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  1. Hey guys I have just recently come accross this explosive script which is really easy to setup but the problem I am having is that I only want the script to run when the player steps into the trigger area.

    Now I thought I figured out what the condition I should be putting down but it is not working

    this is the condition I am using

    player in thislist;

    But script isn't doing anything when the player walks into the trigger, it works fine if I assign any blufor into it but yeah.

    Can a senior scripter point me in the right direction?

    You got to set it to a side, e.g. if your Player is west, set it on west -> Present.

    "Thislist" only refers to a specific side:

    So its

    West, present, once

    THIS and player in thislist;

  2. My advice: Reading is way better than watching videos. You'll always stumble upon some questions in your mission-making career. Its easier to find a specific point in 2 or 3 tutorial-files than watching through videos, waiting for the exact spot you were looking for...

    Try that one @ start - it has a lot of good basics and most of the codes/tricks apply even for todays A2-OA: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=4847

    For the actual classes-list go here: http://www.armatechsquad.com/ArmA2Class/

  3. maybe a space somewhere in the code, a locked chopper... nevermind, you got it to work now.

    You've also asked for a rainy daytime in your initial Posting:

    On the right side in the editor when you click on the Intel-Screen(date and Time displayed), you can setup the Daytime, weather and fog values...

    overcast-slider to the left: rainy weather, overcast to the right: good weather.

    fog-slider to the left: less fog, fog-slider to the right: more fog...

  4. the code says:

    Each unit of the group gets the same "order to be inside on initialising mission"

    heli1 = name of helicopter

    Helicopter name:


    Unit (Man) Init field:

    this moveInCargo helicopter;

    i pretty much copied and pasted it and followed teh video and it diddnt work. Maybe not compatible with OA?

    That should at least do the trick for the unit where the code is written into the init-line..

    This code is pretty much one of the oldest codes since OFP - must work therefor.

  5. I thried to make the Evil Dogs a bit more variable, but am not sure if this works right. I tried to combine the two scripts from page two (Scars09 + Big Daddy):

    this removeAllEventHandlers init; [this] exec "humanattack.sqs" 

    _agent = _this select 0;
    _near_humans = [];
    _alive_humans = [];
    _humanattackdistance = 100;
    _bitedistance = 2;
    _neareast = objNull;
    while {alive _agent} do
    _agent setbehaviour "safe"
    _near_humans = position _agent nearEntities ["man", _humanattackdistance];
       {if (side _x == West) then {_alive_humans = _alive_humans + [_x];_agent knowsabout _x;}}forEach _near_humans;
       if (count _alive_humans >1) then {
               _nearest = _alive_humans select 0;
    ? (_nearest distance _agent) < _bitedistance : goto "bitehuman"
    ? (_nearest distance _agent) < _humanattackdistance : goto "attackhuman"
    ? ! (alive _agent) : exit
    goto "loop"
    _agent dowatch _nearest
    ;_agent playMoveNow "Dog_StopV2"
    _nearest setdammage (getdammage _nearest) + 0.1
    _attackPosition = [getpos _nearest select 0, getpos _nearest select 1,0]
    _agent moveto _attackPosition
    ? ! (alive _agent) : exit
    goto "loop"

    I'm not that good at scripting and i'm sure there is a mistake in there somewhere.

    Could someone fix it for me, so it would also work if there are other Players/west units around??

  6. Hi.

    I can't figure out, how to setup the military symbols for every enemy unit on the map or in a certain radius around the player-team. Even if i spot them, they dont show up.

    I've tried combining an existing unit with

    (group ruOfficer) setvariable ["MARTA_alwaysShow",true];

    but that doesnt work either..

    I got it working for my side, but not for the enemy. I'd like to combine it with the ACM to have the possibility to see enemy movements and to setup flanking positions or traps.

    thnaks in advance for any help.

  7. set a trigger with the timed countdown-condition (like covering the isle and checking if the player is in thislist). After that, you put the secop-code-parts into the "on activation" field, for example:

    =[["supply_drop"],player] call BIS_SOM_addSupportRequestFunc; [["tactical_airstrike"],player] call BIS_SOM_addSupportRequestFunc; [["aerial_reconnaissance"], player, [[]]] call BIS_SOM_addSupportRequestFunc;

    should work, but havent tested it..