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  1. Yeah, I saw that video earlier this morning, and that doesn't just make it more accessible it makes it more realistic. However, there is most likely going to be complaints from most players regarding the complexity of the game. It will most likely be complaints about the games difficulty; aiming may be to hard, there may be to many controls, no progression system, no generating health....There must be a fine line to what sort of feedback that is worth to actually consider. Or is all sort of feedback valuable? I don't want outside elements to compromise the core of the game in anyway. But the uncomfortable truth is that these people have diluted many other great games. As I said to TWI about RO2: I'd rather see the game die than losing its formula and keep on living. So what is it really that makes it impossible for this to happen to arma 3? I trust BIS, a lot, more than any other gaming company, but fact is that nothing lasts forever. Things will change for the good or the bad. Sorry to sound like an elitist, but truth is that I am looking for a very particular experience in arma 3. Exactly like I did in RO2, Hitman Absolution, or Sim City.
  2. If you want to speak about something that resemblance to some sort of a ''master race'' then thats the people who wander to niche titles and demands them to become casualized. I'm just afriad that things that I liked about previous games will be removed or drastically changed. For instance the old crosshair is gone. I even want exactly same crosshair as in OFP CWC. I wouldn't be surprised if the aiming became casualized. I trust BIS a lot, but after being betrayed by other developers such as TWI (they lied to me, took my money and I gave them my word) so i'm not sure about it anymore. On Wikipedia arma 3 is defined as a tactical shooters while arma 2 is defined as a sim. For instance, I hope smooth movement wont mean twitchshooting mechanics or quickaim like in RO2. I am aware that the community will give their feedback with the alpha, but problem for me is, that the outside elements also will give their feedback and maybe try to undermine the arma formula.
  3. I tried to use Bravo leaveVehicle UH2 but it doesn't work.
  4. Hi, I am working on a mission. This missions start in a plane and the whole group paradrop. Everything works well. Until we hit the ground. After that two things happens: a) The AI teamleader wont move to the given waypoint or b) the AI team leader order the whole team to mount the airplane we just ejected from. I have been trying to fix this for 40 minutes now but its the same story all the time. My teamleader did move to the waypoint before I used the script set unit pos up. But I have to use that script. Because the mission requires the whole team to cross a field. This takes forever if set unit pos up isn't activated, because my teamleader will otherwise run 10 meters, go prone, stay there for 10 sec, run about ten meters more and repeat the process.
  5. Cyper

    Will You Use the Cross-hairs?

    Only if the game has the same crosshair as in ARMA II. From what I have seen it is different and that's a shame. So I have no choice but to play with no crosshair. I want exactly the same crosshair as in Cold War Assault.
  6. So... I need a lot of dialog and other sound effects for an upcoming campaign but it does not work for me. I have been searching for various solutions and this is what I have done so far. 1. I converted the soundfile to .wav 2. I used Audacity and set the file to mono, and then to 16bit. 3. I saved the file as Ogg Vorbis. 4. I created the sound-folder 5. I added this description: showCompass = 0; showGPS = 0; showWatch = 0; class CfgSounds { (.ogg files without the .ogg extension) sounds[] = {Siberiahell2}; class Siberiahell2 { name = "Siberiahell2"; sound[] = {\sound\Siberiahell2.ogg, db + 0, 1.0}; titles[] = {0, ""}; }; }; I tried to activate the sound via a trigger, but there was no sound. I also tried this say "siberiahell" but I did not hear anything. The file appear in Voice. The game reads the file - at least I think so - because there is no error. Any suggestions how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Does anyone have a solution for my problem? Because I really need environmental sounds aswell as voices.
  8. Hi there, I am working with a certain cutscene and I have encountered a problem. In this cutscene, a commander is giving a briefing, and then he orders his soldiers to enter a truck. All the AI units enter- but not the player. So when the cutscene is over everyone is inside the truck and the playable unit is outside. Is there anyway to active player later on when the AI have entered the truck?
  9. Cyper

    Far Cry 3

    You should. FC3 is in my opinion very different from FC2. Graphics, shooting mechanics, and physics is more or less the same, it's just that FC3 is ten times more living and breathing compared to the empty world in FC2. Variety of missions is greater, ability to customize your weapon, and travel all around the island with no restrictions.
  10. The majority, the mainstream, should go and play another game then. These filthy people have already ruined many great games with their selfish demands. There is something called genre. Certain games aim for certain audiences. If Arma isn't enjoyable for the mainstream audience because it is to 'realistic', then these people should realize that it isn't something wrong with the game: its just that they don't prefer that type of games. The majority have no right to crush the minority who do enjoy them. No wonder why there is a fatigue in the gaming industry. And what makes arma fun to play is not solely based on realism, I believe. There are many factors that contribute to it not just realism.
  11. Cyper


    I'll hijack this thread for a very similar question. I know that there is a script that makes it possible to hide units. I even think it was HideUnit. The problem is, I want the unit to appear when a trigger is fired, and I cannot remember the script for that. objectName hideObject false; does not work, neither was this the script I used before either..
  12. The sound seems not to be read when I used that script. There is no error message, but now it doesn't appear in the trigger menu.
  13. I haven't been playing MP before. My question is simple: How do I successfully join a server? I run version 1.11, I can connect to servers, choose role, download data, but as soon as I am about to start playing the game disconnect and I end up at the server browser.
  14. Hi there, I need some help with my campaign. It does not appear in the campaign menu. I have 14 missions that are ready to be released very soon - only three tasks left - putting the campaign into .pbo, letting some people test it, and then change any errors. This I what I have done so far: 1. I created a campaign map in documents/arma2. 2. I created a map called Operation Speer, with a folder called missions in it. 3. I put all my missions inside the mission map. 4. I put description.ext in the Operation Speer map. Description.ext is as follows (and just to make it easy I tried it on only a few missions): And to repeat: My problems is simply that my campaign does not appear at all in the campaign screen in arma 2.
  15. Cyper

    How do I join servers?

    I have ordered Anniversary Edition and according to the post service I can pick it up today. :D I always try to look at server info and the servers I tried to join had the same version and no mods. The weird thing is that there is no error message either, the game just takes me back to the server browser. However, I did manage to join a server yesterday I gotta ask though, is there any AO servers that does not require the DayZ mod? (because I have no interest in it atm)
  16. Cyper

    How do I join servers?

    I only have arma 2 at the moment.
  17. I used this description. It caused an error at line 33 (if I remember correctly). My contact lenses are getting really dry. class CfgIdentities {}; class MissionDefault { lives = -1; lost = ; end1 = ; end2 = ; end3 = ; end4 = ; end5 = ; end6 = ; }; class Campaign { name = "Operation Speer"; firstBattle = prologue; class prologue { name = "prologue"; cutscene = intro2.sqs; firstMission = 01 - Escort; end1 = ; end2 = ; end3 = ; end4 = ; end5 = ; end6 = ; lost = ; class 01 - ESCORT { end1 = 02 - Red River; end2 = 02 - Red River; end3 = 02 - Red River; end4 = 02 - Red River; end5 = 02 - Red River; end6 = 02 - Red River; lost = 01 - ESCORT; template = 01 - ESCORT.isladuala; }; class 02 - Red River { end1 = 03 - Bandits Crossing; end2 = 03 - Bandits Crossing; end3 = 03 - Bandits Crossing; end4 = 03 - Bandits Crossing; end5 = 03 - Bandits Crossing; end6 = 03 - Bandits Crossing; lost = 02 - Red River; template = 02 - Red River.isladuala; }; class 03 - Bandits Crossing { end1 = 01 - ESCORT; end2 = 01 - ESCORT; end3 = 01 - ESCORT; end4 = 01 - ESCORT; end5 = 01 - ESCORT; end6 = 01 - ESCORT; lost = 01 - ESCORT; template = 03 - Bandits Crossing; }; }; }; class Awards {}; class Penalties {};
  18. Nope. All we can do is to wait for an announcement. And that will probably not happen for a while. They've been very quiet about the project. Personally, I am not that excited about it anyway. Maybe TWI should finish RO2 before interfering with a mod project. As it is now the only respectable mode is Classic. Yet Classic isn't really that good. RO1 is superior.
  19. Thanks, dude, the campaign more or less work now. I can start and run the campaign but as soon as I complete the first mission I get message ''No entry 'Campaigns/operation speer/description.ext/Campaign/prologue.02 Bandits Crossing'' Its because of the prologue, but and I am not sure what the prologue is supposed to do or how its works. class CfgIdentities {}; class MissionDefault { lives = -1; lost = ; end1 = ; end2 = ; end3 = ; end4 = ; end5 = ; end6 = ; }; class Campaign { name = "Operation Speer"; firstBattle = prologue; class prologue { name = "prologue"; cutscene =intro2.sqs; firstMission = 01 - Escort; end1 = ; end2 = ; end3 = ; end4 = ; end5 = ; end6 = ; lost = ; class 0: MissionDefault { end1 = 02 - Bandits Crossing; end2 = 02 - Bandits Crossing; end3 = 02 - Bandits Crossing; end4 = 02 - Bandits Crossing; end5 = 02 - Bandits Crossing; end6 = 02 - Bandits Crossing; lost = 02 - Bandits Crossing; template = 01 - ESCORT.isladuala; }; class 1: MissionDefault { end1 = 03 - Under Siege; end2 = 03 - Under Siege; end3 = 03 - Under Siege; end4 = 03 - Under Siege; end5 = 03 - Under Siege; end6 = 03 - Under Siege; lost = 2 - Bandits Crossing; template = 02 - Bandits Crossing.isladuala; }; class 3: MissionDefault { end1 = 01 - ESCORT; end2 = 01 - ESCORT; end3 = 01 - ESCORT; end4 = 01 - ESCORT; end5 = 01 - ESCORT; end6 = 01 - ESCORT; lost = 01 - ESCORT; template = 04 - Under Siege.isladuala; }; }; }; class Awards {}; class Penalties {};
  20. This is the whole .ext that I use. I couldn't find anything in line 42.
  21. Thanks, it seems like the game read the file now. However, I got an error and the game crashed; ''File Campaigns/operation speer/description.ext, line42: /Campaign/: '-' encountered instead of''
  22. Cyper

    What is the future of this franchise?

    I can understand that people get upset with DayZ servers all over the place. But as soon as DayZ become standalone I strongly believe many Arma II DayZ servers will dissapear. DayZ have brought a lot of money for BIS. People have bought the game and its expansion just for DayZ. As long as BIS refuse to fall to the pressure of the mainstream, then its not very likely that the core of the game will change.
  23. I have a quetions: - How many people are playing this game in MP? Roughly?
  24. My game have been running fine with everything set to very high and 3D resolution 2880 x 1620 plus 2500 drawdistance. Until today. Now I can use almost the same settings....... but with 3D resolution set to 50%. The game looks horrible! I bought a new screen today (for HD support) and after two hours of tinkering, I have finally managed to get the proper screenresolution... But something have obviously gone wrong, and is it possible that the screen has something to do with it? My computer froze when I set screen resolution to 200%.
  25. Hi, I wonder what the ''standard'' size for the overview image is. With ''standard'' size I mean the size BIS use for their overview picture for campaigns and singlemissions.I tried to use 1024x512 but the image just appeared to be to small and it really wasn't stretched out enough.