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  1. Hi guys,

    after spending a lot of time trying to fix this, I decided to come here and ask you PROs for a help. So:

    I made a coop mission for me and my friends. We usually play in 4 or 5 people against ai. It's quite a basic editor-made mission using Urban patrol Script for ai and several scripts in the INIT command line within our units, to set up some sort of nice loadout. We're also using +-15 addons for units, weapons and vehicles.

    To get to the point: I'm using a helicopter evac with an ai heli using waypoints, having the following conditions: doStop evac; evac land "land" on the pickup point and ((!alive unit1) or (unit1 in evac)) and ((!alive unit2) or (unit2 in evac))(and so on, till 15) in the following waypoint condition (meaning the chopper will land, wait for our entire squad to either get in or being dead, and then start again and fly to the next waypoint). This worked quite well for some time, but suddenly stopped-the Heli just lands, shuts down the engine and that's it.

    It behaves like if there were not all required members boarded (or dead).

    We also noticed a weird (but funny) situation once our team members die - http://postimg.org/image/nh6yx2y61/full/

    Could those problems be related? It looks to me like there is something-multiplicating-something and because of it, the chopper won't start, as it gets confused by multiple game entities. I really have no idea where to start looking for a solution of this. Thanks for any advice ;) I can write more details if needed

  2. In any case ... the only thing I can do is to withdraw this addon (at least my link)

    No. You shouldn't care about it at all. I highly doubt anybody in europe will even think about sueing you-articles like this one on

    inquisitr are only made to "shock" uneducated people. Really dude, keep up the good work and don't get scared of morons ;)

  3. Hello,

    first of all, I want to thank you for this awesome weapons pack. The guns look great, sound great (aside of the default sounds with silencer :P ) and I am very glad to see the upgraded version of this addon, which we were used to use some time ago.

    I have though one silly request-is it somehow possible to move the point, where optics are being attached to the rifle, a little forward? Almost every optics (long range ones, ACOGs, aimpoints, ... eotech seems to be almost the only exception) collides with the ironsights in some way. I tried the FHQ optics and optics inside robert hammer's M4/16 pack. I am aware it's not an issue of this awesome addon itself, but if there would be a possibility to move the attachment point just a little bit forward, it would be great

    thank you :)

  4. Hello guys, thank you for the tests, this looks interesting..

    We play one, quite demanding mission, where my pc is running it as a server. I use the famous TPW_MODS script, which adds quite a lot of load on my pc as well I guess, and the game can sometimes run at as low as 18fps. Maybe I could gain a few more fps with faster RAM? Currently I'm running i5-750 CPU at 3,68GHz, paired with 4x2 GB RAM at 1500MHz (give or take, not sure now as it's dependant on the external cpu freq.) at 8-8-8 timings

  5. M249 and AT4 (in nice quality) are available in the R3F weapon pack

    me and my friends were looking for suitable addons (just like you) for a long time. We created a mission, where are ai enemies equipped with RPG-7 (by default), although I have no idea what addon made them available :)

  6. Hello guys,

    I have a question, since I'm kinda lost (also quite dumb regarding mission editing..)

    I used to play Cipher in the Arma2 days, which was an awesome scenario with randomly spawned enemy bases (but, mainly located in towns). Very important feature (for me) of this scenario was the fact, that all units weve visible in the editor, so I could easily change their skills, loadouts etc.

    I was looking for similar scenario for A3. Although I found a few, they are all scripted within those script files (where I'm completely incapable to do anything), and the editor gives mi nothing. Thus, I decided to make a simple scenario for me and my friends on my own-actually, the only thing I need is to place enemy zone randomly each time the scenario is started. I don't want it to be fully random, because I would like to make say, 50 different places where I would like to take the fight. I suppose markers can be used somehow for this, so my question is:

    I'd like to place an enemy force (30 men, some vehicles, whatever) in the editor and make them spawn together randomly in those areas marked by the markers. How do I do that? :)

    Thanks for any advice or URL, I'm also aware that this is a basic stuff and I should try to understand the manuals, so feel free to insult me :)


  7. Hi guys, I'm a little tired of searching for a map that suits my and my friends' needs. Sure, there are lots of brilliant missions, but we're looking for something that would be 100% of our taste.

    So, my question is-is there a scenario, that:

    1.) Has randomized mission objective locations, preferably located in towns, making it well replayable

    2.) Has no or only few armored vehicles in it (we strongly prefer choosing our loadout at the mission start a then moving on our feet, or by truck to get closer to the objective)

    3.) is located on Altis

    Doesn't matter if SP or MP, as I suppose I can easily modify SP map into a small coop one

    Thanks for any advice :)

    P.S.: yes, we need something similar to Cipher for A2

  8. Excellent stuff, as always from RH. Graphics, sounds, details (rate of fire selector, optics, release switch), finally some nice silencer sounds, great work.

    I did not read each of those 18 pages in this thread, so I apologize if this was mentioned already :

    -when changing weapons from the box, previous weapons drop next to the box instead of moving into the box. If this is on purpose, then never mind :)

    ..well...nothing else comes to mind...awesome work has been done here, looking forward to see all your A2 packs being released for A3 :P

  9. Learn how to use editor-make some nice scenario-use your preffered addons (vehicles, weapons-you'll appretiate them if you're a fan of weaponry)-play cooperative missions with your friends against AI. That's the most enjoyable way to play Arma, imo.

    There was a scenario called Cipher for Arma 2. It was a randomly generating scenario (the goal position was changing). I added some weapons into it and tweaked it a little. Thanks to the random system, me and my friends were able to play it from time to time for two years or so, never getting bored. And thats the beauty of it

  10. Welcome to arma world, since noone else answered, I'll try to-although I'm not sure if I'll be correct-I dont play on public servers.

    -there is a key to switch between channels-meaning that when you press it, it switches from global to party etc. channel. Requests to get off the global mean, I suppose, that noone should use it, and thats it. There is no way how to identify who's talking, or I haven't ever discovered how.

    -spectator (the flying bird with awful controlling mechanism) is only available in missions and servers, which allow it. It's that simple and it's just a matter of one variable in the mission config. It depends on the host whether it's enabled or not.

    I hope I was right about those things, again, I'm rather a private server guy playing with a couple of friends. If you need more answers, just send me a PM

  11. I would say it's an ATi problem, as usually. Maybe just the 6xxx generation, maybe others too. It definitelly can be a driver issue, if they don't care about fixing it, it'll still be there no matter how many drivers you use (remember how long did it take them to make crossfire working in A2). Maybe you can try updating your card's firmware, or try different driver settings, or...get used to it :)