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  1. I have played for 20h now... and I haven't managed to enjoy the game at all. Quickaiming, ability to bandage yourself faster than a ninja, simplified weapon handling, stripped down command system, ability to sprint like Usain Bolt and make an instant stop, or turn around 180 degrees without and decreased speed, and then quickaim and shoot someone. It's possible to make an instant 180 turn without decreased speed, or making a completely dead stop, or going from standing still to sprint in a milisecond, or sprinting and making a dead stop and quickaiming with either your rifle or submachinegun. The weapons requires absolutely no skill to aim with. Not to talk about features such as skillpoints, which ultimately makes it possible to use perks (even though it's not called that in the game) such as being able to throw grenades super far, or reduced recoil on all weapons. And then we have this STG44 super weapon. You can bandage yourself faster than a ninja. Almost no punishment for being shot. Ability to run rambo with the MG and hipshoot people. Stripped down command system, and incredible stupid features such as unlocks and Lockdown timer to force players to run and gun even more. Plus all the HUD details... This video kinda express some of my feelings for this game. =| No, this game was a waste of money. Maybe the modders will make it playable, but still, shame on TWI. I should have known this when they were talking about making the game more accesible. This is one of the worst sequels I've ever played. I have gone back to play RO ost instead. I simply can't enjoy this game.
  2. I can't even issue a simple order such as Search & Destroy. The plane won't simply follow my order or it will simply roam around like an idiot. Or it may attack after 5 minutes. Or ten minutes. Or it might crash. There is so many damn issues that get me really irretated while playing the game. Sometimes, the AI refuse to follow orders. Unfortunately, I can't play arma 2 due to my rubbish comp, but is it really like this in arma 2 aswell? Even the most simple thing in the editor gets such a bigass problem.
  3. I am currently working with arty scripts. It seems to work but when I assign a target on the map I get this message: Sound firedirection not found. The sound obviously have to be defined in the .ext file by using this from the arma editor: class CfgSounds { // List of sounds (.ogg files without the .ogg extension) sounds[] = {Name_Of_Sound}; // Definition for each sound class BHD_Still { name = "Name_Of_Sound"; // Name for mission editor sound[] = {\sound\Name_Of_Sound.ogg, db + 0, 1.0}; titles[] = {0, ""}; }; }; The problem is: I don't know what the sound is called.
  4. this addWeapon "Laserdesignator"; this addMagazine "Laserbatteries" So, I a GBU in the air, got the designator, and I got the batteries. I look for a target, I aim with the designator, click the firetrigger, wait..... and nothing happens.
  5. Is it possible to get my hands on this mod somewhere? I'd really like it.
  6. Cyper

    Operation Dead Fox

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us y954Anz3SAk First off, I don't know exactly how many people that actually still play arma. However,I am currently working on my second campaign, called Operation Dead Fox. One of the biggest things I wanted to change since my first, huge, but not campaign, was the way it was built. The first campaign was mainly focused on leading a slightly big squad, over a massive terrain, backed up by a lot of other squads, and the fights were pretty impressive with a lot of AIs involved. Fairly spectacular really. It was also focused on all kinds of combats; infantry combat, tank combat, sea combat, air combat and so on, over a huge area land. In this campaign I do quite the opposite from the last one. You've got a team consisting of five soldiers, including yourself. If you're leading 8 or ten soldiers it felt like loosing a few didn't really affect the gameplay, but this time it does, since you've only got four to your disposal. So this is more about teamwork and working as a small team, mainly focused on infantry combat. So you simply have to plan your approaches pretty carefull in order to keep your men safe. You won't be flying helicopters, planes and such in the campaign but obviously, they will exist in battle as transportation and such. However, the campaign does include driving jeeps and tanks, even if It's not the core focus. The focus is really infantry combat, with more teamwork-like gameplay, rather than the spectacular type of gameplay, over smaller areas, often close combat around the desert and the city of Avgani and Afgani itself. The campaign won't unfortunately feature any voice acting or cutscenes, but it will certainly contain a lot of dialog anyway, in order to tell the player what's really happening out on the field, what your team is thinking, how approaches are planned and so on. It will also contain some help text on each mission, along with a briefing giving you vital details about your currect task. What i've really focused on this time is the soundtrack. I've spent pretty much time to research and try to find the ultimate music to my camaign, not just adding music thoughless and randomly to each mission, but really trying to figure out where each and every track is most suitable. So I tend to play each mission various times with diffrent tracks in order to see wich one is most suitible. The soundtrack is rather blasting and powerfull, with composers such as Michael Giacchino, Philip Glass and even Ludwig van Beethoven, and of course some of the gold found in Operation arrowhead. What's really a huge diffrence from the last campaign is that you actually will see the aftermath and the diffrence between every mission. If you attack a village and then go back there the next day, the corpses from the dead will be there. If you successfully take control over a area, US soldiers will be present there whenever you go back, and as you progress in the game checkpoint along the roads and such will pop up. However, cities such as Avgani, won't be crawling with people, due to performance issues but the goal is to make it live a little. Both insurgents and PLA forces will gaurd and patrol certain areas, aswell as civilians will drive and walk around. So everything around you isn't just empty. Both enemies and civilians exist out of your operation area and the more you play the more control the US will gain over the area. Meaning, if you go hiking, you'll certainly encounter enemies. I am currently working with the last mission in Afgani, and after that, I'm about too add music tracks, refine dialogs and other things, creating briefings, placing clutter, civilians, and so on. And when that's done I'll start working with the second part of the campaign. I might also add that the second part of the campaign will place you in Blackwaters Team Saber. The idea is to make it slightly opposite from the USMC missions in order to see the campaign from another view. When you play as Team Saber, the missions will be slightly diffrent and designed in another way. It's those people that shoot first and ask later. You will experience more about the invasions aftermath and you won't follow any strict ''military lexikon'', and the briefings will be totally diffrent aswell. The tasks will include things like search and resque US POWs, protecting civilians, assasinating warlords, searching and destroying weapon hideouts etc. I am going to upload some screenshots later on about it, plus more information about the conflict and the campaign itself. CURRENTLY: Working with mission 18. Unfortunately, It seems like I might have to cancell this one, or simplfy it. I've get serious problem to use 'move to'. Been struggling for roughly three hours to try to get a car where I want it. Really frustating that I cannot get such a simple action to work properly. It's probably due to the fact that Avgani is just a beta version. The car simply don't move where I want to, and I'll have to replace triggers, try, replace, try replace.. sometimes half of the route works, something the car just stands still. Very very frustating. Civilians lurking around in some buildings in that fell victim to the US Artillery in central Afgani. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Soldiers holding a US checkpoint at the mainroad leading out from Afgani. Uploaded with ImageShack.us USMC soldiers operating in Afgani. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. Cyper

    Operation Dead Fox

    Unfortunately, it seems like I have to cancel this campaign. It seems like this last bit simply was the one I couldn't pass; I cannot get the campaign to work properly. If it isn't any type of error message, my game automatically shut down when I run it. Therefore, I've taken the decision to cancel the campaign. Hopefully I will release some of the 22 missions as singlemissions later.
  8. Cyper

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    I hope people won't blow my suggestion away but I think that children should be added to civilians in the game. To be honest, the war in arma sometimes feels a little bit to clean. I'd like some horror to it.
  9. It seems like there is more and more complaints coming up on the forums. I believe that my feeling for RO: HOS somehow was right. The reason for why I felt something was missing in the game. I saw this post by an old member (2002) which pretty much sums up how I feel.
  10. This server tends to focus more on tactics compared to most others out there: http://thepara.co.uk/ It's the best one I've found so far.
  11. 4/10 http://blog.machinima.com/insidegaming/2011/09/22/red-orchestra-2-heroes-of-stalingrad-review/
  12. How can I get my hands on that server? In overall, I have a quite hard time to enjoy the game. Not only because they maps are so small and crowded, but because how each server is constructed. KillCam for instance is a big NO NO for me. The time limit on every server I've played is either 20 minutes or lower which means the players stress to get a high score, gain XP blabla, so the game feels more like cod than RO.
  13. I recently joined the group. Does it have any particular server to play on?
  14. Wtf? does it happen on all servers? For me, the server list sometimes becomes totally empty, aswell as my favorites. If I restart the game they come back. In overall, I believe my computer is at it's last legs. Already smashed the front of the computer chassi. I know It's time to buy a knew one when that happens. Only problem is; I don't have the cash just yet.
  15. Exactly the result I get from going from medium to high. The way it lags tells me that something is wrong. In every other game i've played, including arma 2, the lag doesn't change that dramatically.
  16. It's was already done but thanks for the tips anyway. It's weird, because when I go for higher settings the game doesn't really just lagg, It's more like It's freezing for a few seconds and then it goes back to normal for a half sec, then it freeze agian. Makes it completely unplayable. According to systemrequirementslab.com my computer passes on ALL stages for minimum requirements for arma 2. And I can play arma 2 on about 70% medium and 30 low settings. Here is the result for recomended settings for arma 2. Further info about my sys specs. My computer is obviously outdated, but still, i think this is weird.. or is it?
  17. Damn.. I can basicly only play RO with medium settings. I never thought the game would demand this much from my comp.. The orginal arma runs well at high settings... ohwell, my computer was great in early 2007 but it seems like it isn't enough nowdays. I'll have to buy myself a new one as soon as I get a damn job. :(
  18. I came to think about that..Silly me. Thanks anyway.
  19. Does anyone know how to change the username in multiplayer?
  20. Well, that pretty much explains WHY nothing seems to have worked for me. I didn't use notepad while I wrote the script. When I did I could start the campaign, however, the only problem left not is that the game freeze and finally close down when I click on start.
  21. I'm lost. I don't understand what I am supposed to write into the text that I've marked in bold. I think I've done everything else right (tell me if not), but the text in bold is something I do not understand. Wtf? I have no idea what I am supposed to write there..so I have just been writing what I believe should be there. class MissionDefault { lives = -1; lost = ; end1 = ; end2 = ; end3 = ; end4 = ; end5 = ; end6 = ; }; class Campaign { name = "OPERATION DEAD FOX"; firstBattle = Beginning; class Beginning { name = "01 - CALL OF DUTY"; firstMission = 01 - CALL OF DUTY; end1 = ; 02 - OPERATION DEAD FOX end2 = ; end3 = ; end4 = ; end5 = ; end6 = ; lost = ; 01 - CALL OF DUTY class OPERATION DEAD FOX: MissionDefault { end1 = 03 - THE FIRST DAY; lost = 02 - OPERATION DEAD FOX; template = 03 - CALL OF DUTY.afghan_village; }; class 02 - OPERATION DEAD FOX: MissionDefault { end1 = 03 - THE FIRST DAY; lost = 02 - OPERATION DEAD FOX; template = 02 - OPERATION DEAD FOX.afghan_village; }; class 03 - THE FIRST DAY: MissionDefault { end1 = 04 - ARMED ASSAULT; lost = 03 - THE FIRST DAY; template = 03 - THE FIRST DAY.afghan_village; }; class 04 - ARMED ASSAULT: MissionDefault { end1 = ; 05 - TAKEOUT lost = 04 - ARMED ASSAULT; template = 04 - ARMED ASSAULT.afghan_village; }; class 05 - TAKEOUT: MissionDefault { end1 = 06 - AFGANI SHOWDOWN lost = 05 - TAKEOUT; template = 05 - 05 - TAKEOUT.afghan_village }; class 06 - AFGANI SHOWDOWN: MissionDefault { end1 = 07 - PEACEKEEPER; lost = 06 - AFGANI SHOWDOWN; template = 06 - AFGANI SHOWDOWN; }; class 07 - PEACEKEEPER: MissionDefault { end1 = 08 - GOOD MORNING AVGANI; lost = 07 - PEACEKEEPER; template = 07 - PEACEKEEPER.afghan.village; }; class 08 - GOOD MORNING AVGANI: MissionDefault { end1 = 09 - TANK RALLY; lost = 08 - GOOD MORNING AVGANI; template = 08 - GOOD MORNING AVGANI.avgani; }; class 09 - TANK RALLY: MissionDefault { end1 = 10 - DESERT STORM; lost = 09 - TANKRALLY; template = 09 - TANK RALLY.avgani; }; class 10 - DESERT STORM: MissionDefault { end1 = 11 - INTO THE STORM; lost = 10 - DESERT STORM; template = 10 - DESERT STORM.avgani; }; class 11 - INTO THE STORM: MissionDefault { end1 = 12 - DISTURBANCE; lost = 11 - INTO THE STORM; template = 11 - INTO THE STORM.avgani; }; class 12 - DISTURBANCE: MissionDefault { end1 = 13 - ROAD TO AVGANi; lost = 12 - DISTURBANCE; template = 12 - DISTURBANCE.avgani; }; class 13 - ROAD TO AVGANI: MissionDefault { end1 = 14 - END OF THE LINE; lost = 13 - ROAD TO AVGANI; template = 13 - ROAD TO AVGANI.avganI ; }; class 14 - END OF THE LINE: MissionDefault { end1 =15 - LONE WOLF; lost = 14 - END OF THE LINE; template =14 - END OF THE LINE.avgani; }; class 15 - LONE WOLF: MissionDefault { end1 =16 - HEAVY ARMOUR; lost =15 - LONE WOLF ; template =15 - LONE WOLF.avgani ; }; class 16 - HEAVY ARMOUR: MissionDefault { end1 =17 - SERVE AND PROTECT; lost = 16 - HEAVY ARMOUR; template =16 - HEAVY ARMOUR; }; class 17 - SERVE AND PROTECT: MissionDefault { end1 =18 - A HIKE IN THE HILLS; lost =17 - SERVE AND PROTECt; template =17 - SERVE AND PROTECT.avganI; }; class 18 - A HIKE IN THE HILLS: MissionDefault { end1 =19 - TERMINATOR; lost =18 - A HIKE IN THE HILLS; template =18 - A HIKE IN THE HILLS.avgani; }; class 19 - TERMINATOR: MissionDefault { end1 =20 - SEARCH AND DELETE; lost =19 - TERMINATOR; template =19 - TERMINATOR.avgani; }; class 20 - SEARCH AND DELETE: MissionDefault { end1 =21 - GHOST TOWN; lost = 20 - SEARCH AND DELETE; template =20 - SEARCH AND DELETE.avgani ; }; class 22 - ESCAPE: MissionDefault { end1 = ; lost =22 - ESCAPE; template =22 - ESCAPE.avganI; }; }; };
  22. I've used that link before for a one chapter campaign. The only diffrence is that I get a diffrenent error message; File Campaigns/operation dead fox campaign/description.ext, line 4;/Campaign.Chapter1: Undefined case class 'No Endings'. I have absolutely no clue what all these error messages means so I can't solve it.
  23. Cyper

    Codemasters Guildford Studio to close!

    Yeah, that's right. I'd say that it's one of the mainreasons to it's failure. CM should have understood that the codpeople want either cod, or something very similar, and Red River is simply miles away from COD, and at the same time miles away from OFP. So basicly, Red River attracts an audience that doesn't exist, and the fact that RR is a stripped down and dumbed down sequel, that also is unpolished like an old car.. doesn't make it better. Sequel should be an improvement of previous version which red river isn't. Not to talk about all the lies and bad support. Did Sion Lenton expect people to cheer and clap their hands about all this? It's beyond stupid for me. Well, Sion is right about one thing; People do vote with their wallets..
  24. Thanks nettrucker.. but it seems like I won't get this working. Now I get the message: File Campaigns/operation dead fox campaign/description.ext,line 151: /Campaign/chapter1/: 'M' encountered instead of '{' I used exactly the same as you did but it keep getting screwed up for me. =/ class CfgIdentities { class player { name = "James Cooley"; face = "Chad H."; glasses = "None"; speaker = "Dusan"; pitch = 1.00; }; }; class CfgSounds {}; class MissionDefault { lives = -1; lost = ; end1 = ; end2 = ; end3 = ; end4 = ; end5 = ; end6 = ; }; class Campaign { name = "Operation Dead Fox"; firstBattle = chapter1; class chapter1 { name = "chapter1"; cutscene = ; firstMission = CallOfDuty; end1 = ; end2 = ; end3 = ; end4 = ; end5 = ; end6 = ; lost = ; class CallOfDuty: MissionDefault { end1 = OperationDeadFox; lost = CallOfDuty; template = CallOfDuty.afghan_village; }; class TheFirstDay: MissionDefault { end1 = ArmedAssault; lost = TheFirstDay; template = ArmedAssault.afghan_village.Zargabad; }; class TakeOut: MissionDefault { end1 = AfganiShowdown; lost = TakeOut; template = TakeOut.afghan_village; }; class AfganiShowdown: MissionDefault { end1 = PeaceKeeper; lost = AfganiShowdown; template = AfganiShowdown.afghan_village; }; class PeaceKeeper: MissionDefault { end1 = GoodMorningAvgani; lost = PeaceKeeper; template = PeaceKeeper.afghan_village; }; class GoodMorningAvgani: MissionDefault { end1 = TankRally; lost = GoodMorningAvgani; template = GoodMorningAvgani.avgani; }; class TankRally: MissionDefault { end1 = DesertStorm; lost = TakeRally; template = TankRally.avgani; }; class DesertStorm: MissionDefault { end1 = IntoTheStorm; lost = DesertStorm; template = Desertstorm.avgani; }; class Disturbance: MissionDefault { end1 = RoadToAvgani; lost = Disturbance; template = Disturbance.avgani; }; class RoadToAvgani: MissionDefault { end1 = EndOfTheLine; lost = RoadToAvgani; template = RoadToAvgani.avgani; }; class EndOfTheLine: MissionDefault { end1 = LoneWolf; lost = EndOfTheLine; template = EndOfTheLine.avgani; }; class LoneWolf: MissionDefault { end1 = HeavyArmour; lost = LoneWolf; template = LoneWolf.avgani; }; class HeavyArmour: MissionDefault { end1 = ServeAndProtect; lost = HeavyArmour; template = HeavyArmour; }; class ServeAndProtect: MissionDefault { end1 = AHikeInTheHills; lost = ServeAndProtect; template = ServeAndProtect.avgani; }; class AHikeInTheHills: MissionDefault { end1 = Terminator; lost = AHikeInTheHills; template = AHikeInTheHills.avgani; }; class SearchAndDelete MissionDefault { end1 = GhostTown; lost = SearchAndDelete; template = SearchAndDelete.avgani; }; class GhostTown: MissionDefault { end1 = Escape; lost = GhostTown; template = GhostTown.avgani; }; class Escape: MissionDefault { end1 = ; end2 = ; lost = ; template = Escape.avgani; }; }; }; class Awards {}; class Penalties {};
  25. Cyper

    Codemasters Guildford Studio to close!

    Red River didn't have any potential to become... anything more than a failure. Dragon Rising had the potential to become something, but it didn't happen, probably mainly because it was rushed. If they would have developed DR until this day I believe that it would have become a great game for both console and PC. Fixing the issues found in the game, adding a actual story, and in overall just polishing everything. It's unbelieveable how CM failed to produce and then some freetime modder like templar walks forwards and shows how it's done. Their whole business model is stupid. ''Hey, let's use the name OFP so we can gain sales, but since we can't develop anything close to the quality of OFP we can just tell lies to people to make them buy it.''And then ''Well, people loved DR - because it SOLD well - that means people like it, so let's strip down the game and remove all of it's vital features and then the cod-people will leave cod and play this game!''