me but not for other players who haven't taken a map yet. This is the map script: 1st helicopter init: this addAction ["Take Map","Map.sqf",[1],0,false,true,""," driver _target == _this"]; and Map.sqf: _radarObject = _this select 0; _activatingPlayer = _this select 1; _actionId = _this select 2; _activatingPlayer addWeapon "ItemMap"; _radarObject removeAction _actionId; But the last line removes the action for everyone. If I don't use this line I can use the map action more than once and I don't want that. Thank you in advance.
  10. Back in Operation Flashpoint there was an island called AEC (Abel + Eden + Cain). Simply Malden, Everon and Kolgujev on 1 map seperated and you can travel with boat or aircraft from one island to another. Is there such thing created for ArmA II?
  11. How do I spawn a satchel charge and then detonate it with a radio trigger?
  12. So what? It's another game bug, 1 of the million others, that prevents me from creating my missions? It's not fixable?
  13. Thanks a lot for campaign. By the way is anyone able to capture the 2 officers in the last mission? Because they keep shooting at me all the time. I go next to them but they still don't surrender.
  14. Hi, guys. I made a script which makes the mission end if the player kills a friendly unit or a civilian. The script is: friendlydead = 1 _counter = 10000 _oldrating = 0; _newrating = 0; _difference= 0; #start _oldrating = rating player ~1 _newrating = rating player _difference = (_oldrating - _newrating) ?_difference >1:friendlydead = friendlydead-1 _counter=_counter-1 ?_counter>0:goto"start" exit Now you need to do the following thing in order for the script to activate. 1st put the in the player's or any other existing unit's initialization box: this exec "nameofscript.sqs" where "nameofscript.sqs" is the name of the script.sqs that you're using. This must be done so the script runs while you are playing. 2nd make a trigger: Activation:None Type:End #1 Condition box:friendlydead == 0 This will force the mission to end. But note that if you use the command player addRating -(number) where (number) is a number this will also end the mission. Basically the script indicates if the player lost rating, so if he did then the mission ends. A player looses rating if he: Kills a friendly unit Kills a civilian Or the mission maker made something reduce the player's rating with the addRating -(number) command. However it is not a problem to use addRating with a positive number (that is above 0) If you want to change the number of friendly units and/or civilians that you can kill before the mission ends simply edit the 1st line in the script. For example if your mission is to end if you kill 3 friendly units and/or civilians, make it like this: friendlydead = [color="Red"]3[/color] If you want to to make a warning when the player kills a friendly unit or a civilian then make a trigger which will be like this: Activation:None Type:None Condition box:friendlydead == 2 (if in the script you set friendlydead = 3 then this will activate the warning message when you kill 1 friendly unit or civilian, but this will activate only once. For the other time that you want the waring to activate you will need to type in another trigger's condition box friendlydead == 1) On Activation box: put warning message here (for example if I am playing on the West side I will add in the activation box: [west, "HQ"] sideChat "Watch your fire" which will make papa bear send a message on the side chat, but you can make whatever warning you want. I hope this is useful for your missions. :)
  15. Yes, it doesn't work. Got another problem as well. When a unit has setUnitPos "UP" it won't stand with it's gun on back. If I don't use setUnitPos "UP" he'll put his binocular down.
  16. Hello everybody. Can someone please tell me how can I do 2 things: 1st - Make AI use binoculars forever with and without having other weapons 2nd - Make AI look at different targets while using the binoculars I don't remember any OFP campaign missions where an AI would do this. Only binoculars camera vision but that's different. If there was any similar mission I'd extract the pbo files and check. And I am not sure this is really possible. I've searched for quite a while but couldn't find the answer. What I've tried so far was removing all weapons and then adding the binoculars, disabling AI move, autotarget, target and then using a script with a loop: _i = 0 #loop1 _i = _i + 1 lead selectWeapon "Binocular" ~1 ? _i > 300 : goto "end1" goto "loop1" #end1 The loop script doesn't help. All he does is use the binoculars for a few seconds and stop. Then a few seconds later he'll repeat this. Not to mention he doesn't even pull out the binoculars if he has a weapon, he just starts the action and less then a second later stops. By the way if anyone doesn't know how to do this but remembers a campaign mission where an AI used binoculars please tell me and I will check the mission and try to find the answer there. That's how I usually solve my editing problems :cool: Thanks in advance!
  17. I'm not sure how to create the loop from Nikiller's method. After a long crazy search I found this script: binocs = false #loop lead playmove "StandtoBinocStand" ~0.01 ?(!binocs): goto "loop" exit when binocs = true the loop will end. Also I must set the unit position to be "UP" or he'll sometimes put his binoculars down and put them back on. However with this script I can't make the AI turn and look around. I mean soldier1 doTarget target1 doesn't work. I need the soldier to keep looking through the binoculars all the time and turn to look at different targets. Thanks!
  18. The exact effect where the sun moves uses a loop code using the skipTime command multiple times. It goes like this: #loop1 _i = _i + 1 skipTime 0.015 ~0.1 ? _i > 90 : goto "end1" goto "loop1" #end1 titleCut ["","BLACK IN",5] I'm not really sure how much time will this skip, but anyway you can always turn the screen black then use the skipTime command with any number you like and then turn the screen back to normal with the titleCut command after the sun moves. To increase the time in the loop where it says ? _i > 90 : goto "end1" change 90 with a higher number. Have fun!
  19. I made the script. Still the same. They run around and some of them get in, the rest disobey and after 2 minutes they decide to finally get in. Also when they're boarding, before they board they run around like idiots and take strange paths until they decide to go to the helicopter and get inside.
  20. Hello. I've been trying to make spetsnaz and pilots get in Hinds and fly away. I placed 4 Hinds, 8 pilots and 32 spetsnaz. On every spetsnaz team leader I typed spetsnaz(number)=group this where (number) is from 1-4 because there are 4 groups of 8 spetsnaz. The trigger has the following command for the first group: {_x assignAsCargo Hind(number)} forEach units Spetsnaz(number); Pilot(number) assignAsDriver Hind(number); Pilot(number) assignAsGunner Hind(number); {[x] orderGetIn true} forEach units Spetsnaz(number); [Pilot(number), Pilot(number)] orderGetIn true Here (number) is the index in the name of the helicopter/spetsnaz group/pilot, for example group spetsnaz1 gets in hind1, pilot 1 gets in as driver, pilot 2 gets in as gunner Now everything works just fine. However there is a problem with the 4th group. It depends where I place them on the map. The closer they are to the Hind the more soldiers get in. I mean their squad leader tells them to board the helicopter and some of them get in, the rest stays out and disobeys for no reason. Also when the get in command is issued they start running around and stop at a particular position. Same for the pilots. Either the pilot gets in and the gunner stays out or vice versa. The first 3 spetsnaz groups and pilots do they're job properly, no problem, but the last 4th group doesn't. It has the same trigger and everything, I triple checked if I typed something wrong but everything is correct, however they do not get in the helicopter or at least not all of the spetsnaz and 1 of the pilots. I don't understand what's causing this. There are no enemies around to trouble them. It's just a simple trigger telling them to get in the helicopter and they respond to it with a strange behavior. Can you guys please tell me how can I fix this? To me it looks like an AI bug and it really surprises me. This is just the beginning of my mission and I'm stuck on this. I know I can use the moveInCargo/moveInDriver/moveInGunner commands but I want them to board the helicopters normally not just start inside them. And also the problem is NOT the space in the helicopter, each Hind can fit 8 soldiers in the back and each of my spetsnaz groups is formed of 8 men. Thank you.
  21. I typed it correct in the editor, I mistyped it here because I didn't copy+paste what was in the trigger. I don't like using script files. I like sticking to the trigger and waypoint boxes, but if scripts are the only way then could you please explain the myscript.sqf code I have done scripts before but only simple and this was back in Operation Flashpoint. I never understood what are the lines like _vehicle = _this select 0; _pilots = _this select 1; _group = _this select 2; (_pilots select 0) assignAsDriver _vehicle; (_pilots select 1) assignAsGunner _vehicle; _this select and _vehicle select what do they mean? I know I can copy+paste it and try it but I want to know what they mean and what they do exactly line by line. Thanks though.
  22. domcho

    OFP texture problems.

    Hello. Recently I installed OFP and patched it to 1.96. This is the first time I run the game on my new PC and I have 2 problems. 1st I get 2 mouse cursors in the game. 2nd I have problem with the texture. Roads are blurry, trees look awful and some vehicles and weapons look awful as well. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/35/flashpointresistance201t.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/546/flashpointresistance201y.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/818/flashpointresistance201h.jpg/ My video card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 2gb vram CPU is Intel Core i5 On my previous PC I had no such problems with OFP and I was with NVIDIA GeForce 7600 gs. Please help :( I reinstalled the game but this did not fix the problem. Default resolution was 1024x768x32 so I changed it to 1920x1080x32 but problem remained. I also messed with the other graphic options, nothing changed.
  23. domcho

    OFP texture problems.

    That worked. Really thanks a lot. I saw those options earlier but I was afraid that if I change something I might mess everything up. Still gonna play with the numbers to see how things change. Thank you so much, now the trees and tanks don't look like my drawings and paintings I did when I was 5 years old. LOL. ---------- Post added at 12:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:14 PM ---------- I do not know much about the Cfg. I once read that if you modify it and play multiplayer an inbuilt anti-cheat thingy makes your gameplay bad, like inaccurate aiming but I think it depends on what you modified. :P
  24. domcho

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Americans want to take Syria's resources. They hire mercenaries, give them weapons and money, send CIA agents into Syria, to fight against the Syrian government. Finally, once there is no one to get in their way (just like in Iraq and Libya) they'll conquer as much as they want. Then they might actually start to establish military bases there against Iran and Russia. It's simple, USA wants all the world's resources for themselves. In order to acquire them, they do stuff like the one I just pointed out. It's clearly visible. And on top of that, no one does anything to stop them. People continue to call the USSR an evil country that wanted to conquer Europe, kill innocent people, pillage everything, but no one pays attention to the USA. Okay, Stalin killed millions of innocents, people wanted to run into the "West" because of the repressions in the East side of the Iron Curtain. Now there is no USSR, there is no Warsaw Pact, there is no communism generally and there is no influence on the world by Russia nor China mostly, but there is a lot from the USA's side. A bit off topic but all I wanted to say to people who hated the communist regime (of course everyone has the right to do that) will now be able to enjoy America's imperialism and globalization, America controlling the whole world, America dictating the rules, America telling your countries' politics what to do, America blaming countries leading into a reason for starting a war - NOT THE USSR(before)/RUSSIA, NOT CHINA, NOT NORTH KOREA, NOT GERMANY, NOT INDIA, NOT FRANCE, NOT SPAIN, NOT ITALY ... etc. but the USA! Of course NATO will support the USA and give soldiers' lives for America's ideas. I don't remember the Soviet Union asking any of the Warsaw Pact countries for any kind of help during the Afghanistan war. The people who lived in the countries who had communist governments wanted the communist regime to collapse, and wanted democracy. I can tell you that because it was the same in Bulgaria. Everyone here wanted the regime to collapse. We were waiting for the democracy, we celebrated it's "arrival" and were happy that now we're free, there is freedom of speech and we can go wherever we want without asking our government for permission. We gained all that. We were happy. But then there was mafia, mass corruption, crime, misery, no work for people, politics stealing money and not doing anything for the country, bad doctors and expensive medicine for a regular citizen. Now we've gained the right to go wherever we want on the globe, we gained freedom of speech, we've gained the right to buy and sell things to people from the West and all that kind of stuff, but compared to what we've lost for example - no mafia, almost no crime, no ignorant work, no bad doctors nor expensive medicine, work for every single person in the country and much more during communism, you can see what is better and what is bad. And Stalin made communism bad, by not only killing innocent Russian and Germans, but also for example forcing politics in other communist countries to do the same for people who don't even agree even for a small single thing in communism. I can prove you that because there were lots of Bulgarians arrested and sent to prison or labor camps or killed, while Stalin was still ruling. Once he died, there was no longer stuff like that here. If you ask a Bulgarian what's bad about communism, they'll tell you about the killing of innocent people, which happened because of Stalin. I am not praising communism, but saying that at least for Bulgaria, communism was a better period of time than it's now, of course many other people who steal (thing that they couldn't do before) from the country or have gone to live abroad (because the quality of life now here is bad) like more than a million of Bulgaria's population will tell you the opposite. And all this is thanks to the USA. They dictate the rules to our politics. Our politics agree with them without thinking and do their bidding. My country could have a higher quality of life without communism, if it wasn't for the USA and our politics who just care for money paid by the US and nothing else. I know communism for every country was different like for example in Romania there were mass murders of innocent people not only in the beginning of communist regime, but during the whole communist period. I would understand if a Romanian person hates communism because that didn't bring anything good to Romania. So now the USA is the nation that does what it wants without any opposition (like Soviet opposition before). Russia isn't doing anything neither China. So USA simply controls the world using bribed politics and wars. With those methods they'll conquer Syria and all that Syria has, if Iran, Russia, China don't do anything about it. Thank you for spending your time reading what I had to say.