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  1. Could you somehow integrate the "Game updater" functionality into the Launcher? They are both in C#, isn't they? If you could extend it to the other branches, that would be SuperB! E.g.: In the Launcher settings: -Set the Steam guard code, account, etc. -Check the branches that you want to update If these are set, then in the top left corner you can select which branch do you want to use. If you change the branch, then the GameUpdater starts, sync the branch and start the branch's Launcher.
  2. DancZer

    Eden Feature Requests

    Compositions -creating custom compositions -publishing into the steam workshop -subscription to compositions -addon dependency icon This would help us to share them and make missions even faster. ;) Edit: As I see ruebe already suggested it. Big UP!
  3. DancZer

    Eden Feature Requests

    I haven't tested it, but in 2D editor if we have a group and they are "In formation" no matter who i move the units, when they get initialized they will be in formation. This is good, but i thing in Eden it would be better if: A: If we break the formation(eg. move one soldier) the "In formation" settings should reset. If we open the property window and we set the "In formation" property, the units should be re positioned to the formation position. B: If "In formation" property is set, then we should not able to move units alone.
  4. About the GL: I think it would be better to have a shell with a nasty texture, than plugging air into the hole. Edit: Most of the time i don't see the animations because it's in my peripheral, but it's noticeable if something is missing.
  5. "Shadow Tech" is an elite squad name. You can see they helmet on the left. :D :D What is that btw? :D
  6. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=25615
  7. Regardless of whether inward or outward i think that specify door could be easily fixed, just by moving the hinges from left to right. If you agree like this post. Ty! ;)
  8. I can't reply to the ticket. So i make it here. I agree, that the door should open outside. Maybe it wasn't clear enough, but I didn't requested to open it inside. The problem is whit the direction. It should open to the right(because of the stairs) and not to the left as it now. If you put it on the right side it would not affect anything and would much comfortable to enter into the building. Just mirror it vertically. OMG, I wonder why you aren't think to it. :D Edit: like this
  9. Any chance to schedule this small issue to the 1.52? :) http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=24918
  10. I think it's temporary, but who knows?!
  11. Update! oukej: I'm terribly sorry, but we won't deliver it in 1.52. 1.52 will still contain the offset rotation axis. The current state on Dev Branch is centered rotation axis in all situations. This won't be implemented in 1.52 and after that we'll be aiming for a kind of a hybrid between offset and centered rot. axis, hopefully getting as much out of our current animation and collision system as we can. In the end it will still be a tradeoff. Although we'd really like improving this to a complete satisfaction seems to go beyond Arma 3's possibilities. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=19487#c98297
  12. I tried the performance binary(97 ppl was online). The first 5-10 min was amazing. I had 30fps instead of 12. But after a certain time my fps dropped back to "normal" 12fps. Also i noticed some peak frame drops, but it happens on the stable branch too. If you could somehow stabilize the first minutes longer that would be amazing. Good job and looking forward to the next versions.
  13. DancZer

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Except if you shoot with foreign faction weapons.
  14. At least we know that they are scheduled the fix. Really great news!
  15. Is the door open direction a design decision or a bug in this case? It's really uncomfortable to open it. Could you just swap the direction? http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=24918
  16. DancZer

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    I haven't played the VBS, but what i saw in videos that the vehicle sync. and collision is better in multiplayer than in the Arma. I haven't seen vehicles jumping around and collide with each other in a ridicule way, like in Arma. Why could be that? E.g. Dslyecxi - Technically a flip
  17. DancZer

    Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    Well that would help a lot. How about Ctrl+A and Ctrl+D?. But it would be better, if the deployment happens at the exact same position where the weapon is, when we press the deploy button. If it would, then we don't need move in deployed mode. In the naive way i would generate an invisible surface there and attach the weapon to it.
  18. DancZer

    Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    I agree, but would be much better without "jumping to the deployed point" feeling. I mean, in the reality, you just raise your weapon, turn down the bipod and whoala. I want to deploy my weapon at that point and direction not somewhere else.
  19. DancZer

    Arma3 Videos

    Those pylons remembers my efforts to fly over all of them on Proving Ground Island with ToH flight model. :D
  20. DancZer

    Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    Can you guys improve the deployment at the windows? Sometimes when I deploy the weapon the deploy position is not in the center of the window, but almost at the edge of the (most of the time the right edge).
  21. Maybe we should create a very thin mod which only focus on the community's most annoying issues. But before this it would be good to know what issues when BI want to fix to avoid unnecessary work.
  22. What are you expecting? That they could fix all the issues and release it tomorrow? They fixed lot of issues in this 2 year period and they will more in the future. Arma is a very complex game and not a corridor shooter with limited gameplay elements. You can script the game and do what ever you want compared to other casual shooters. I bet if you try out other games you will see that those have issues too. It's simple. More you play more you know and you could take yourself a question. Should I live and play with these issues? My answer is yes, because BI fixing and developing the game day by day.
  23. DancZer

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    VBS is a very robust system. There are lot of modules around the VBS core, which we compare most of the time with Arma. It's like Linux. Linux family tree. Somewhere in the past they have the same roots, but they never merge in the future except the very common root source. Different team with different community and different vision.
  24. DancZer

    In-game community tools

    I want to start discussion about the in-game community tools. Well, maybe the name of the isn't the best but i didn't know better. :) What i mean "In-game community tools"? E.g. in many MMO games, you are able to create clan, guild, etc. groups where you can invite players and play together. Currently we have only squad.xml and the new "Friends" tab on the server browser screen. The squad.xml is lack of features and the squad names are only displayed ingame under "Map->Players" section. Which is ordered by player name and squad members are spread in the list. I would see ingame menu "Community" where we could create clan and manage our clan easy without any xml editing and uploading somewhere and share the url etc. Here you could invite players and they could join in the clan. If somebody join to the server where other clan members play then he will be assigned to the same side(squad) in the lobby. etc. What is your opinion?
  25. DancZer

    Is ARMA 3 a serious game ?

    Let's be serious! It's a :D :D