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  1. Just look at some benchmarks, like http://www.svethardware.cz/sh/media.nsf/0c97cd6cabb1398ec1256cc50082f4bf/8013ed9ec3c240f4c12576770050655d/Body/9.4A2C?OpenElement&FieldElemFormat=gif ..ArmA2 is pretty much CPU demanding game, so moving from dual to quadcore might improve the performance a lot. For me, the upgrade from E8400 (3,6G dualcore) to i3-530 (4,1G dualcore with hyperthreading) didn't bring ani noticeable performance boost. And according to this, http://www.svethardware.cz/art_doc-78ACE392AF63A594C12576400055B800.html , the 5870 is a beast in ArmA2. Good luck with that :)
  2. AL_

    BIS, hire a marketing firm.

    I think, that the cheapest (free) way how to make some serious attention could be making an ARMA group (including newest info, links, pics and so on) on facebook :) you know, people like clicking on "I like this", these things spread quickly..
  3. I didn't see any performance difference when moving from XP's to 7 (x64). Maybe a fresh install of everything, and the newest drivers, will help. Win 7 is a very good system, I've never found any issues regarding the compatibility and performance, simply what runs on XP, that runs on 7 without feeling any difference Just remember to download newest directx (using google+microsoft's web), vga drivers at nvidia.com, and thats it P.S.: I see many users recomending a disk defrag, but guys, arma runs (as every other game) only from RAM ;) it loads terrain while moving of course, but thats not an issue unless you're running arma from a diskette o.O or, say, 1500 yrs old hard drive (and even if I'm wrong, win7 defragments the drives transparently to the user once a week by default, so the defragmentation is really not the solution here)
  4. Almost every time my brother comes over to my place, we enjoy playing cipher all the day long. I also found some time to figure out how to add more weapons to the briefing, because I just love RH's weapon packs and can't live without them :) I'd like to see some option in the mission settings regarding the number of hostile forces, like number of armored units, choppers, patrols etc...Maybe an idea for the takistan version of cipher :) I'm checking this thread almost every day since I first played cipher, if there's any new version of the mission...because it just rocks
  5. Hi. I'm pretty sure this was mentioned before, but I don't intend to read all these 501 pages in this thread, so, one short question: Will be the OA campaign playable in the coop mode as the original a2 campaign was? thx :)
  6. AL_

    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    Imagine something: How many game studios develop their games mainly for PC platform? And how many develop them ONLY for PC platform, as the games for consoles make a way better profit (and that is a sad fact). Thanks BIS for doing games, that really show you the performance potential of the computers, as they look so great, including graphics, visibility range...games like ArmA are the reason, why I upgrade my pc regularly, and I dont regret that money. Thats also why I buy every BIS game when it comes out, instead of getting the pirate version as usually :) In the end, I'm proud that it comes from the same country as me. Well, now just wait for the arrowhead, and the gtx470s available :)
  7. As kids, we went often to pc games shops just to look at the shelves and dream about the games we could not afford. One day, there was some kind of demo playing on the monitors-some trailer of operation flashpoint. In a second, I knew I have to get it. After several months of every-coin-sparing, we went there and bought it. It was like a dream, because until then I've been playing demo almost every day, and looked forward to the retail version. Even now I remember the last mission i cwr, destroying the scuds, the feeling of an actuall battle-all of those at bloody 5 fps on our celeron 500mhz with some Ati-rage-crap graphics card. I've played a lot single player and coop maps with my brother, but never tried multiplayer for more than like 5 minutes-after "wtf is ACE? how do I install it? where can I get a weapon? What have I to do here anyway? ok ok lets get back to single player" :) Maybe, now is the time..
  8. CPBO works fine with win7 x64, you just need to set the compatibility mode to "win XP SP3" and click the "run as administrator" option. I'm running czech windows so I'm not sure about the correct description of these options in english, but I think you'll figure it out. Probably only one of these should be enough, but you won't do anything wrong by selecting both of them. Then simply double click the cpbo executable, and the context menu option wil appear as usual (and, yes, it works as well)
  9. all RH's weapon packs are totally awesome. Models, sounds, animations..everything. Thanks for the mirror too. Its much faster
  10. 8500GT has a 16-processor core. Imagine that arma does not run smoothly even on cards like gtx260, which has 216 processor cores. Architecture of those cards is nearly the same, so, now you see the reason. Q6600 should be ok and won't get you ever under 20-30 fps imho
  11. AL_

    Seal team six 3

    Hi, just a few hours ago, We downloaded this campaign and begun to play it. We play as a cooperative team, me, my brother, and the AI. The mission is great, but we found one very annoying bug (or do we do something wrong?); During the mission, there are several autosaves, as well as our single available own save, but when we try to load it, the mission starts from the beginning instead of loading the save. Strange thing is, that sometimes the save works normally and we load the last checkpoint. Are we doing something wrong? Is there some hint, that would help us? thanks a lot for any advice :) AL