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  1. Sorry nettrucker, i desperately need to rip your post apart.

    Just noticing a couple of things though in the upper example you are using as defined class music, but your music file has been placed into the sound folder which won't work, because the game searches for a music class and therefore the musicfile must be located in the music folder otherewise the game will tell you no file found.

    True. he just had to set it to sound and it should be fine.

    I evidenced the part where in my opinion is a mistake. First one is that you have placed your musicfile in a sound folder not withstanding you declared it as music class. So the game is looking in the wrong folder ergo it won't find it.

    False. I playerd around with it often (mostly with OFP, RES and ArmA, now even with ArmA 2). It doesnt matter how you define it, THE PATH to the file is important.

    Third, you used 3 different names in the class definition, one you named Class Musictrack1, the line below you called it Music_1 and then filename1.ogg.

    That will never work because you have to use always one identical name for your your music/soundfile.

    Do so, never ment to have everything like the example - mybe that will do.

    Now when using sounds the properties of the sound file are important. It must be mono, 16 bit, 44.100 kHz. Music can be stereo though, sounds not.

    I have Mono and stereo music in sound-folders, with 32bit and 16 bit and never had a problem....don't put up any false statements here.

    I know that you are most probably frustrated right now, which reminds me of my first attempts to import custom music or soundfiles into the game. It tooik me some time to figure it out but once you got a hang on it . . . it's a piece of cake.

    I hope that helps.



    I got another possibility here for not hearing the sounds:

    You said, you are implementing the Music into a chopper in a mission. Did you fadeout any sound or Music before? If you don't fade in again nothing will be heard - no matter how hard you try.

  2. I checked it now and got the problem (BI-Wiki is wrong too!!!!!!!!!):eek::eek:

    The folder is not allowed to be called "music", it has to be called "sound"!

    So heres the code which shows the change - should work now (@least did for me)!


    class CfgMusic



    class Musictrack1


    name = "Music_1";

    sound[] = {"\sound\filename1.ogg", db+0, 1.0};




    Really sorry m8.


  3. Is the file really a description.ext or is it maybe a description.ext.txt? Display your extensions and be sure to save it as .ext.

    With which program did you convert the musicfiles? Maybe the conversion isnt good enough for ArmA2 ;-).

    I'll setup a demo-mission tonight and upload it somewhere...

    Your code and your mission seems fine. Don't think, the Capital-letter does the job, but give it a try.



  4. The classname is just a name - put it equal to the filename without extension and your good.

    Did you setup the trigger correct?

    Maybe you ran past it?

    Or it wasnt triggered by you/your side?

    Always display a text with the trigger (also under advanced), so youre sure to have triggered it :cool:

    Got to be working now....otherwise ill do an examplemission for you tonight. ;)

  5. 1.) In your Mission-Folder create a folder named "music".

    2.) The Name (Music_1; Music_2)is just the name shown in the editor.

    3.) The Classname is just the name given, must be unique and maybe no blanks in the name.

    4.) You have to convert MP3-Files to *.OGG-Files

    5.) Place these OGG-Files into the created music-folder.

    6.) Filename1.ogg / Filename2.ogg have to be the names of the ogg-files you have converted.

    7.) In the editor, use a trigger, go to advanced, set Music onto the file(s) you have implemented.

    Voila. ;)

  6. Check this here:


    Also i once found a code to generate more civilians with the Module. It was some sort of calculation of "'doors' in the city" = X No. of People.

    Maybe I find that one again...


    Here: Set Civilian-Count to Zero (0 * %1 = 0) ;-).


    Or here:


  7. class CfgMusic



    class Musictrack1


    name = "Music_1"; //The Name seen in the Editor

    sound[] = {"\music\filename1.ogg", db+0, 1.0};


    class Musictrack2


    name = "Music_2"; //The Name seen in the Editor

    sound[] = {"\music\filename2.ogg", db+10, 1.0};



    Change the bold stuff. The filename(s)/Directory need to be like the ones you use ;-).

    If its too quiet, turn up the DB just like in Class2. do not alter the pitch ;-)

  8. I would like to create a Compass&Map-Navigation-Mission, but I cant figure out, how to delete the Player-Icon from the map and not having the map centered on your Position upon opening.

    On the other Hand i need to see the markers on the map to see the extraction Point and enemy encampments, so i can't just clear everything off.

    Can anyone help me?

    Edit: I think there was the possibility (way back in OFP) to set the difficulty settings, so you couldnt see your Icon on the map..