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  1. Hi everybody!


    I try to get the Collateral damage - Completed the 3 VR simulations in Showcase Laws of War without any collateral damage. but i can't do it.


    I finished all the VR simulations without dying and killing/damaging civilians but nothing.

    Is the "friendly interrupting my mine filed" part in the mine simulation an exception?

    What is the definition of the collateral damage for this achievement?


    Thank you in advance!

  2. 9 hours ago, fraczek said:
    • Friends tab in server browser - any functionality yet? Tied to Steam friends like in A3? Does it work atm or is it just a planned feature or carry over from A3? Would be pretty nice if it worked (not that I have any Steam friends myself, though :D)

    works same as in A3. You will see only those servers on that tab on which your friends are playing.

  3. Could you improve the player roulette? I think it's not fair playing against +10 level higher players. I got the same xp even if i take down lower or a higher level enemy. Higher level players kill the lower level players easier therefore they get more and more xp and the gab become wider. 


    It would be more balanced if the lower level player gets more xp when kills higher level player and the opposite way. This means that the high level players will not "farm" the lower ones.

  4. Bonus idea form air drop for attacker in raid:  uav feed? 


    Could you add a popup question: "do you want to punish the friendly fire?" when somebody dies by the teammates? Let the dead person decide that he wants to punish or not. It happened multiple times that i thrown a grenade and i shout to the von: "fire in the hole", but they run in and died. And then they said: "sry my bad",  but that doesn't matters, because you receive -1000 points, no matter what. ?

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  5. I'm not sure it is a bug or a missing implementation, but Wy-55-Hellcat fort camera is not lockable (Ctrl+T) like the UAV cameras. When I'm sitting inside (as a pilot, copilot) the camera looks as it's locked, but in the camera view it isn't.


    I also noticed that as a copilot the trackir is totally broken. It's always looks in the same direction relative to world and when the heli turns it's behave strange! :D Can somebody confirm these?


    Edit: For the first, i haven't tested the Kajman and Blackfoot. Maybe they miss the lock ability too.

  6. 1 hour ago, Electricleash said:

    Should be able to connect to the catapult by holding down the SPACE key, should move the aircraft into the correct position on the catapult while a ticker circle displays, representing the launch sequence.

    Releasing space any time will abort the sequence, and have the aircraft remain where it is, so you can press space for short bursts if you just want to shift the aircraft to the correct position but not take off immediately... if that makes sense.


    The right panel mode you mention is due to the action not being bound to a short-cut key yet (using a pre- APEX custom short-cuts configuration) I've recently changed to APEX mappings then adapted to my config and it seems to have sorted the issue.


    OMG, thank you! Nothing says that is should hold it, not even the help. The action says "Launch" and noting about Attach/Positioning. Maybe with the name Attach/Position i would find out that i should hold. For me the "Launch" means launch. Single action which trigger the launching of the catapult.

  7. Does anybody have problem with the Jet DLC showcase? I can't take off because the launch is not active. I go near the hook and nothing. I go further and i can go through the staff front of me. I did a turn and try it again. It is same every time and i unable to take of with the catapult.



    Attach to catapult is not available in the action menu. Only the Launch. 



    Also the Right Panel mode is always available in the action menu, even if i'm on foot.


    Ticket: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124696

  8. 12 hours ago, Ray Solar said:

    it is the broken lods that are causing the stuttering and hitches. You can clearly see when a lod changes happen it has a little stutter. Devs the lod system is broken and needs a rethink.




    maybe they will once the 64bit version rollout.

  9. Can you add an indicators around to the custom info panel, which shows an abbreviation of the available infos? Currently i don't see what is selected and whats are available,.

    Like the buttons in the picture below. It can be dynamic. First is should show the top ones and when the modders add new infos then more and more buttons appear to be able to display the selected one. Is it clear? What do you think?



  10. 1 hour ago, R3vo said:

    Did some more testing:


    With both view distance and object view distance on 12000 m it's very smooth once all textures are loaded. Arma 3 however uses about 8 Gig of RAM for me.

    *Tested on Tanoa


    It also seems that the 2D map textures are loaded almost instantly, could be a coincidence though.

    Read back.

    Dwarden mentioned that currently it is limited to 8GB, but this will be changed in the future.

  11. What I'm missing is that i don't feel the power of the cannons by visual.

    The shooting should wave the trees, brushes. And dust! Dust from everywhere! Buildings, nearby vehicles, ground.

    There are lot of videos on the YouTube, here is one:


    I think the shooting shockwave should also destroy some small an weak items nearby. (building windows, sunshades, damage human?)

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  12. What i want to see in the Tanks DLC is not really a tank specific feature, but more like a long time missing one. Better radio and communication possibilities for example like TFAR. Multiple channels, ranges, relays, voice noise, etc.

    It plays a huge role in the gameplay.

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  13. I would be very satisfied if the Orange DLC would bring some game changer core features.

    E.g.: Underground objects, ability to move static object in the editor, terrain modification, better grenade and placeable handling.


    But, it would be developed in the new studio. Maybe they don't know or want to implement core features like this and all we get is content and scripted things.

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  14. Visual:

    • 3D Periscopes on all stations. Modelling the entire Interior of a Tank is extremely time consuming and the small benefit to gameplay vs. the work is prohibitive. Modelling just the Viewports/Periscopes will have the same effect: provide more situational awareness and also immersion, while beeing very easy to do. It was done somewhat comparably for M113 driver and Bradley driver in A2. The idea behind this can be applied to commander and gunner too and can be demonstrated with these concept images: one two. I demonstrated the implementation in one of my WIP videos @2:32 (Commander of a Battletank)  and @6:31 to 7:55 (different tank). These are fantasy vehicles, their periscope designs are pretty terrible (narrow). However, thats still better than current "always glued to the optic" implementation of vanilla A3. There are issues that prevent this method from beeing implemented properly. The Commander View LOD is not functional, so if the Vehicle has Gunner, Driver, Commander and Passengers, not all can be modelled this way. Also, the Shadow LOD for Gunner View, Driver View, Cargo View, Commander View do not appear to be working. I tried everything, but the main default shadow LOD was always used.


    I really like this WIP at 2:32. They sould definitely do something like this. Maybe a little more professional with some details around the windows and the gadgets. To feel it a bit more authentic. The rest of the GUI can be black to save time. It's not a modelling contest. :) Rather have views like this for all possible slots.