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    Beyond Recognition

    I finally managed to complete the mission. I never found any Titan though. Seems like my current tactic, to hide and to wait for the enemy wasn't actually the best one for me. Instead, I re-located my team away from the place I was supposed to defend to the other side of the town. Then, I took pot-shots at the enemy. As soon as anyone of my team had fired a bullet I moved them to another position. This resultet that I found spare ammo aswell. It seems like it confused the AI because in the end they were spread out all over the town instead of focused on one point. Then when backup arrived it was easy.
  2. I am aware that it is possible to change saturation and other various settings by using for example this script inside a trigger: "colorCorrections" ppEffectEnable true; "colorCorrections" ppEffectAdjust [1,1.9,0,[0,0,0,0],[0.3,0.3,0.8,1.2],[1,1,2.3,1]]; "colorCorrections" ppEffectCommit 1; What I would like is this: the same saturation you get once the ''mission completed'' screen turns up in ARMA 3 campaign. The dark, black-and white saturation. Does anyone know how I can get it?
  3. Thanks, Its just that I would like it to be a lot darker, similar to this: http://www.mobygames.com/images/shots/l/399390-operation-flashpoint-dragon-rising-windows-screenshot-main.jpg (148 kB)
  4. Thank you! [objNull, ObjNull, tskEvidence1, "SUCCEEDED"] execVM "CA\Modules\MP\data\scriptCommands\taskHint.sqf"; did not work, its only for ARMA 2 I think, but I replaced that code with the regular arma-3 complete mission script and it fired properly. It worked.
  5. There is another way to do it aswell. It is more hazzle though if you have to do it on many units. But if its just a few then it works good. Put the following inside the unit ini Use this to hide your unit: this hideobject true; Use this to make your unit stand still: this disableai "move"; Use this to make no one fire at your unit: this setcaptive true; When you want your units to move, you simple put something like this inside a trigger: soldier1 hideobject false; soldier1 enableai "move"; soldier1 setcaptive false;
  6. I use this thread instead of creating a new one. In a mission that I am creating one of the tasks is to steal a document. My question is: how can I script it so that once I pick up the document, I complete the task? I have tried to place the 'task completed'-script inside the documents but nothing happens when I pick it up.
  7. Cyper

    My first campaign

    First off, sorry for late answer. I study and there is not been any time for me to work with the campaign lately. No. I have decided to keep addons to minimum. The only addon you will need is a mod called ’’Naval Special Warfare Units’’ by ltsThomas. Well, there is still things to do in the campaign. Mostly small details. For example, I have to figure out how to make a trigger fire off when the player reach a certain height. All this has to be fixed before I release it. I think its a good idea to let people play it without voiceacting, but I'm not going to release the campaign for testing to the whole community. Instead I'd just let a few people test the campaign and give feedback. I also think its a good idea to make the player completely immortal to any damage in the testcampaign just to make it possible for people to play through it as quickly as possible.
  8. First off, this is not a topic about damage from bullets or dismemberment. I want to speak about simple damage models. As it is now, all types of damage seems to trigger the same damage model. There seems to be no difference from falling or being shot. A few distinct damage models that could be considered is: Damage from fall Damage from fire Damage from hand-held weapons Damage from .50 CAL Damage from grenades Damage from explosions What would be interesting to see is a distinct damage model of each of these categories. What do you think?
  9. Cyper

    My first campaign

    Yeah, the game need more campaigns and other content! It's encouraging that I get responses. Right now, I'm working on the last mission. It's mission 15. Briefings, objectives, cutscenes, most dialog, music, saturation, various triggers, enemies, animations.. is all in place in every mission. What's left is to ensure that the mission flows well and smooth which is time consuming because I have to put a lot of time to make the AI act properly. Then I have to write down all dialog for all characters and (hopefully) find people that are willing to do some voiceacting work. The last thing I tend to do is to add details to the missions, such as clutter, fire effects, smoke effects, sound effects, civilian life, gaurd routes, random animations, just to make the world feel less empty.
  10. If you actually look at ARMAHOLIC, it is obvious that there is a good amount of content for ARMA III. One also has to consider the fact that models in ARMA III have higher quality than in ARMA II which means that more time and effort has to be put in. Another factor is that content is in production, but yet not released. Personally, I don't create mods, but I am working with my first campaign, and all I can say is that it takes time.
  11. Cyper

    No women at all

    We need femalt characters. We need many for the civilian side, and a few for the OPFOR/BLUEFOR side. End of discussion.
  12. I want a AI unit to place a satchel charge once it have reached a waypoint. I have used this inside the AI init. It works - it gives me a charge. this addmagazine "DemoCharge_Remote_Mag"; Then I have used this script in order to make the AI place the satchel charge. Unfortunately, this script does NOT work anymore. test fire ["pipebombmuzzle", "pipebombmuzzle", "pipebomb"
  13. Thanks, I got it working. :)
  14. It doesn't work. The units still disembark. I tried both assignAs, ordergetin, separetly, and both and it didn't work. I even tried to make it even more simple: I used ''this moveincargo boat'' for each respective unit. For the driver of the boat I used disableai move. I did waypoints out on the sea. I used ''hideobject true'' inside the boat init. In a trigger, ''enableai move'' was written inside for the driver, and ''hideobject false'' for the boat. The boat appeared but driver refused to move. I have used exactly the same type of method on land vehicles and it works.
  15. This is what it’s about: a group1 is about to make an escape with a boat. There is a guard close to the boat. They kill the guard. Once the guard is dead, the screen fades out. When the screen is faded the group1 is deleted, and group2 is spawned inside the boat. This script is triggered: fake4_k9 moveingunner speedboat; fake4_ar moveincargo speedboat; fake4_medic moveincargo speedboat; fake4_eod moveincommander speedboat; fake_truck_driver moveindriver speedboat; selectPlayer fake4_k9; deleteVehicle k9; deleteVehicle ar_; deleteVehicle medic; deleteVehicle eod_3; deleteVehicle truck_driver; fake4_k9 enableai "MOVE"; fake4_ar enableai "MOVE"; fake4_medic enableai "MOVE"; fake4_eod enableai "MOVE"; fake_truck_driver enableai "MOVE"; Problem is: ''fake_truck_driver'', which is supposed to DRIVE the boat, REFUSE to move. The boat simply stands still and nothing happens. Someone may ask why I didn't let the first group be directly spawned into the boat. The answer is: it doesn't work. If I let the same group spawn directly into the boat, they will just disembark.
  16. I order the driver to move via a waypoint ''Move'', with Full speed, and set to Careless.
  17. Well, good then. I hope it's getting fixed.
  18. This is getting really annoying. I can play the game on High settings with roughly 25-30 fps. The problem is, the settings for textures changes by itself when I play the game because when I look into the graphic options menu, the texture settings have changed from ''High'' to ''Standard''. This is very annoying! Have anyone else experienced this? It should get fixed either by removing it completely or an option to turn it off.
  19. Cyper

    My first campaign

    I'm still working with the campaign. There is 13 missions so far. There is probably going to be roughly 15-16 missions. The campaign is about a group of special forces that gets inserted on Altis. But as with most of the U.S units that gets inserted, things does not go down well at first. Their goal is to find a special person, and in order to do so, they'll have to search, destroy, assassinate, and infiltrate on enemy territory. They will encounter both CSAR units and insurgents. Two new screen, two different locations, two different atmospheres. http://i.imgur.com/WFJ60Io.jpg (269 kB) http://i.imgur.com/Q0iTaeK.jpg (426 kB)
  20. I agree with OP. It's a shame that not more people take a few seconds extra to add a comment. That means a lot for the people who create missions and mods.
  21. Cyper

    Adapt your thoughts?

    The command system is good. It can't be more simple, because if it would, the game would be horrible.
  22. My old tricks that I used for smoke, dust and fire effects in ARMA II does not work anymore. I have found one firescript for ARMA III but with that script I couldn't control the fires size, lenght etc. And the camera shake effect does not work for me.
  23. I have already tried to use ''addshake'' before through a trigger, and it does not work anymore. Is there any way to add smoke, dust and fire without having to download something? There must be a script for it. At least for fire because i've seen it in a campaign mission.
  24. Which time is ADAPT released???