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  1. Well, the only thing that matters for me is Classic Mode. That's the only decent (yes - decent) mode in RO2. I refuse to lower myself and play ''Realism'' or even worse Action Mode. Besides I don't like most realism players at least not the new blood. Unfortunately, barely no one plays Classic Mode in RO2, and when I do play it, there is still many things that are missing. RO1 is still better. I doubt Rising Storm will bring anything new to the table; or rather, bring back even half of the glorious lightbeams that was of RO1. Just look at the mortar. It was way better in DH where it actually required a spotter and real skill to use.I hope that something goes wrong with Rising Storm and that it ends up like RO2 e.i constant loss in players after release. That's what TWI deserve in my opinion. They took my money, they took my OST, and I gave them my word and got sent on a vacation. RO1 is almost what Dragon Rising is to Cold War Crisis. TWI betrayed the RO VETS. I uninstalled RO2 for about a month ago. I'll never install that stupid game again. TWI can have their Official Action Servers. Ramm can have his action audience and Gibson can keep on being obsessed by CoD and its alikes. What I am waiting for now is the spiritual sequel to Darkest Hour and I believe in that game because its not developed by TWI.
  2. Fatigue is important. Being able to run across the whole map without breaking a sweat is just crazy. Arma needs some sort of features that gives the player a penalty.
  3. It feels better than ARMA 2 even if its just alpha. (And that is NOT to say that arma 2 is bad its very good!) I do I hope that the Chernarus map will be properly added for ARMA 3.
  4. '' It's really about making it fun. All games should be fun. I have said fun three times there...'' :rolleyes: I think that there should be a penalty for sprinting long distances. There should also be a penalty for jogging - but that means a realistic penalty, not over-done. In arma 2 you could jog forever without any real penalties. You could run across the whole map is you wished. Now that is really to frickin' unrealistic. That isn't even up to debate, and it shouldn't be optional either.
  5. Yeah, I was just about to post Ramms post. Still, I don't quite understand it. The point is to force new player's to start in a more easy mode and at the same time avoiding that they become slaughtered by the experienced players. Thing is, how many experienced players play Action Mode? I doubt any experienced players play action mode. If there is, that can't be many. Most people seem to despise action mode, especially the RO VETS. When the free weekend is over the same thing happens all the time: Action Mode is more or less dead. I am not sure that this will keep new players in the game. What if they leave even faster? Now new players can't play Realism Mode or Classic Mode from start, and if they want to play any custom mode, they can't do that either until they have unlocked the mode. In my opinion it just sounds terrible. Imagine if you were forced to play arma on easy mode and then gain XP to unlock ''custom mode'', or in ARMA's case, you would have to unlock the ability to play any modded or otherwise customized server. I feels like the game is getting even more segregated than before. Well, maybe I am wrong.... We'll see how it all sorts out. Would be interesting to hear anyone else's opinion about this. EDIT: I wonder why they removed Practise Mode from RO OST and replaced it with a worthless Campaign mode instead of improving practise mode into a proper tutorial? Because right now there is no real tutorials.
  6. Someone took a screenshot and uploaded it on TWI BOARD..... Anyone know if its true?
  7. Don't worry, you'll have both tanks and planes as the game goes gold (or maybe even in BETA?).
  8. Ok, so I have been playing A3 LITE for a time now. Here are some of the issues I have come across aswell as some suggestions. NOTE: Some of these may already be fixed since it was quite a time since I wrote it. ;) To begin with, this game is very, very impressive. The game runs WAY BETTER than arma 3 for me. I run it on high settings. There is also more options to tweak graphics the way you want. But most importantly, it do seems like the game stays true to its roots. I was worried that the game would be similar to what RO2 is compared to superior RO1. IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS - Maybe water quality should be possible to lower (much better performance) - Running speed must be dependent on slope - The animation for switching from weapon to binocular is to fast in my opinion - it has to be slow downed slighly. - Sound dissapear from boat when driving fast through big waves (I had the biggest waves available) - No sound effect when you open doors. - When I tried scuba diving, swimming had no animation; instead, my character would hold his left arm in front of him and float forward. - Street light bulbs can't be destroyed - it would be an idea to make this possible - When you make fast turns with the quadbike on grass and dirt there is a screetching sound like if it was asphalt. - I flipped the Quadbike various times, yet it flipped up automatically back onto its wheels! - Your characters gets injured if you stay close (without touching) the bonnfire. The injury radious has to be decreased. Especially if you would like to units sitting close to the fire. - Default Action Button is space. Problem with this is that you also change to pistol with this button. This means that I accidently at times change to pistol when I want to open a door or enter a vehicle. - I think adding some sort of sound when walking through thick bushes would make it more realistic - AI is very slow in CQC - they turn around to slow. - AI is to slow in under watercombat aswell - it seems like they behave worse, but not sure! - I don't like the fact that you can heal yourself fully. I think it should only be possible to stop the bleeding (OFP DR) and only be possible to heal yourself fully at tents/medic trucks - Using deazone feels weird, in a bad way...can't put my finger on what's wrong. - Skeletons can float in water - not sure if it is supposed to be like this or not! - There is no proper animation when you heal others (like the module in arma 2, this should be default) - When I had taken down the helicopter with the AA luncher during the Scrubamission, all environment sounds dissapared. It was totally quiet, only thing I could hear was footsteps and so on. Environment sounds seems to be to low sometimes. It should be default be much higher. - Sometimes, pressing V will cause you to take a step through obstacles instead of over them - If you press ESC while there is music playing in the game the music will automatically fast forward (like in A2) - The boat physics has to be improved when driving boats in big waves - I'm not sure, but it seems like running up for hills/slopes has no effect on stamina - Echo in Buildings would be a nice touch - Simulate blood loss under water (when a scuba diver is shot and killed, it would be great if some of the water could turn red, similar to Far Cry 1. - It seems like fire can hurt you (unlike previous games) but there has to be a better indication for this, for instance, the screen could become slightly blurred when you're close to fire (because of the heat) and even more blurred when you hurt yourself. - It would be a nice touch with separate injuries for bullets, fire, and explosions. - When you wear gunner glasses you should ''see through them'' when you play in first person. For instance, if you have orange gunner glasses, then there should be an orange tint in first person view - Similar to suggestion above, you should see through the diving glasses when you dive in first person - Sometimes when I start the game the screen goes black and CTRL+Alt+ Delete does not work so I have to restart my computer. Only happens with ARMA 3. Have only happend 3 times though. Then I have some questions: - How do I lower my weapons (In ARMA II it was CTRL + R) - Is there any button to ammidiately move from combat stance x to a standing position? (otherwise you have to hold CTRL - and press W until I stand errect again) - Will there be a limit on how deep down a scuba can go? - How do I walk?
  9. http://www.pcgamer.com/2013/03/13/call-of-duty-red-orchestra-2-interview/ I found this quite amusing. Especially considering RO2s current state. I'll paste my commment on the issue from RO2 board.
  10. Cyper

    Far Cry 3

    Three things I hate about FC3: - There is no manuall saves. - There is no clock/Bed where you can change time of day - The game doesn't play in real-time I just hate it. Everytime I die, or re-start the game, I start at the nearest spawnpoint since it is impossible to manually save the game. Is there any mods for this?
  11. Hi there, The time has finally come: my first campaign for ARMA II. Now I just need about two or three testers that are eager to test my campaign and look for any errors, and generally point out what they personally think about the campaign itself. The campaign features twelve missions in total. After the testers have been playing through the campaign I would appreciate you people took the time to fill out a form tied to the campaign. I will send the campaign via an upload link complete with the form so that each tester can fill it out after every mission. REQUIREMENTS * ARMA II AO (only vanilla required) * Isla Duala (complete version) * SJB SAS Pack Where to download: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9150 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9031 I will not give any more information regarding this campaign until it is actually time to release it. Please contact me if you are interested.
  12. Cyper

    Spotting an enemy?

    I think that is quite obvious. What he meant was most likely that if your preference isn't simulators then it makes no sense to pick one and demand changes that has little nothing to do with simulatorsIt's like.. you don't pick a romantic movie and demand it to be an action movie because action movies is your preference. You don't pick CoD and demand it to be more like a sim. All genres have a right to exist, even niche ones, without being diluted because of the tyranny of the majority. Well, to answer the OPs question its all about practise like most of the game. In order to avoid friendly fire, try to really confirm target before you fire. In the end you will be an expert in seeing the difference between friends and foes in the same way as you will gain knowledge about how to play the game, to survive etc. So try to confirm target, and dont think so much just play. Experience is the best teacher.
  13. Cyper

    Character run speed

    It looks to fast in my opinion aswell. Another issue is that strafing sideways looks to twitchy. Sprinting, and making side steps will slow you down. There is also another issue here: running speed is dependent on terrain. In arma 2 you could run for extremely long distances and even run up for hills with no effect on stamina. Anyone who run a lot knows its hell to run up for high slopes. Driving a car on sand in Arma 2 was painfully slow, and at certain times at grass aswell, while it seemed to have no effect on running speed or stamina. Running was even way faster. Also, if we want very realistic running speed, then we cant ignore its drawbacks either.
  14. In most missions in ARMA II you'll start off with the screen very blurry, and then it slowly fades out to normal. How do I use this script? I am aware how to change saturation etc. but I have no clue how to make the blur fadeout. Because I want to use it in the beginning of every missions.
  15. Does the AI's accuracy get effected by suppression? Because in ARMA 2 getting suppressed means that your character starts breathing more and this makes aiming harder but I have no idea if this affects the AI. Many times in arma 2 they've just instantly turned around and killed me. Its funny though since AI in arma can be incredibly accurate at long distance but very slow in close range. I think AI accuracy should be effected by: - Distance - Auto and single shots - Suppression - Fatigue - Injuries - Stance - Weapons recoil - Scope/non scope (or other attachment)
  16. I voted ''No''. Nothing is going to be removed and thats it. You're suggesting something controversial because you suggest to remove core features - to make it more simple - and that wont happen! Change your controls, adapt, or consider another game. Because you' not going to take arma away from me by undermining its formula like the diluters hijacked RO2. That is my opinion, and I wont say anything more.
  17. Cyper

    The water needs some fixing.

    No. What a stupid thread.
  18. Cyper

    Arma 3 Constructive Critiques

    I agree with a lot of this, but I do not agree with drawing a box around enemies. The truth is that it is all about practising. I had this problem in the beginning but I never have that anymore. Regarding ''ENEMY, SIX O-CLOCK'' you can always look at the clock that appears on the screen.
  19. Cyper

    Changing weapon while moving?

    Some sort of quick-drawing would totally ruin the experience. I am actually not fond of any of these solutions. Kinda misleading poll: ''Either make a dead stop and draw your weapon, or make it instant.'' I don't think the soldier should make a dead stop when switching weapon and I don't think it should be instant. I think there should be a proper animation for switching to sidearm (putting rifle on back, taking out the sidearm) and that this animation becomes much slower if you're running. Either make it more realistic or just let it be as it is.
  20. Cyper

    Changing weapon while moving?

    If it is done by an animation, otherwise - no.
  21. I have also noticed the grenade throws in videos. It does not look very well. Reminds me of throwing grenades in Far Cry 1. It is likely to lead to grenade spam aswell.
  22. Well, I haven't bought the beta due to the fact that I never buy digital verisons of games - physical copies only. From what I have seen in gameplay though, the aiming seems a little bit more twitchy than before, even with deadzone on. Maybe a little bit to twitchy. Or is it due to mousespeed? Or is it actually a huge difference from arma 2? I always play with deadzone in arma 2. Turning it up sligthly does in my opinion gives a far more realistic feel than when it is zeroed. Movements become less twitchy and more fluid. Because in my opinion it looks a little bit twitchy. It would be interesting to hear feedback on the aiming itself and the overall weaponhandling. Because a solid weaponhandling is indeed very important. There reason why I brought this up was after watching this video at: 03:05 In general, what do you people think about recoil and sounds? Does weapons have a good feeling of weight? Please give your input on the issue.
  23. Cyper

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive!

    I haven't played the game yet because I never buy digital copies only physical copies. From what I have heard though, the game seems to be a lot better than arma II and much more fluid. I think big sites such as IGN and GAMESPOT will give this game a quite high score. Now, it is always dependent on the particular person who wrote the review, but both Gamespot and IGN gave arma 2 over 80-85/100. The game deserves a lot of attention.
  24. Cyper

    Need Stance Indicator

    I agree with OP.
  25. I have been thinking about starting a topic about this issue before but I for some reason I have never done that. DayZ is obviously a great a success. Not only as a mod, but as a success for BIS aswell, since the arma titles get more attention and BIS more money. I started playing Arma: combat operations back in 2010. I found out about Arma through Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising which I bought because it crossed my mind that I had been playing a game called Operation Flashpoint many years earlier when I was about twelve years old. It was a poor unofficial sequel, but as a game it had potential, but with Red River that potential was flushed down the toilet when 'accessibility' was written on the wall. I then re-played OFP:CWC during summer 2011 and its by far one of my favorite games. Ever. A similar story with Dragon Rising/Red River era somehow repeated itself for me with the release of Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad. Then a similar story to RO2 repeated itself in the latest installment in the Hitman franchise - which I have been playing since the first game was released. Since the great release and success of DayZ, which more or less have taken over arma 2/AO MP, a thought have crossed my mind various times: Will Arma become more accessible? With accessible, I just don't mean enemy tags and magically red-glowing enemies, but changes to the core of the game. In an interview I read the following: ''It’s not a fundamentally different game, or anything, but weapon/player movement does feel a little more modern in terms of accessibility.'' More than that, I have not heard any official statement regarding this. Due to my past experiences with games mentioned above I do not, unfortunately, take for granted that my favorite titles will remain untouched by the filthy mainstream audience which collaborative ruin games. I am indeed geniusly worried.