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    Ied script

    you are using deletevehicle wong - remove the "player" in front.. -> http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/deleteVehicle Also: add a removeaction command for the deact.-part of the trigger. Running past the IED several times causes flooding of your action-list. You can also add an argument to the IED itself btw..
  2. Nice! After seeing the pushing of boxes one thing came to my mind: Sokoban in 3D as campaign-based mission progress. :cool: Can you disable the push-ability on certain placed objects?
  3. I think RvS was just fine. I just imagined pushing a stance-mod-button with a finger of the left hand, right indexfinger ready for shooting, right middlefinger on the weel to pop up behind a cover, ring finger ready to go into optics. After 30 mins I'm done by repetitive strain syndrom... I don't know anybody who uses the wheel with the middlefinger..so those will suffer aswell :-D I think, the devs should just let us map the keys as we want and make the animation more fluid without robotic and fixed positions.
  4. A bit self-advertisement: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=5682 - same thing, older posting..
  5. I feel I need to write this here to get people from realizing the problem of the current system the issue-tracker works. It will get worse each day passes and each issue is reported. A lot of severe issues are going down because of minor/useless/double reports. Sooner or later the devs have to fish for the important stuff! The problems: People reporting issues although at least one report already exists (double/tripple/... reports). People don't insert tags after they reported an issue. People considering their bug as the most important to solve and set the priority too high. People considering their bug as not important and set the priority low. Later it turns out, more people would like that change too. People setting up the wrong severity. To solve those issues there should be changes made, for example: Tags should be a "must have" to report an issue so people will find the issue before posting the same again. Priority should not be set by the reporter, but through the voting of the community (more ppl voting = higher priority; thumb up/down-ratio considered aswell). Severity should be set by a developer. While writing an issue heading, a live search would be good to inform the reporter of issues that already exist - "search before post" is always a problem. So, community, don't destroy our possibilities by acting like a bunch of headless chicken! Don't just support the dev's by buying the "supporter edition", support them also by saving resources on regarding the right issues! Vote if you agree or disagree: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=2811 Thank you.
  6. IMHO I don't think we'll need a demo. Most people who are already into the game will buy A3 anyway. For those who want to get into the series, they can get the ArmA2-lite version and get a feeling for the game - either you like the realism, tactic, slow-pace and free approach or you don't. ArmA3 will be, what it has to be: A sequel of the game itself - with a lot more features of course (otherwise it would be called different). Devs, don't waste time on a demo - improve the game. ;) Btw: I also played "Steal the car" over and over, but I don't need this in the future to be sure the money isn't well invested.
  7. For Editing: When choosing to place a sound, insert a play-button in the menue. That way we don't need to test each soundfile by setting it on the map (or extracting them from the pbo).
  8. What we need: Option to put on brakes on Non-VTOL-airplanes to be able to throttle up the engine and thus be able to take off from short runways.
  9. Maybe just a typo, but be sure that its description.ext and not an exe-file! Also you should consider the execution-order...dunno if it was init.sqs -> description.ext -> scripts.sqs..was written somewhere in the biki. The Officer-face should be set at last to overwrite the custom-faction-face you set via script.
  10. Also some eastern-weapons are missing: both Bizon-variants, Uzi, Uzi + SD, AK107's, VSS-Vintorez And some more suggestions: - How about adding paratroopers to the transport-helicopters? would be nice to see some support from above (both sides/as a preset on one side only and as only support). - EAST needs their Specops and spotters to their snipers! Here you could use the Bizon/Bizon+SD/VSS-Vintorez (20rnd-Mags) + some SD-handgun. For spotters Vintorez(10rnd-mags). - more random tasks, not just reach xyz - maybe destroy the guerilla-caches, blow up building xyz, blow up fueltank xyz, guard something for 10 mins. And a small idea (not sure if thats good): - maybe add a general/commander for each side (EAST = golden AK; WEST = golden revolver) and units to guard him (maybe stationary Weapons and use of the ArmA-Compositions) - that could be a task to eliminate general or secure the composition xyz.
  11. Yes, noticed it too. There are more western-weapons missing: The M249 with reddot, M4+ACOC+M203, MP5, MP5SD, All Gren-Launchers, SMAW. After playing your missions about 300+ times I've got a few suggestions for further patches: - You should give the pilots (aircrafts) an MP5 or Handgun only, not the bulky M16/M4. - On big maps like Takistan/Chernarus and even worse on lingor: It's a bit annoying that random-spawning on missionstart often sets you in a spot without a road anywhere near. In the setup-process, maybe, add an option to be able to make a one-time-only-map-click into the area of your wishing (maybe use the coordinates and place the player within 200m/500m/1000m - could also be toggleable). - A preset with more civilians, more cars, more IEDs and few scattered enemys. - An option to destruct the cities/city - not everything broken, but worn down due to the war your in. Usually the city looks like a warzone after 60 minutes or when the scripting fails and one side stops spawning. Btw, love your Flashpoint-mission! Great job - keep it up!!!
  12. Egosa-U

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    Have you tried to zero it again (assign shotcut-Key in FTNoIR)? Are you illuminating your face enough? If the lighting isnt good, the face recognition fails. I also experienced problems, when I did this: Start Arma Start FTNoIR Tab back in Game and start the API Then I get, what you have: Headparty. Do it like this: Start FTNoIR Start the API (check that your head-movement is being tracked correct). Start Arma Start Arma again, because it crashes the first time :D Play.
  13. Egosa-U

    MP thoughts

    I always liked the idea of a "neverending mission"...but fail at mission scripting :mad: Like factorys, airports, harbors, bases, FOBs and crutial points on the map for each side. Tasks differ form the role you choose (each role should be somehow unique like supporting a base with ammo/fuel/repair-trucks or rebuilding destroyed factories to regain recources from that, and the task you are given.. completing a task, lets say ambush/destroy airport and its hangars could cause th enemy team to have nomore airplanes (next task would be like secure airport again/ support troops doing the rebuilding).. would be a mix of warefare and domination somehow - without the commander doing the building of the base, he should have the option to assign tasks to teams, get reports about enemy presense and react accordingly.
  14. Egosa-U

    Development Blog & Reveals

    No, a Centaur is: horse's lower part, human upperpart. More like a Minotaur, but with a horsehead... Or we have to see it as somehow inverted (maybe the numbers from the file? -> IDXMV) Even your numbers-thing is wrong: 1516, not 15016. how about sorting them by size/romanian writing-style: 1000 500 10 5 1 -> 15151
  15. Imho the biggest problem of the current setting is: The actual "noaim"-firing-view provides overview of terrain with the possibility to make aimed shots without looking along the barrel, thus hipfire/armpit-fire. Aimed firing takes up a lot of FOV 4x+Scopes leave a lot of black screen areas (BSA) The aiming should be more, for example: Lowered gun by default, running possible No more armpit-view pressing optics-button once and short should raise gun to shoulder with optics in view (Looking along the barrel with more FOV), walking is standard, running returns gun to 1.) Something like "holding optics-button" makes Player look deeper into scope/nearer to sights" pressing optics-button once and short again, should return to 3.) pressing optics-button once and short again, should return to 1.) EDIT: To point 3: Looking through sniper-scope should be like: Surrounding visible, view through scope blurred. The more you get nearer with eye to scope, the clearer the view of the scope and the more blurred the surrounding gets.
  16. No, don't generate the trigger via script...:eek: Just check if player is inside the C130 and give him the Halo option.. Unluckily im not in front of my Arma to test it...:(
  17. Stupid question: Does the static C130 drop (never tested it)? Try putting the trigger-code into the pilotHalo.sqf.
  18. It has to do something with your trigger, the rest seems fine..
  19. Egosa-U

    foot trails

    I bet, the AI is all-knowing again..so why is there a need for footprints? hiking trails would be good though.
  20. Using an Killed-eventhandler doesnt help? - e.g. as soon as the player is killed, the eventhandler fires and "silentjoins" him to group null...that way, he leaves the group the moment he dies and respawns as lonely soldier... that should, imho, stop him from radioing around ^^
  21. No. Don't "ballance" anything to more arcade-style!! A whole f***** lot of games are already fast-paced, action-packed and kill/reward-orientated. The things I like about ArmA: Its all on your skill to advance, engage and kill the enemy. No autoaim, hipfire-instant-hit-kill, Rambo-bunnyhopping into enemy territory and clearing towns with 10 different weapons all in your "magic backpack". The more you put an arcadestyle into it, the more kids will scream about patching things that are "too realistic". Just don't. I could aswell say that IL-2, Silent Service, Flight Simulator and F1-Racing are too realistic and need more arcade-stuff, but I don't...because they are, what they are...Simulators. If I don't like that, I don't play it. To all, who want more arcade-stuff: Go play OFP: DR, CoD, BFx,CSS or what else...
  22. Egosa-U

    Development Blog & Reveals

    True. Pushing devs just ends like with most of quickly released games nowadays: Releaseday-version bugged as hell -> unplayable for most -> rant -> pre-patch coming out to get ppl playing -> more rant about things that should have been fixed in the first place -> another patch ...and so on.
  23. To last the mission 3 days in realtime, to depict a large battlefield.But we dont need 10x or 20x more units.. i'd say 5x should be enough.
  24. True. :rolleyes: Now back to topic: Are there any plans to have Underground mapping? Maybe even a second level of the map (would make it easier to use with the editor). Something like in Rainbow6/Ravenshield to manage to scroll through height-levels. Would love to have caves/cellars/sewage systems. This opens up a lot of possibilities to engage the enemy or do covert-ops.
  25. Like the idea - 64 should be the least amount though. Cutting down transport routes and destroying depots, airbases and docks should cause limitations to the fraction it belongs to (like missing airplanes when airport is destroyed) and create new tasks like: establish outpost on wrecked xyz re-secure supplyroutes to xyz rebuild xyz