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  1. Well I have heard stories and I remember the Alpha Light. BIS focusing more on authetic gameplay, not realistic. It's basically in Sion Lenton's own words. Weapons being designed using the same rounds as in similar weapons. Extended armour. Enemies that, at least in Alpha, was to slow in close range combat. Healing is faster than in Dragon Rising. Not to forget the fact that I will probably see these DayZ player's tomorrow when I bring my copy of ARMA III. They're going to stand in the line smiling, like if they were a part of the community, but they are not. They may aswell ruin my whole multiplayer experience. And I am going to tell them my opinion about DayZ and what bad things it have brought upon arma; cheaters, hackers, annoying kids, and people with the wrong mindset. A Game employee asked me today if I bought it for DayZ. I said: ''No, it's rather the opposite, I don't know if I want the game because of DayZ. It's a mod bringing horrible people to the arma community. It's better without it. The only good thing is that it's a cashcow''. That was a spontaneous reply, and it holds the truth and I never used any fancy words. I expressed my feelings directly. Obviously, ARMA 3 have become more complex in other ways, but what more than that? It's scary how casual gamers are making demands like if they had a right to. What more is it that have been simplified? What have been changed since ALPHA LIGHT?
  2. Well, I wanted to create a simple mission and that mission involves destroying a radio tower. But that does not exist. If I remember correctly (doesn't bother to double-check) such a tower existed in ARMA 2 ''Objects (military). In my opinion there is not enough objects in that section. It really requires an expansion.
  3. Cyper

    This game is amazing

    Well, 11 hours with the game since the day of release. I am dissapointed that the campaign wasn't there at start aswell that there isn't enough content in editor. ARMA 2 was much better in that aspect! But that's not a big deal for me if something will be done about it. Unfortunately the game gets bad reviews on metacritic because of that! From what I have experienced with the game so far though this is the best ARMA game since Cold War Assault. The missions I have played have that awesome feeling and the music is just amazing and reminds me of Cold War Assault. There are some things that I don't like which have to do with the complexity of the game. Certain aspects are Lentonized and I don't like that! But the game run very well. I can play it on high settings and its smoother than in ARMA 2. I play at Veteran difficulty with Cold War Assault theme. I'm looking at my broken copy of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising right now and I realize that the game was worth every cent in the end of the day...because that game introduced me to ARMA franchise! Very well done BIS! But get more content in the map editor asap! Very important in my opinion!
  4. Well, I wonder if it's possible to force full bloom in a mission and/or to somehow change the saturation ingame (by for instance a trigger) to make the sky ''glow'' like in Dragon Rising?
  5. Cyper

    This game is amazing

    For everyone who is asking: Yes, I have played CWC including all its expansions.
  6. Ah.. Yes, I almost forgot. But then I have to know the standard/original coloring values for ARMA 3. How do I get this?
  7. I don't have much to say. CQC is simply way better in ARMA 3. Not CQC is actually enjoyable instead of being a pain in the ass. Well done BIS!:D
  8. Cyper

    Is the game dumbed down?

    What do you mean by that, exactly? I pre-ordered the game back in June. I bought it today. Just because I complain doesn't mean I want to abandon the whole game. It's still my nr.1 favorite game after GTA. The thing that I really love is the movement. It's more fluid. Makes CQC interesting for once. It's not to fluid and not to stiff. The only bad thing is the grenade throw.
  9. Cyper

    Unrealistic weapons damage

    So, they're using the same words as Sion Lenton. Extended armour should be removed and not even an option.
  10. Cyper

    Realism or "Balance"?

    People who vote for a ''balanced'' or dumbed down game is not something one should care about. They don't have anything to do in this community and one shall just ignore their voices.
  11. Cyper

    Grand Theft Auto V

    I pre-ordered GTA V months ago. I'm an GTA VET. Been playing it since 1997. What I'm most interested in is the timescale that *R will use. Timescale in GTA IV was 1 hour = 2 minutes.. That was just to short. You barely experience the sunset. It would be great with a cheat that would make it possible to slow down ingame Clock. Can't bother to wait for PC version. I haven't even played GTA on PC..
  12. I came to think about something.. Is it possible to heal yourself fully up after you've been hit? I can't test it, because I just had the alpha lite verison. While playing CWC it do feels diffrent with the healing system!
  13. If you really like Chernarus, then don't worry - it will most likely be properly ported to ARMA 3. ;)
  14. When you use the artillery module you've got an unlimited amount of strikes that you could call in. I would like to know how I can limit the amount of strikes that I call in. For instance, making it possible for the player only to call in 2 mortar strikes.
  15. Cyper

    Why Altis might be way too big...

    Multiplayer Server: Chernarus Running Championship.
  16. I downloaded Eliteness and used it instead off ArmAUnPBO. Problem solved. Now I can unpack from both ARMA2 and OU. Thanks! ;)
  17. I am looking for creating a campaign and I have decided that I will make my own twist of the story in Arrowhead. The first mission takes places at the same time as Good Morning Takistan. So I figure I need that vanilla mission merged into my mission to work as a background. Problem is, I can't find the missions for Operation Arrowhead. I have opened vanilla missions for arma 2 with PBO but I can't find missions for Arrowhead. Where are they located?
  18. Thanks. But there is only two files there: $PBOPREFIX$ and ArmA 2 OA. Because when I use ''ArmAUnPBO'' for arma 2 vanilla missions, separate folders for each vanilla mission appears..
  19. YES. It whould be awesome if the terrain colour would ''melt'' over the player at certain distances.
  20. Cyper


    It isn't about balance. It's about realism, and if you don't agree...
  21. I only have LITE version for the simple reason that I want a physical copy of ARMA 3. I do wonder how multiplayer works in ARMA 3. I have not played much multiplayer in arma 2, but what I remember from both A1 and A2, is highly unstructured gameplay with teamkilling. With unstructured, I mean almost no teamwork at all. So I wonder if public multiplayer matches have been improved in ARMA 3?
  22. The most important thing is that it becomes as realistic as possible. So not like ARMA 2 with other words.
  23. Absolute morality. Strikes again.
  24. Cyper

    What ArmA 3 is missing

    Oh yes.... It is a shame that Skira never was completed for Arma 2. I was so eager to create the Dragon Rising Campaign for it but ohwell..:( EDIT: You guys talk about headshots. Made me think of this Classic: ;)
  25. Cyper

    Battlefield 4

    Don't know if this has been posted, but....... http://www.p4rgaming.com/ea-makes-winning-more-accessible-in-battlefield-4/