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    My first campaign

    Thank you... feels encouraging! I have used special saturation for every mission. I finally feel comfortable with camera editing so I don't encounter any problems with it. The hard part is the AI. I have never created missions that are so scripted and ''railroad'' like this and I have noticed that it is difficult because everything has to run perfectly and that more or less always depends on if they AI do exactly what it is supposed to do. I can PM you as soon as I think im ready for testers.
  2. Cyper

    My first campaign

    Just wanted to say that I’m working with the campaign and that things works well. So far I have made 8 missions with cutscene and dialog. I have tested the missions and they should work just fine. I expect the campaign to have about 15 missions. The problem that I tend to encounter is AI issues though. Because most missions is very scripted and railroaded for an arma game. About the story: You’re playing as a part of a US elite team. You’re on of the first teams to invade Altis on a secred mission. Your team have been ordered to capture a special person responsible for crime against humanity. But things does not go down as planned. Main characters: Carter Hamilton, Brown Norris, Chang Lee, Brian Holmes, James Cooley (player), Jack Dixon, Joseph Henderson. Some pictures:
  3. Cyper

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    I have a question. I have been waiting for something like this since ARMA 3 was released. Because I have had the ambition to create missions in Chernarus, or even a campaign. My question is simply this: can I do this on the current version of Chernarus map? I mean, is there any problems that I may encounter, such as problems with AI pathfinding, huge FPS drops etc. Or shall I wait?
  4. Cyper

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    I appreciate it a lot. I just thought it may be a good idea to split each map for separate downloads.
  5. Cyper

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Big files. I only want Chernarus, with normal BIS units etc.
  6. I am working with a mission which have a quite precise, pre-defined path. The group is about to seize a city through alleyways. The problem is that the AI sometimes refuse to follow my waypoints. Often it moves outside the path I have created, but the worst thing is that the teamleader AI seems to have a lot of problems to continue: it to often gets stuck for to long at one waypoint. Is there any way to force the AI to move without being disrupted, and without walking around a waypoint in circles and instead continuing?
  7. Looks good, I just hope it's more like RO1 and less like RO2. Otherwise i'm not interested.
  8. I've had some problem with my computer the last two weeks. Sometimes when I use Internet Explorer the program crashes. If it does not crash, it happens that I can't click on anything on my desktop until I shut down internet explorer. Sometimes when I playing ARMA III the game starts to lagg horribly - there is so much lagg that I can barely navigate the menu with my mouse. I can normaly run ARMA III on high settings. If I manage to shut down the game my screen just turns black. If I use CTRL + ALT + DELTE the screen goes black. At times my computer also freeze when I browse the internet so I have to restart it agian. Another problem is that I can't update my PC. I have automatic updates on. As soon as there is a update for windows I click it and there is always one certain update that never install itself properly. Earlier I had problems to Watch Youtube videos. It started to lagg or my internet Explorer crashed. Does anyone have any idea what to do??
  9. Cyper

    My first campaign

    Of course. I study right now so there is not always much time for me to work on the Campaign. Another factor that plays a role is the current lack of content in ARMA 3, aswell as lack of general information such as classnames for weapons.
  10. I was just using google to search for ''armed civilians'' for ARMA III and I found this. I really hope that we'll see this as an option when the next patch is released. 1. Go to editor 2. Place independent civilian 3. Go to intel 4. Set friendly to no one 5. Place blufor and opfor unit 6. Preview 7. Civilians shoot both parties Or Simply to Place a civilian unit, click on it, and an option to use ''Set friend'': East, West, Independent, None. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=10167 What do the rest of you think? I think it would be positive since there wouldn't be no more need for mods or other methods to make civilians hostile. Obviously, the civilian should only become hostile if armed.
  11. Cyper

    Make civilians hostile (if armed)

    If BIS makes it possible to set civilian units to East, West, Independent, or none, I don't see how that is relevant.
  12. I have already tried it. Lot's of fiddle with it since it's going to be used for a whole campaign. I'm not sure the AI works the way it should that way either. Unfortuntely, one side is going to be africans. They can't be Blufor units
  13. Well, I've been waiting for an ''armed civilian mod'' which I need in order to create a campaign. But I don't think anything is going to happen very soon and I want to start to work with my campaign. I have been trying a few scripts such as ''this setFriend [blufor, 0]; blufor setFriend [civilian, 0];'', grouping civilian units to Independent and so on. But all of this has its own problems and limitations. I don't want any problems because my campaign will be based on hostile civilian units. So I want armed civilians as its own faction - with or without weapons. Weapons can be added by a script anyway. It is enough if I can make civilians as a part of Independent. Question is, how difficult is it to do this? Any suggestion? To start with I have absolutely no experience at all in modding if that's required.
  14. There should be a script that makes it possible to set unit side to either Blufor, Opfor, independent or civilian. For example: this ''this setSide [blufor];'' or Civilian1 ''setSide [blufor];''
  15. I don't quite know how to describe it. The campaign have ''that'' feeling over it. Despite the fact that it's just the first episode. I felt it in a few missions in ARMA 2 but then it sort of faded out. ARMA III campaign reminds me a lot of Operation Flashpoint. But not a ''copy and paste''- sort of way. The game have so far delivered what previous ARMA games haven't delivered as good as ARMA III. ARMA III feels more like a spiritual successor to OFP. The style, the music, the atmosphere, the mission design... There's been a good amount of magic moments such as when you return to Maxwell after . I can't wait for the next episode even though im not yet finished with the first one. ARMA III is in my opinion the best game in the franchise since OFP. I just wish there was more content for editor. But something that caught my mind is that enemy units and other events doesn't feel as randomnized as in CWC. Enemy units often behave the same way, are placed at the same spot etc. In CWC I remember in one mission there was for instance like 20% chance that a light armoured vehicle would show up. We need more ''probability of presence'' and ''placement radius''. Or am I wrong?
  16. I don't see why there isn't a script like: this setEnemy [blufor]; or OPFOR setFriend [blufor]; That would make things a lot easier.
  17. Requesting: Armed civilians I'd like a mod that puts all civilian units as armed in the OPFOR section. It's for a Campaign.
  18. It would be a nice touch if there was a mod that made all civilian units armed, preferly a part of the OPFOR, similar to the armed civilian mod for arma 2.
  19. It works, but unfortunately, the civilians will start to shoot at each others unless I group them. Another problem that I came to think about is that you can't give civilians waypoints such as ''Gaurd''.
  20. Well, I could drag a civilian unit to a OPFOR unit and then set probability of presence to 0%... but then, if the civilian unit is tied to a leader, It's going to become problematic to use waypoints.
  21. I noticed that there is no ''Movie: Day'' in ARMA 3s modules. Does anyone have the values for Movie Dayso I can use it via a trigger?
  22. Cyper

    Movie: DAy

    Alright, thank you. :)
  23. Reading the briefing properly just makes the mission a lot easier. Doing otherwise may make you miss small details. But I just look at it quickly if it is a simple mission.
  24. ID values for certain world-objects should in my opinion be in the editor. Right now you have to use mods for it. Also, the game really needs some military objects. I am trying to create a Campaign and I have noticed that it (at least for me) boils down to the fact that there is no military objects except camo nets. ARMA 2 had much, much more. So: 1. A good amount of world-objects should be possible to place in the editor by default. 2. More military objects. What do you think?