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    Altis Life RPG

    Thank you. I did ask but got no answer. Sorry, I'm not really into Multiplayer in ARMA. My previous history in arma MP is 15 minutes play in ARMA: Combat Operations back in 2009 and that's about it. I never even tried arma 2 mp. I tend to spend my time in the editor or singleplayer. Do you have any suggestions how I could get my hands on a weapon? I have not seen any weaponshops on the server im playing on.
  2. Cyper

    Altis Life RPG

    I played Altis Life yesterday for the first time. I managed to get enough cash to buy a driving licence and a quad bike. Problem is, I can't enter the quadbike. It's like if the vehicle is locked for me. I googled the problem and found a solution: pressing ''L'' or CTRL+ SPACE. It made no difference. I still can't enter the vehicle. What is the problem?
  3. I have used this setFriend [blufor, 0]; and it makes the particular AI civilian unit hostile towards BLUFOR. But Bluefor does not attack the civilian unit. I can of course use blufor setFriend [civilian, 0]; , but the problem is that I want like 20 hostile civilian units. It then becomes a pain to name all of them.
  4. Thank you! It works now. In the future, I hope there will be a simple module to make specific units hostile.
  5. I have still not found a solution to this problem. Use of setfriend or grouping is not only impractical but it makes the AI behave very irratic, sometimes ignoring the player completely or running around. The only solution yet, which is not very practical but it works, is to put civilian clothes on for example independent. The unit becomes hostile, but all clothing items except shirt and pants is added. The unit is standing there in his underwear! It seems like I can't add civilian clothes on blufor, opfor or independent units??? This is the script I used: removeAllWeapons this; removeUniform this; removeHeadgear this; removeVest this; this unassignItem "NVGoggles"; this removeItem "NVGoggles"; this addUniform "U_C_Poloshirt_blue"; this addHeadgear "H_Cap_red"; this addVest "V_BandollierB_cbr"; this addMagazine "HandGrenade"; this addMagazines ["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green", 5];
  6. Wow! Thank you so much. This was exactly what I was looking for! The only thing I now have to figure out is to make it possible to actually fire weapons. Because with that script the player can aim with the weapon, but its not possible to fire or reload, and there is no crosshair.
  7. Cyper

    Movie editor program

    It's to bad, because movie maker is sufficient to edit movies. It's the lag that makes it unbearable. I have tried looking for fixes but I have found none. The personell at windows seems to have a screw lose telling me I might have ''insufficent ram memory'', ''wrong codex'' etc. 8bg of ram should be sufficient. Sometimes I can't even clip play or stop. When I edit the screen is sometimes black and only the sound of the video can be heard.
  8. That sounds great.. I have tried to Google, but not found anything to help me out to do it.
  9. Cyper

    Campaign: The Henchman

    The files have been sent to your inbox Lib! That sounds awesome! You could be my second playtester if you want! If you create a video review I would really appreciate it! It depends. I can't even upload youtube videos via steam. When I try to tie my youtube account to steam I get error.
  10. Cyper

    Arma3 Videos

    ARMA III - The Henchman
  11. Cyper

    Campaign: The Henchman

    I'm glad you like it! I have already created roughly 8 missions which are ready for testing! Tell me when you want to test them! :D
  12. Cyper

    Campaign: The Henchman

    Thanks for the feedback all. I'm glad you want to test my campaign again Lib. Teen missions are soon ready to be tested. There is a lot of scripting work. I work a lot with the AI behaviour. You wont just have NPCs being randomly placed on the map. The AI behaviour is scripted to adapt depending on the players actions. For example, if you kill innocent civilians you may hear sirens from an approaching police car. If you manage to eliminate the police backup will arrive. Going loud, such as blowing up stuff, may for example cause helicopters to search for you. If you're spotted on infiltration missions search parties may be sent out to look for you. If you disable generators a technician may be sent out to restore the lights. If you poison someone a death animation will be fired along with a choking sound effect. The game is a mix between Hitman, I.G.I and Far Cry. And by the way, video is not in private mode anymore.
  13. The problem still persist and I have no solution. By deleting files, I managed to get a lot of space. The problem is that my hard drive still keep filling up. After a windows ~250mb update I lost 32 gig again. Two ago weeks I SUDDENLY got 32 gigs of free space out of nowhere. Now, I have lost 13 gig again. I use Advanced Systemcare to keep my computer fresh. But defragging the registry and so forth tends decrease the space on my hard drive and therefore make things worse. Same thing goes with windows updates. They make things go worse.
  14. The problem persist, and btw, I am using windows 7. My hard drive had 424 out of 465 this morning. When I was about to shut down my PC an hour later, I noticed that it was at 343 out of 465. ... My PC have been on for about 10 minutes now. I suddenly lost 2 gig.
  15. The aiming accuracy, aiming shake, aiming speed, endurance, spot distance, spot time and so forth can all be tweaked by the Setskill array. Now, I am creating a campaign which involves stealth kills. The most serious complication with such a campaign is this: it is impossible to sneak up behind an AI unit without being spotted. The AI in arma does not only ''see'' but they also ''hear''. The problem is that their hearing is at times far too good. It is perfectly possible to sneak up behind stationary target in real-life without being spotted. Natural environments has environmental sounds such as wind, birds, thunderstorms, rainfall, etc. I realize it may be difficult to tweak AI hearing to all kinds of circumstances. The question is this; Is there any way in which I can use a script to impair an AI units hearing ability?
  16. I think I have found the cause of the problem. Partly. I have not updated my computer for two weeks = I have not lost any memory at all. This morning my computer installed an automatic windows update = I have lost 20 gig of hard drive space. What the heck? :huh:
  17. I have searched the forums, aswell as youtube and google, but I have yet not found a solution to this question. I am looking for a script that makes the following possible: Script 1 (disguise system) I want to be able to steal a dead enemies clothes. The clothes should then function as a disguise. However, if the player moves to close the enemy, he gets detected. If the enemy spot the player killing a friendly, the cover is blown. Script 2 (visible weapon) This is simply a script that will make the player fire upon a unit if that unit has a visible weapon.
  18. I can't see how much space is used for restore point, but I guess the default position of the slider shows that it is set at zero.
  19. Well, windirstat seems to be a good way to track down big files. But big files is not the issue in the first place. The issue is that my hard drive space increase when I am doing absolutely nothing. I may spend a whole day studying, writing in word, and then the disc space may increase 6+gig. Since I created this topic, another 2 gig have been lost - and I have not saved anything except two word documents. Maybe it has something to do with windows restore points? Because I have lost almost 40 gig the last two weeks by doing nothing. And I have stopped to use Advanced Systemcare because it only makes more space be wasted.
  20. Sorry, but how do I do this?
  21. Maybe so, but I bought this computer brand new 2012. So it's not an old pc. But then, what else might be the cause?
  22. Yes! I have begun to work on a campaign. I have created two campaigns before but I have released none of them. I plan to release this campaign. The plans I have for the campaign is not 100% clear so I'm not going to go into detail to much at the moment. What I can tell so far is that: - The campaign will feature a lot of cutscenes - There will be written dialog with voice acting (if and only if I find voiceactors willing to help) - The campaign will follow a special unit. - The mission design will be quite ''casualized'' compared to typical ARMA campaigns. No, this isn't a trend I would like people to follow and it's generally a trend I don't like. But there is two reasons for this. The first reason is that I want the campaign to be aimed at new players. But most importantly of all, the more complex the campaign is, the more work there is. I want this campaign to be solid and I want it released. Therefore, I'd rather make it simple and well than huge and sloppy. Because if I don't get happy with the end result never release it. Tell me what you think, and I would really, really appreciate if some experienced mission/campaign makers would drop some suggestions and give me some feedback on this one! HERE IS A SHORT TEASER (STRONGLY RECOMMEND TO WATCH IN FULL SCREEN IN HD). Maybe not a very fancy teaser. FPS drops like hell when I record with fraps and the only editing program I have available is windows movie maker.. +1 if you know where the music in the beginning comes from. :p M9B8yezWSFM& Cutscene demo
  23. Cyper

    My first campaign

    Yes it does indeed! I have already received the dialog from the voice actor from mission 1 to mission 15. Main character is therefore done - only thing left is to add it to the voice to every mission along with subtitles. Then I just need one or two more voiceactor for some minor dialog.
  24. Cyper

    My first campaign

    A voice actor on armaholic have finally messaged me back. It seems like this campaign might get released after all. I made a demo so I can demostrate it. A little bit of spoiler alert though.No subtitles yet. It's from a mission in the middle of the campaign.