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    ArmA 2 site hacked

    http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=c383be275f79c040fd4a1969bc551d1fa0e59326fbac037ec899f9c5899106c0-1305111394 PAK_Generic.001
  2. Uploaded the script the demo mission and the spline-spline cam movement video.
  3. Thank you! The command camSetPosASL not exist, so now I use setCameraPos, but in the future will be with camSetRelPos and the spline positons will be posASL.
  4. The uploaded file is 1.0.1. This hot fix change the init message position. The 1.1 will be released end of August.
  5. We will release DSS 1.1 in this month. Features: New: Support Takistan, Zargabad, Desert maps New: Support all OA building New: Support Town generator module Optimized: Initializing time (the script changed, so it is lot faster then before)
  6. Please report these bugs on the dev-heaven!
  7. Is there a way (besides copying) to control what server side keys (bikey) the Arma 2 dedi server should use on starting?
  8. Initializing DSS is removed from the middle and added to the side chat. http://dev-heaven.net/issues/12146 New version of harcp_sys_dss.pbo
  9. Do you have version number in main menu left top corner?
  10. I have another and faster option for it. Maybe in next release i will do it but i don't have lot of time because i have a chance to get a job and now i need to focus on that.
  11. Today we started none public beta testing of DSS mod. We will release the mod in this week. Unfortunately we can't get OA yet, because hungarian DVD's contains CRC errors. So it will be only for A2 Vanilla maps, buildings and weapons.
  12. The mod will be running on client side and it is contains several user config setups. Like player echoes only, all echoes, client echoes. We did not tested yet with 100+ person, but tpm will, and we publish it in another video. :)
  13. Ty! :) After OA release we will make echoes map for OA islands too. :)
  14. We didn't do the stress test yet, but I try to make the best optimized code. At single test i didn't notice fps drop.
  15. I put it on my own, because the creator didn't put it on his website, i don't know why. :) Is this problem?
  16. I found some new pics of OA Preview, but the NV is still very bad. Real NV: BIS pls turn off HDR if NV is active, because NV is useless in this form. Edit: the 1st and 2nd picture was same
  17. I made a train script too, but i dont finish it becouse i cant make it to work normali in MP. It is work in in MP? Good job!
  18. Is it possible to create dialog with buttons on screen while using it player does not lose control of the character, vehicle? I'm trying to create it with createDialog function, but i lose controll of character while its active.