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  1. Yes, sadly. As in A2, every bunny you see is not seen by other players. It's just your own, personal bunny
  2. jacques cousteau would be so proud of you guys
  3. This is actually not true; arma's minimum system requirements mention the GTX260, which is clearly a DX10 card Don't know how to set the game to dx10 manually though
  4. Me and my friend tried a coop mission yesterday (the daylight one, with respawns). It was running awesome, My settings were all maxed except shadows, motion blur and disabled anti alliasing (of any kind, I hate it, makes me think I need glasses when all edges are blurry). When beggining, I was getting about 25-60 fps, depending on a situation and direction I was looking. The problem started to appear slowly, fps went down, and after two hours I was running stable 15 fps, nothing I tried to improve it helped. It was weird, because graphics load howered between 15-25%, and cpu cores were all quite idling (25-50% each). So, after two hours, it was rather unplayable. Maybe the respawn system buffers a lot of something (although dead bodies and vehicles do disappear). My pc was the server. specs: i5-750 @3,3ghz / 8GB DDR3-1600 @1450? cl8 / GTX560 OC playing on 1680x1050
  5. AL_

    The evil "G"-button!

    Before I start playing each game, I go to settings and set up my video/game/controls settings first. I checked the controls, and noticed that the inventory key was different than what I was used to, so I set it manually to G. And the point is, that I'm pretty sure, that the game didn't show it in a red color, as it does when you set up a key which is already used. Is this possible? I cannot check it now, beacuse I'm sitting at work atm, but I'm quite certain that after setting the G for gear, it was white as if it wasn't already taken by some other action. Died three times in a single player. I even thought, that there could be some boobie trap inside those ammo boxes ;)
  6. The campaign is very buggy in coop mode anyway, event with the latest patch. I suggest you look into "user missions" forum and find a mission called Cipher. I tried it once with my brother and friends like a year ago, and we didn't actually need to find any other mission to play so far :) playing the campaign only makes you angry at arma, and she does not deserve that ;) As said previsously, you can also open any mission in the editor and change any soldier from "not playable" to "playable"
  7. damn, where? Are you saying that I missed anything in my favourite game? :)
  8. It would be great, if arma had some kind of built-in benchmark. I didn't notice any difference when moving from 4,2G core i3-530 to 3,8G i5-750 (and I hoped there will be noticeable increase in fps, as many people say that arma is very cpu-power hungry). My system could be bottlenecked by gtx260 however..but still..-.-
  9. AL_

    RH Mk18 1.0 pack

    Oh I see, thanks. I got some mk18 related error, so I thought the problem lied within the cfg. However, the problem was me, as usually :)
  10. Hi, at first-I'm pretty sure that starting a new thread is not the right way to go, but I believe I'll get the right and short answer very quickly and then delete this thread. We're playing coop missions in takistan (with latest patch) and are not quite satisfied with the AI behaviour. They barely respond anyhow while being attacked at long distance, and keep crawling or lying until they're all dead, no long range suppresive fire, i.e. with a machine gun. I'm hosting the server on a computer where I also play the mission, my friends connect to me via direct tcp/ip connection. So-the quick questions: 1) which AI addon should solve this behaviour? I'm running the zeus AI (with default settings), but this did not change anything, or rather-question 2 :) 2) ..does the addon work, when loaded with the game using a launcher? Do my friends have to have the addon as well? Because, I guess that the AI is calculated on the computer hosting the game, right? So it should be affected by the addon too.. or do I have to make some special config are something to make it work, while hosting directly without a dedicated server? Thanks for replies, I hope that I've described my problem ummm...in an understoodable way :)
  11. Thank you a lot. We'll try it asap. thanks for all replies, it's nice to see there are people willing to help in these days ;)
  12. AL_

    RH Mk18 1.0 pack

    ACE config link in the first post appears to be outdated : /
  13. You have to deploy them as civilians, not as "empty" units. Cutest addon ever :)
  14. just add them via description.ext file. I added all the Robert Hammer's stuff, and it's even a bit more awesome :)
  15. AL_

    head-less men??

    :D :D nice.. The problem doesn't only apply to heads, usualy whole bodies are missing too while in long distance. The best example is watching a distant car with binoculars or scope, you really need to know who's driving it (civilians or hostiles?) but there's actually no one inside the car :) until it comes closer..it happens even with object settings set to high. Moreover, a moving car is very obvious as it's usually suposed to have driver inside, but what if there are hidden snipers anywhere in the woods, and you just don't see them because of this? I don't mean when they're hiding in a bush, but i.e. lying on the roof. You may know there's a sniper somewhere because you hear his shots, look like a hundred times in the right direction (which is, with 5.1 sound system, perfectly detectable) and see nothing. Then you die, see a deathcam moving to a guy sitting somewhere, where you were absolutely sure is nothing but air. Annoying :dance1:
  16. AL_

    PCGH benchmark GTX480 / GTX470

    5770 isn't any faster than 2x8800GT, it is on par with gtx260, as well as your SLI is. 5850 seems to be a nice choice, but cannot run ArmA at max either. Well, it can, but...-> impossible :) same gpu, better cpu, the game runs smoothly (25-40 fps, 1680x1050) UNLESS you come into a demanding scenario, there are many of these for some unknown reason (why the hell is JUST THIS tree dropping my fps to hell?), and of course, once you come into the action. Especially in the city. I enjoyed for dozens of times situations, when fps dropped so much that I was not able to aim the russian fellows quickly enough, and died because of that... :eek: ..so, GTX260-> +-moderate graphics settings, and even then, it gets unplayable sometimes gtx260-far from ideal, for arma at max any dualcore cpu-the same sad story ;)
  17. AL_

    Some observations

    okay, thanks..We don't see the difference anyway :)
  18. AL_

    Some observations

    Does this work also for a multiplayer session on LAN? And, if I play with the ZeusAI addon? thanks :)
  19. in any upcoming possible DLC? I guess dancing bananas according to this thread :) Anyways, is the retail price of ArmA's in the US lower then the price of games from well known parties like codemasters, activision etc? Because in czech rep Yes, it is, so if the dlc would go the same way, in would cost only a few bucks-so, who cares about it? It's gonna be pretty affordable anyway :)
  20. yeah, it's almost a sin not to pay guys like RH for their epic addons and mods :) not to say BI
  21. It's possible, since a vast majority of czechs going on the vacation go to croatia, for whatever reason I don't understand :P
  22. http://www.flickr.com/photos/27595678@N06/4535425759/sizes/o/in/set-72157623767204215/ Oh god, look at this baby! Thats what high performance computers are made for, this realy rocks (wallpaper set up :) ). It also reminds me of the propagation materials regarding hardware tesselation, which is not used in OA I guess. Well, let's buy those i7's and 480's, high polygon count does the job too ;)
  23. okay, I'll give it a try, thanks. I see the stuttering in ArmA too, but that's not as annoying thing (it's almost unnoticeable and I got used to it). But if it would disappear completely, I would be a bit more happy :)
  24. AL_

    BIS, hire a marketing firm.

    Ah, I see...I'm always "a little behind" :)