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  1. If I use disableuserinput I can't move my the head.
  2. Cyper

    My first campaign

    Thank you, sounds good. I have been thinking about adding a narrator voice aswell. It will keep the player more engaged with the storyline. I came to think about something: I have used htune_objects in order to make it possible to place objects from arma 3 vanilla, but will that mod be required in order for other people to see these objects?
  3. It doesn't work. The player is stuck, but I can't use my mouse to look around.
  4. Cyper

    My first campaign

    That's great to hear! I am not going to upload the campaign on Steam Workshop or anywhere else until it's completely finished. Only the people from this board who feel eager to test it is going to be able to test it. There is totally 14 missions. I will send you the campaign as Singlemissions for the sake of testing. I will send those who are interested private message with a link so you can download it. I'll send it to you monday evening. This is because I noticed some problems with the AI. Jepp. :)
  5. Is there any script that I can use via a trigger to move an object to a pre-defined location? What I want to do is to make an object move into a trigger zone and activate the trigger.
  6. Cyper

    My first campaign

    The campaign is ready for testing!
  7. Cyper

    Move object

    Thank you a lot! That solved many of my problems! :D
  8. I have a problem. I am trying to synchronize a quite complex cutscene that involves a lot of triggers that must fire of att exactly the same time, or else, the whole cutscenes fails. The mission ends with a helicopter ride. Once the helicopter reach a certain waypoint, it fires of a trigger, and it also fires off ''intro15.sqs''. When that trigger is fired, a civilian unit runs through a couple of other triggers. These triggers is placed in line with each others so they fire off at the same time. Unfortunately, there is something wrong. For example, the trigger that handles music never fire off. At other times certain triggers fire off to late. Sometimes the ''intro15.sqs'' in the waypoint fires off to late, sometimes to early. Is there any better way to do this? What I would like to is this: I want the helicopter to fly through and fire off one trigger. When that trigger activates, I want the intro15.sqs to fire off, AND, I want an object to SPAWN ammidiately inside all the other triggers and activate them. Because using waypoints to active triggers isn't always exact in timing. Using civilians to run throug a couple off triggers isn't always exact in timing either. Timing is vital in this cutscene, and if it isn't perfect, I have to scrap the whole mission from my campaign, and then I have to scrap all 15 mission in my campaign. I'm really frustated right now and I need an expert's help!
  9. I came up with another idea but it did not work: I thought that I let an object be moved into a trigger in order to activate the trigger. So I used this: object1 attachTo [object2,[0,0,0]]; The thought is that when trigger1 is activated, object1 is re-located into a zone where I have all the triggers I need activated triggers, and therefore object1 activates all the triggers. But it does not work. Is it because I use ''attachTo''? Is there any script such as ''MoveTo''?
  10. Its the missions where you're ordered to seize an outpost in a town. Suddenly the power is cut off and the town turns dark. Spec Ops floods the streets after a while, and you must hold the outpost. This mission is really difficult. I have done what's recomended: waiting for the enemy, rather than engaging them head to head and I'm doing that from the safety from an abandoned house overlooking the outpost. The problem is that I only have one magazine (in this case 30 rounds). So I have to use single-bursts against these Spec Ops and it doesn't work well because they have body armor, and they are a lot more skilled than regular infantry. I have tried to scavange dead bodies but they only have one magazine on them. Lack of ammo is the real problem because I have to think about every single bullet I fire.
  11. I can't get this to work properly. I synced Headquarters entity to ''Play radio message'', and then I synced ''Played radio message'' to the trigger. But once I walk into the trigger nothing happens.
  12. Cyper

    My first campaign

    I'm glad to hear! What takes most of my time is the damn AI. In one mission the AI teamleader couldn't lead the team without standing still on one place forever, or drifting off (it happens because of high enemy presence), in another mission AI teamleader gets stuck in a house, in a few other missions the AI crash a vehicle until its totally wrecked, in another mission the AI refuse to drive away with a boat that is used for an escape, and in another mission (stealth mission) the AI does not react the way it should to make the mission work properly, in another mission where you are supposed to escape AI gets distracted by enemies around (despite all scripts that I use to prevent it). So I have to use all sorts of scripts, test them, change them again etc. Its a pain, and it takes a lot of time and effort. This campaign is quite much 'on rails' for an arma campaign, and there is quite a lot of scripting involved. But I think I'll focus on making the missions playable, by fixing AI issues. I have done a lot of testing myself and any problem is any mission more or less always boils down to AI issues. So I'll focus on the AI issues, and I will lend the campaign to you.
  13. This solved my problem. Thanks. I was gooling a solution before, but I never came across this one earlier.
  14. How do I remove NVG gooles from units? The following script does not work. this unassignItem "NVGoggles"; this removeItem "NVGoggles";
  15. Cyper

    My first campaign

    Hello! I just wanted to say that I am still working with the campaign. The campaign is not abandoned. I have had some spare time from my studies, and here’s what I’ve done: WHAT'S DONE • All 15 missions have been tested various times • New dialog text have been added • New cutscenes have been added • Structure for certain missions have changed to due to AI issues • New music scores have been added • Overview text have been added • Overview pictures have been added • Mission objectives have been added • Unit ID (voice, accent, look etc.) have been created • Unit ID added have been added to every mission • BIS ‘Mission Completed’ have been added • Dust effects have been added • Various sound effects have been added WHAT’S LEFT TO DO: • Add animals to certain missions • Add stationary civilian units and vehicles • Add moving civilian units and vehicles • Random enemy camps, units, and vehicles • Fix various problems with the AI, for example, teamleader get stuck inside a house on mission 1. The AI issues takes up most of the time and some missions • Fix cutscene timing at mission 14 • Add dialog sound to the dialog triggers In general, the campaign is almost ready for testing. I am not going to release the whole campaign for testing though. Those who are interested will receive the campaign as scenarios to make it possible to choose missions to test freely. There is unfortunately a lot of problems with the AI and I have been forced to change the structure of certain missions. This is just a short and simple demostration of the second mission. The campaign itself starts off where the ARMA III campaign ends. NATO have decided wage war against CSAT. U.S Special forces is first out to commence an attack on the island. Their task is to disable CSAT main defenses. nQtY61o56eA&hd=1
  16. Alright, thanks for the answer!
  17. Last week, I tried to export a mission to the scenario section. It worked well, and the description screen was visible. Now I did the same thing. Problem is this: When I click ''Save as...'' and then click ''Export to singleplayer missions'', the game creates a NEW mission folder, meaning that the folder wont have the appropiate description files, cutscene files etc as in the original. But not only that: the folder changes its name to ''03%20-%20MOUNTAIN%20BLAST.Altis''' WTF? http://oi57.tinypic.com/10qgbk0.jpg (1135 kB)
  18. Alright, but does that mean that the mission name inside the scenario box will show as ''Mountain_Blast'', or will it show as ''Mountain Blast''? Because I don't want underline to be visible in the mission selection screen.
  19. What am I supposed to do then if my mission is called ''Mountain Blast''? Does it mean that I can't have a mission name with space in it?
  20. There is about 8 different triggers I want to activate. I tried using triggeractivated [trigger1, trigger2, trigger3] but it didnt work
  21. Thanks! I didn't know it was that simple. Now there is only problem left: how can I trigger the cutscene? The best solution would be to trigger the cutscene in the same trigger, but cutscenes can't be triggered it seems. Using waypoints is not that reliable.
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    Well, that sorted it out. I was searching for ''subtitles'' for arma at google, and I didn't find anything. Thanks!
  23. At the moment, I write subtitles and titles through triggers. I wonder if its possible to run a subtitles through an sqs file. I would specifically want the dialog text to be presented in the same way it is when you write your text in a trigger. Is this possible?
  24. Cyper

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    It was a tough mission, but from what OP told me, it seems like its just bad luck. As far as I know, enemy units does not spawn in the same location all the time and the same units does not spawn either. More than that, units roam around for free. This means that if you're just unlucky. I remember that in one mission in Cold War Crisis you were supposed to attack and then hold a base. There was like 10% chance that you would have to defend the town from an APC.. and that made it harder
  25. Cyper

    Rate the third episode!

    It may imply that there is going to be a separate DLC where the campaign continues. Altis is a very big map, and I certainly think that there is going to be a DLC taking place in Altis.