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  1. On ‎2017‎-‎07‎-‎23 at 9:23 PM, corporal_lib[br] said:

    Great move, Cyper, this campaign is so innovative and fun, it must be released to the broad public (and of course, needs an updating cus I want to replay it....) If you need more playtesting, I´m your guys =)




    Thanks for the support!


    There is probably going to be playtesting for the last mission. Because of problems with Helvantis map I will re-create the last mission. It will take place in the jungle instead of Helvantis. The idea is more psychological thriller music with a special kind of enemy lurking in the jungle. Special in both looks and behaviour. So special one unit can eliminate 4-5 enemy units on its own in about 30 seconds. 





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  2. I want the AH-helicopter to attack two targets. I have used various methods; Dofire; destroy; Search and destroy; etc. It works.. sometimes.


    But what seem to be the major problem is this: the helicopter REFUSE to fire missiles. How do I force the helicopter to fire missiles? The mission I am trying to create is similar to Flashpoint mission in Cold war assault when a AH take out armored targets.

  3. On ‎2017‎-‎07‎-‎03 at 8:42 PM, ineptaphid said:

    I had totally forgotten about this. Still erally looking forward to it-It looks like a very unique campaign for Arma.


    Me too..


    The campaign is more or less complete. It only requires some sound recording for each mission. Problem is that I forgot what program I used for the recording. Next thing is that everything has to be converted to ARMA III EDEN. That have caused some issues. Further, I've had conflicts with mods. I used XCAM to place objects before but now I can use eden. But XCAM will still be a required mod, because there is no way I will remove all objects and replace. It takes away too much time. There is also conflict with the last mission: on this particular place on Helvantis bullets can go through walls. So I might have to remake that mission.


    Good thing is - I am done with university so I got more spare time now.


    Bad thing: to fix crap like this is time-consuming and boring. But I got no choice. It seem irrational to ditch the Campaign now.


    Here is gameplay from the Altis Peace Meeting Conference mission. It is the introduction mission. Your employer requires total obedience, zero sympathy, and they require you to dress up as IS Soldiers (for cover, you're not playing as an IS figther) only to prove you are willing to do anything: so there is no political reason for this act of terrorism - which makes the killing even more pointless. The Henchman only cares about loyalty and reward, simple as that.


    Regarding release: as soon as possible. That is all I can say



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  4. Thanks for all your kindness!  :)


    Wow - the graphics have really changed in ARMA. And the new editor makes many things a lot easier. Less hours will be spent placing objects and units correctly.. It was fortunately possible to download new maps that fixed the problem with the sky. I have just gone through the first, second and third mission. I have only encountered trivial problems so far.


    I uploaded a short gameplay video. It is nothing special, though, just unedited video from the beginning of the first mission. I have no videoediting program to make fancy editing. It is just to briefly demostrate the style and concept. I have looked through many similar campaign such as my own and I believe that people will enjoy playing this one. I have spent a good amount of time on this one and I personally find it fun to play and that is my leading principle: it has to be fun for me. There is also a lot small details. In this particular mission, one detail is that if you're spotted, you'll receive a notification that a search party is looking for you. If you kill the search party then there will be consequences for that as well. I have tried to link events together.


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  5. I have been depressed in the past year. For that reason I have not had any desire to work with the campaign.


    The current state of the campaign is 98 completed. I am now back on track. But because of Eden, there is some things to do; all objects placed with XCAM will be removed - because now I can use Eden instead. Further, I am currently exporting all missions to Eden, which means that I have to check them for errors. The sky is also black for some reason on all custom maps and this issue has to be fixed somehow.


    I just wanna say that the problem is solved! Solution: First; "delete local content"-command wasn't enough, I also had to delete the Arma 3 folder (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 3) manually to get rid of old messed up files. After that when opening up my missions i still got "missing files" message but only two lines:
    After removing those lines from the missions-files everything worked fine.I think my problem was quite unusual but perhaps someone will get a bit wiser too by telling what did the trick for me.



    My Arma 3 folder is 36 gig. It is full of mods - including mods that is required to import old missions. Therefore, it only going to cause further problem if I delete the folder. The ONLY error I get when I try to import the mission is: A3_Soft_F_TruckHeavy


    I have about 100 missions that I have created over a period of three years.

  7. Have you tried all the suggestions here? Because if you had, I'm sure you'd be closer to a solution.

    I'm going to put this suggestion again, because you are clearly expecting a solution to magically present itself with you doing little work to find it.


    I have tried windirstat. I used it to remove maps taking up hard-drive space. It saved me space, but my harddrive keeps filling up by itself. I have also googled for solutions.

    Now I magically have 202 gig of space left on my hardrive. One hour ago when I booted up my PC, I had 20 gig left.


    This is the second time it happens. I therefore doubt its a coincidence. It's like if my hardrive is eating up space and when there is very little space left, like 15-20 gig, the harddrive is cleaning itself.

    That is at least one step closer to a solution. My computer might store lots of debris for some reason? Because take note that harddrive space isn't constantly rising. I might loose five gig in an hour, then get two more gigs. Loose one. Get one. Loose ten get two etc.

  8. Just some background information in case someone else has a solution for this.

    This is what I want to do:

    The player is supposed to kill unit X. Unit X is walking from area A och area B. If the player choose to kill X at Area B, the player will be attacked. But if player choose to kill x at area A, the player will not be attacked.

    My solution: I create a trigger (trigger1) with this inside its init; player setcaptive false; player setside blufor; Then I set activation to: Not present. Then I create another trigger and put it inside area B. Once X reach area B, trigger2 will fire off, and then via a script group trigger1 to X. This would mean that IF X is killed after X have reached area B, the player will be attacked.

    So far so good. Now to the problem; I need a script that group a trigger to a unit.

    I have searched the board and tried all options but none seems to work. For example, I have tried

    trigg1 synchronizeobjectsadd [test]

    . If you have another other methods to solve this puzzle please tell.

  9. Ok, I think the campaign is 99% complete now.

    What is left do do is i) Export all the scripts from Xcam to all missions (the script contains added objects). ii) Find a solution to a particular bomb script. iii) Fix any issues that shows up during the last playtest.

    Hopefully the campaign is released within a week. The only worries is the bomb script.

    Edit: It was raining yesterday. With lot's of spare time I manage to complete i) and ii).

  10. Wrong thread, but no matter.

    To check the mission u have exported (for example on Altis), you need an empty mission folder first.

    So, create a new mission folder within the mission directory. For example: TestMission.Altis

    The second step is to copy the generated mission file into the new empty mission folder.

    Make sure that the exported mission file is called "mission.sqm" otherwise the mission will not work.

    (Maybe u have to rename the file).

    Go back to the Arma mission editor and load the new mission (TestMission).

    After the mission is loaded, zoom out to find the area with all the saved objects.

    Near these objects insert a player unit an preview the mission, that's all :)


    Oh, wrong thread indeed!

    Well, I followed your advice and it worked thanks for the answer!

  11. Have you tried my suggestion?

    The problem is getting near its end.. 25 gig of space is left. I have lost well over 200 gig of space. Considering I also have removed stuff from my disc

    the total amount of lost space is about 300 gig.

    I tried your solution. I can't see any process that seems to eat up my space.. and I have no idea what normal usage is, for example, for the system.:(

    Here is a pic.

    http://oi62.tinypic.com/4uwj68.jpg (123 kB)

  12. So, I have placed objects on the map. Saved the project. Then I export the mission as a Single mission. When I play the single mission all objects that I placed are gone.

    What am I supposed to do?

    In general, its an awesome mod. Saves me a lot of time and effort trying to place objects in the normal editor. Now I don't have to waste hours upon hours on that rubbish.

  13. Just wanted to say that the project is still alive and almost ready for release.

    I am just trying to polish the campaign now. Mostly using Xcam in order to put more details into the scene. And using the editor to add sounds (cars that play music for example, will have muffled sound but normal radio sound will be different), civilians, and so forth. There is also a ''Legend'' added now to make the game less confusing (because there is no clear directive on how to complete a mission)

    New screenshots:








  14. Ok, I have learned how to place object.

    What I wonder is this; I have to load the project every time I want to place object. But what about people who play my missions? Will the objects appear for them? Should I save the project file in the mission folder or how does it work?

    EDIT: Tried to export the mission to single missions. All objects that I placed are gone!

  15. press U and unlock it... :j:

    im sure there could have been some players on the server who could have told you that... :rolleyes:

    Thank you. I did ask but got no answer.

    Sorry, I'm not really into Multiplayer in ARMA. My previous history in arma MP is 15 minutes play in ARMA: Combat Operations back in 2009 and that's about it. I never even tried arma 2 mp. I tend to spend my time in the editor or singleplayer.

    Do you have any suggestions how I could get my hands on a weapon? I have not seen any weaponshops on the server im playing on.

  16. I played Altis Life yesterday for the first time.

    I managed to get enough cash to buy a driving licence and a quad bike.

    Problem is, I can't enter the quadbike. It's like if the vehicle is locked for me. I googled the problem and found a solution: pressing ''L'' or CTRL+ SPACE. It made no difference. I still can't enter the vehicle.

    What is the problem?

  17. I want a 3D editor in order to place objects. Using the standard editor is a pain and it takes hours to place objects. I am going to use it for Singleplayer missions/campaign only. All objects must be visible to those who play my singlemissions or campaigns. It cannot be a mod that is required in order to see the placed objects.

    I having been googling but I do not know what mods meets my requirements. Any suggestions? I want it very simple. All I want to do is to place simple objects in 3D. Nothing more.

  18. I have still not found a solution to this problem. Use of setfriend or grouping is not only impractical but it makes the AI behave very irratic, sometimes ignoring the player completely or running around.

    The only solution yet, which is not very practical but it works, is to put civilian clothes on for example independent.

    The unit becomes hostile, but all clothing items except shirt and pants is added. The unit is standing there in his underwear! It seems like I can't add civilian clothes on blufor, opfor or independent units???

    This is the script I used:

    removeAllWeapons this; removeUniform this; removeHeadgear this; removeVest this; this unassignItem "NVGoggles"; this removeItem "NVGoggles";                                                        
    this addUniform "U_C_Poloshirt_blue"; this addHeadgear "H_Cap_red"; this addVest "V_BandollierB_cbr"; this addMagazine "HandGrenade";  this addMagazines ["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green", 5];