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    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    I love BIS. Please go on as you do now. Do not ever fall into the greedy, disgusting, stinky, piece of fucking trash shit pigeonhole where many million dollar gaming companies are at right now built on greed and developing cheap, successfull games with expensive dlcs and expansion packs instead of quality games. So simply.. I love BIS. This thread can be locked, right now.
  2. Cyper

    Why are you playing BIS games?

    Mainly, because BIS seems not to be so fucking greedy and disgusting as many other gaming companies, such as Electronic Arts and Codemasters.
  3. I downloaded and used ''ArmA editor'' when I created my Description.ext But it doesn't seems to work anyway. I can't understand what I'm doing wrong. Inside the mission map, I got the description.ext document, plus a folder called ''sounds'', containing the proper .ogg file. However, now I can't even load the mission. Instead the game closes down and I get the message: C:/Users/amnell/Documents/arma/missions/02%20-%20Operation%Dead%20Fox.afghan_village/description.ext, line 12: /CfgMusic/: 'S' encountered instead of '{' EDIT: After using google for quite a time, I found the solution to the problem; I just changed the .ogg files names, to a much shorter name, with no space,and it worked perfectly. So it was not the description.ext fault!
  4. Hi people, I am currently working on my first campaign, called Operation Dead Fox and I've just started out to create my own missions in arma but I have a few questions. First off, how to I add custom music/soundtracks? It seems like I don't get it working properly! This is how I've done: Documents/ArmaA/missions I wanted to put music into the mission named ''01%20-%20Taking%20the%20airfield.Sara'' So I put this in a text document and saved it as ''Description.ext'' class CfgSounds { // List of sounds (.ogg files without the .ogg extension) sounds[] = {ageofwar}; // Definition for each sound class ageofwar { name = "ageofwar"; // Name for mission editor sound[] = {\sound\ageofwar.ogg, 1, 1.0}; titles[] = {}; }; }; I placed a map called ''Sound'' in that folder, containing a file called ''ageofwar.ogg'' (it should be .ogg, right?) Then, I started the game and choosed the appropiate mission and used a trigger in the mission editor, and in ''on act'' i wrote ''playSound ageofwar". But it doesn't work. I got no error message or anything, but I can't simply hear the sound. Another question I have is: How to I make soldiers sit down? What's the script for that? And finally, how do I save all my created missions as a campaign? EDIT: Another thing I wonder! 1. How do I create text conversations ingame? 2. I am currently creating a mission where you have to find a POW. I use 'Trigger' to indicate when you find him. However, ammidiately after you've found him, I want a ''Move to'' point to pop up.. but how do I do that? This would mean that when you walk into the trigger area, a ''move to'' point would pop up.
  5. The idea just popped up after I downloaded the CWR mod: Is it possible to convert Zargabad into arma and make it a playble map?
  6. It sounds real simple to set waypoints; mark a soldier for instance, and double-click somewhere on the map. But it ain't easy. Truth is that it might take up to 30-40 minutes, and sometimes an hour, for me to set a few waypoint due to the fact that nothing happen when I doubleclick somewhere. I spend more time trying to set waypoints than actually doing other editing. I am currently trying to set waypoints for a chopper. But it only work sometimes. Often nothing happes when I click. What the F is wrong?
  7. Thanks. Gonna try this stuff out. By the way, I downloaded and installed ''JTD_smokeEffekts_MP_beta_5_21'' and since then my AI have went.. I don't know, weird. And they're always throwing granades at me if im in range. Because as far as I know, the AI never throw granades otherwise. JTD_SmokeEffects_MP_beta_5_21
  8. Does anyone have a suggestion for a mod that improves the AI? I just bought arma, and in my opinion the AI is to low. Not only that, but they can also see though grass and bushes.
  9. Hey, I have recently ordered Arma and I will soon (probably tomorrow) be able to lay my hands on it. However I got some questions. 1. What is the latest patch for arma? And can I update from the first version directly to this one? 2. Is there any mod out that that replace the robotic voices that are used in arma to a more realistic one? 3. What's the most realistic sound mod for arma (weapon sounds, explosions, vechicles etc) 4. How does the cold war rearmed mod work? Does it replace Sarhani? Or will I still be able to play the orginal campaign? 5. Does Cold war rearmed include all the campaign missions from the orginal OFP. And finally.. is it worth to download the mod?
  10. Cyper

    Looking for some mods

    Looks very promising. It was ages ago since I played OFP. Truth is, I don't remember so much about the game. However, when I am talking about sound mods It's kinda hard to make a decision. I don't care about personal taste. What I want is realism. Problem is that I've never fired a gun.. or heard a granade go off so I don't know what too look for. But I will for sure remember the mod you posted thanks.
  11. Hi there, I have recently seriously started to think about updating my computer for arma2. Problem is, I don't know exactly what I need to update in order to run arma2 smooth, on highest settings on everything. Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate 2-bit (6.1, Build 7100) Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4100+ (2CPUs,) ~2.2GHz Graphiccard: GeForce 8600 GT Memory 2048MB RAM DirectX version: DirectX 11 Please help me out guys.
  12. Cyper

    VF FPS Saver (VFFPSS)

    It doesn't really say much about how to disable mods. I didn't create any mod section in the arma2 folder. However, I uninstalled the game and the mod is still active.. Isn't it any way to remove the file in the arma2 folder? EDIT: I finally found the file and deleted it. It was in my documents. Case closed.
  13. Hello there. I wonder if it is possible to create more advanced graphics settings to arma2 or if it already are some kind of mod out there that makes this possible. For instance, being able to change blur effects and - most of all water quality. Performance should increase with lower water quality, I guess.
  14. Cyper

    VF FPS Saver (VFFPSS)

    Sorry for being harsh. My mood isn't good today and I want to play arma2..obviously, it shouldn't affect other people. Sorry. However I have no idea how to take it out from my mod list.
  15. Cyper

    VF FPS Saver (VFFPSS)

    How do I install this piece of junk.. Sorry, but I'm a bit upset because It seems like there's no way do uninstall it. I deleted the map it was in but it's still there since the meny pops up when I pres ESC ingame.. help.
  16. Hi there, as you might see im new to the forum. I recently bough operation flashpoint dragon rising which was a mistake. I downloaded the demo for Arma2 and I'll think I like a bit more than ofp2, however there are some questions I have. First off I feel that the games bloom effects are a bit hard on the eyes and the game feels a bit to blurred. Is it the same in the full version? Also I found out that you can see all your enemies marked on the map as Operation Flashpoint DR. I can't say I'm a fan of this function since it makes it simple to spot enemies. Is there an:bigsmile:y way to deactivate this? How much better is the full version of Arma2 if you compare it to ofp2?(speaking about multiplayer) and is it worth to buy the game? Then.. how many players are active in playing arma2? I would appreciate if I got those questions answered.