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  1. DancZer

    Is ARMA 3 a serious game ?

    Watching this i really miss that Arma don't have a replay too. :( I would be much better to look around in spectator mode with general: pause, play, fast-forward etc. buttons. :(
  2. DancZer

    Is ARMA 3 a serious game ?

    E.g.: Kerbal Space Program, BeamNG Drive, Arma, etc.
  3. DancZer

    Vehicle Optics - Ways to improve them?

    Some vehicles weapon's are visible on thermal view which causes issues. The weapon barrel heat up and dynamic aperture make the whole view into one gray view with white shining weapon barrel. :)
  4. DancZer

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Change to RC branch. It's absolutely amazing! It's much better now with caterpillars. Edit: I tested it on the Dev branch and it looks like it's also there.
  5. Or just make SpawnExtension command :)
  6. Playing around Kavala I noticed that emptiness doesn't bother me, if the building is a damaged(via map editor and not during the game). Eg. there are buildings which don't have doors and destructed windows. It's logical that if the building is not locked sooner or later it will be empty. :D
  7. Thank you so much! Edit: Can be closed: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=24950
  8. DancZer

    Feedback tracker administration

    Do you have private milestone functionality on the FT? I think it would be useful to see what issues are scheduled to each version.
  9. I was on Redbull Air Race few months ago and I realized whats make the flying helicopter sound really cool compared to Arma. The continuously changing blade sound and the blade slapping. As the arma's audio team getting stronger I hope one day they will implement it in the game: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=25135
  10. DancZer

    ArmA III DX12

  11. I think he mean isn't worth it now. There are lot of major issues in the game which should have higher priorities.
  12. DancZer

    Door opening and closing

    Fun fact: There are doors which opens in wrong direction: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=24918
  13. DancZer

    Door opening and closing

    I think if we would see where the action available it would solve all the issues. Like the ACE-s menu.
  14. They could do all building fully enterable post release too, just as they did with stadium and ghost hotel. I can't wait what else the expansion brings. I would happy with more vehicle(with interior????) and less enterable building. We should wait the future reports until we go to the wrong direction with this topic.
  15. DancZer

    AI can see through tree tops?

    Interesting demo. What i see is that there is a serious issue with AI tree handling. Which basically 70% of the map. Do we have a ticket for that issue?
  16. DancZer

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    Does it mean that if we shoot somebody in the face or neck with 9 mm he would collapse as a sack of potatoes?
  17. I can't head anything, should I?
  18. DancZer

    Disable futuristic weapons, vehicles

    I'm the only one who don't care about the "future warfare" thing? You can play same matches in A3 just as in the A2 era. Except you hold MX in your hand and not M4. The game mechanic itself doesn't really changed. It's just got new theme.
  19. DancZer

    Feedback tracker administration

    BI: Are you check every morning all the new issues reported prev. day? Because sometimes when I create ticket in the morning(after 8) it's immediately get some status change or comment, but when I create it after 17:00 or so, it wasn't.
  20. DancZer

    BIS, any work being done on Voice Over Network?

    Because there is "6 = System" i bet it's chat only, but i will test it. Btw: The chat is ok. The lag is because of the VON.
  21. DancZer

    BIS, any work being done on Voice Over Network?

    Could you make some kind of von channel options, until the fix/refact comes? I mean it would be good, if we could disable some channels(GLOBAL) from description.ext or via script. Currently in KoTH mission(or basically any high ppl count server), when somebody talks to global channel the whole game start lagging.
  22. DancZer

    New update - 1.48 - Experience? FPS loss

    Thank you! Up voted! I hope they will fix it ASAP.
  23. Hi! I want to use the BIS_fnc_dynamicGroups in my mission, but i don't know how to pre-construct the groups for it. Is it possible to create groups from script, when players connected? I tried to set my group id with setGroupId but it isn't appeared in the Group Management. Thanks
  24. DancZer

    New update - 1.48 - Experience? FPS loss

    I don't experience any FPS loss, but sometimes my TrackIR is broken, when i enter to the vehicle. I have to eject and enter again, until it's good. Does anybody experiencing the same?