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  1. Thank you for making this thread, atroublestarter. I feel the same way about the bugs of the game. To sum it all up, it's just incredibly frustrating to play. Before I complain too much, I want to say thank you to Bohemia for sticking with the game and continuing to patch it. I pre-ordered the game, felt that the buggy pre-release versions of the game were excusable of course, and at least we had a test phase with feedback to make sure that the game would have a good, profitable launch. I check back from time to time to see if the latest patches have fixed the major problems. I thought I'd put quite a few more hours into the game now that it has hit 1.05. It's almost a year later now and the CTD's are only just being ironed out, while most of the major issues of gameplay, which is what earned the game such low reviews on launch, seem to be at about the same state as they were in early testing. The biggest problem of the gameplay still seems to be the awful AI of units. For now I'd say that you might as well remove object collision entirely from units on auto-pilot until pathfinding is fixed, as they can't even be trusted to stay on a road at this state. Trying to fight a battle strategically is a huge gamble and a waste of time in many cases. Bringing multiple units at once into an attack is dangerous, as you can never trust them to reliably fire at a target on their own, and may just get themselves stuck somewhere while they're taking fire themselves, meaning you either lose the unit entirely, or have to make the long, difficult journey to your nearest rearm/repair stations (again, struggling with the pathfinding just to get there). You really should not have to spend more than half of your effort during a battle trying to babysit the AI. It almost makes me wish there was a way to timewarp and auto-resolve a battle. It needs an overhaul. I can go on about other bugs that I have trouble with, but they've all been covered in the past. Just about every review of the game I've read since release talks about how much potential there is, but major gameplay bugs like those pointed out in this thread are what basically kill this game for most people, and outsiders don't even want to give it a try because of it.
  2. That seems to have fixed that problem, thanks a lot. I'm not sure why I couldn't figure that out, haha, I've actually had that happen once in the past. Also, the most recent version I have found was 4.7, but it seems to have worked fine anyway. Thanks again.
  3. I'm running XP x64 and the updater is giving me the "ERROR: No such file or directory - chcp" message. I have done the instructions of moving the file from the System 32 directory and renaming it to "chcp.exe" I have also done the "lazy" method: http://dev-heaven.net/wiki/ace-mod2/Lazy Each time I still recieve the same "chcp not found" error. Does anyone have a solution? Or is it possible for me to just install the mod without the Six-Updater? Thanks.