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  1. Changelog R32:
        - Getting Error "MCC_MODULE_LHD SPAWN" when load template missions.
        - Getting Error "MCC_MODULE_RESOURCES" when load campaign missions.
        - Ambient Birds module didn't work from Zeus.
        - Ambient Civilians module didn't work from Zeus.
        - Ambient Civilians Restrict module didn't work from Zeus.
        - Spawn Ship module didn't work from Zeus.
        - Open Ship Dialog module didn't work from Zeus.
        - Weapon Shop Dialog module didn't work from Zeus.
        - Cargo Load module didn't work from Zeus.
        - Atmosphere module didn't work from Zeus.
        - Assign AI module didn't work from Zeus.
        - AAS Capture Point module didn't work from Zeus.
        - AAS Spawn AI module didn't work from Zeus.
        - Set Unconscious module didn't work from Zeus.
        - Set Group Respawn module didn't work from Zeus.
        - Change Pylon/Rearm module didn't work from Zeus or on CUP vehicles.

        - Appropriate loadouts to CUP template missions
        - Ambient fire modules to Zeus and 3den
        - Add credit to players module to Zeus
        - Pressing Esc in Squad Menu or Role Selection will close the dialog

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  2. It's been a while but I've released the r31.



    Changelog R31:
    - Added Load to cargo module to 3den: load objects to vehicles using ACE or MCC cargo system.
    - Added: MCC logistics to helicopters and planes, can now loda vehicles and objects to them.
    - Added: Automatically spawn parachute when unloading objects using helicopters or planes.

    Fixed - Ambient Civilians module: Civilians spawn infron of players
    Fixed - Advance and secure resistance faction didn't bleed tickets on death
    Fixed - UAV icon always shown on map
    Fixed - Name tags shown when using MCC medical HUD

    Changed Zeus:

        Object editing:
            - Added change unit behavior
            - Added Edit unit names
            - Added vehicles's turn lights on/off
            - Added vehicles's turn engine on/off
            - Added BI Garage to vehicles - customized components and colors.
            - Added Unload ACE or MCC cargo from vehicles and objects.
            - Reworked - Payload interface, change aircragt pylons and armaments.

            - Reworked icons, description and categories.
            - Added Load to cargo module to 3den: load objects to vehicles using ACE or MCC cargo system.
            - Added Create Zone module to Zeus & 3den - creates MCC zone from Zeus or 3den
            - Added Assign to MCC zone - assign units/groups to MCC zones from Zeus or 3den


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  3. Another  small update





    Steam page:



    Change log
    - Fixed: Mission Generator to a specific zone
    - Fixed: Conflict with CBA addon settings and MCC modules settings caused unpredictable behavior
    - Fixed: Role's icon didn't show on template missions
    - Fixed: Disarming an IED didn't completed generated mission
    - Added: MCC template to CUP Chernarus winter
    - Added: 3 MCC campaigns to CUP Chernarus winter
    - Changed: Generate mission to a zone will work much better and allows the selection of a specific zone.

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  4. Version R28 is out


    Marry Christmas :wine:






    Steam page:



    Change log r28:
    - Added: Mission Generator objectives will clear area of terrain objects before spawning in objectives
    - Added: While using ACE a player can now use MCC action only to halt AI or quickly open doors
    - Added: MCC ammo crate, fuel crate and supply crate will be shown in Zeus
    - Added: Withdraw and deposit ammo/fuel/material boxes from any FOB or HQ (from the main box)
    - Added: Sleep interval so modules will overwrite CBA settings if placed in a mission
    - Added: MCC direct CAS - should work for all vehicles but results may vary depends on the addon vehicle.
    - Removed: Enable role selection from CBA settings
    - Changed: Clear area objective's area reduced by 50%
    - Changed: The way the campaign determine if a mission is done - for more accurate results
    - Fixed: MCC CAS didn't work
    - Fixed: Can't generate mission to a specific zone
    - Fixed: Restrict vehicles to roles was on by default
    - Fixed: Campaign stops after first mission
    - Fixed: MCC interaction didn't open/close door on non vanila maps
    - Fixed: MCC medics healing dead bodies and not willing to heal after player respawn
    - Fixed: MCC AI medics did not regroup after healing
    - Fixed: Wrong class names in Mission Wizard objectives - destroy cache spawned helicopters and destroy fuel tanks spawns radio towers
    - Fixed: Video probe was upside down when mirroring under a door using ACE
    - Fixed: MCC interaction pop up while using ACE
    - Fixed: Can't open HQ vault from ACE
    - Fixed: systemchat when unit respawned


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  5. @everyone 

    Due the warlord bug - this version has come much faster then I wanted it to be so there might be some more bugs in it - please report if you'll find any. 


    Download link:


    Changelog r27:
    MCC now requires CBA
    - Added: Full support to CBA addon settings, you can define most of MCC settings using CBA
    - Added: Custom names for capture sectors in Advance and Secure module
    - Changed: Survival module - spawn crates in house will now spawn weapons and survival gear on the ground and not empty boxes.
    - Fix : AI stuck on move order
    - Fix : Special forces helmet camera now works on group members not only on synced units.
    - Fix: never-ending generating mission bug


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  6. I"ve found some time to release r22:





    Change log r26:

    Static Ships  *NEW*
        Added - Spawn BI Carrier, BI destroyer, BI submarine or CUP LHD from Zeus or 3den. Each ship will serve as respawn point and HQ and Mission maker can spawn vehicels on ships
        Added - Ship stores, players can trade credit to purchase vehicles from ships
        Added - Side commander can access the ships' fleet interface and spawn vehicles using resources
        Added - static weapons to ships
        Fixed - unable to change faction in the ship spawn menu

    Medic system:
        Added - Fully integrated AI with MCC medic system. AI will heal, bandage and revive wounded AI or players.

    Weapons/Items/Gear Shops: *NEW*
        Added - New weapons/items/gear shops module. Sync one ammo box to one object or unit, the content of the crate will be available to sell from the synced unit/object
        Added - Persistent parameter - the shop will save persistent data so any items in the shop will be available after mission restart - player based market.
        Added - Prices parameter - prices will be defined automatically by MCC depends on the item stats the mission maker can define how expensive one shop will be compared to other shops.

    Vehicle rearm - air vehicles pylon change module
        Added - you can now repair, refuel and rearm using the rearm module.

    Vehicles Camonets *NEW*
        - Added - Vehicles that supports animations source aka camo nets exc will spawn with random animations by default.
        - Added - Vehicle commander can deploy animations (camo nets exc) using MCC or ACE interaction.

    Advanced Logistics system *NEW*
        - Added - Any object can be loaded into a vehicle if the vehicle space can handle the object mass. Can used to transport objects using vehicles
        - Added - Any vehicle will come by default with spare tire or spare track
        - Added - remove/install vehicle tire or track

    Survival Vault:
    - Changed: totally reworked the UI.

    Radio System
    - Changed - changed to in game sounds to make it more smooth

    RTS & Campaign & Mission Wizard
        - Added - while in campaign players will gain XP when finishing missions
        - Added - replenishing group's unit will be paradrop and not just spawn out of thin air
        - Removed - Alarms from Stealth Mission Wizard mission
        - Fixed - Upgrade to advance workshop requires generator
        - Fixed - In RTS barracks counted as houses
        - Fixed - Evac Campaign helicopter keep crushing, changed so the commander can purchase evac helicopter instead of it respawning every day
        - Fixed - can't build FOB even if it is more than 500 meters away

        Added - Mission Wizard settings module - configure which objectives classes will be in the mission wizard by syncing the vehicles to the module.
        Added - Disable MCC edit in Zeus from MCC settings
        Added - Add Valor/Credit module to Zeus and Ed3n
        Added - 20 meters evac helicopter flight height
        Added - Armed civilians weapons can be defined in MCC settings module or by altering "MCC_armedCivilansWeapons" variable
        Added - Only logged admin can enable role selection
        Fixed - Commander console Artillery correction is calculated relative to the player
        Fixed - Role selection didn't add XP after respawn
        Fixed - Stay alive in a destroyed vehicle without able to eject when MCC medic is on
        Fixed - Save MCC to profile was bugged
        Fixed - Cruise missile CAS didn't work on dedicated servers
        Fixed - Sling loading air drops wasn't working properly
        Fixed - Helicopters spawns on the aircraft carrier explodes
        Fixed - Personal ammo boxes glitch through the ground
        Fixed - When uncaching or respawning AI air vehicles the units spawns outside the vehicle
        Fixed - Personal ammo boxes fall through terrain
        Fixed - Error message every time civilian is being shot while ambient civilian module is up
        Fixed - "Create Task first" error when trying to create a task
        Fixed - Unable to perform medical actions on self using MCC self interaction
        Fixed - Ambient Warzone didn't work well with RHS




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  7. On 25.8.2018 at 2:06 PM, Zero Two said:

    Will there be an achillies support patch? Or some way to disable MCC edit in addon options. It is quite annoying having to hold down alt each time to edit groups ( a lot of the times it does not even work)
    Also when I hold down alt and click on unit, it puts me in remote control so theres that.
    I really love this mod but this is significantly slowing down my zeus pace. 
    Should be reletavily simple for modder like you to add 1 option to addonoptions, I don't have any experience with arma 3 modding so I don't know how to disable it.


    Yes there is and will be available next update, I just wonder do u ask the Achilis team to change their keys too or it is just me :) 

    On 28.8.2018 at 6:21 PM, Leopard20 said:

    @shay_gman Bug: The role selection module only detects the CSAT and NATO weapons.


    Not a bug - Role Selection isn't automatically generated it is defined by the mission maker - learn more here:



  8. @kromka Are you referring to the suicide bomber marker? This marker will always show on MCC menu (will not shown on the map) as mission maker can Ctrl+click it to manually detonate it. 


    Regarding disable respawn - yes you can't enable it again. It is a very old system maybe i'll find the time to work on it allowing the mission maker option to selectively allow respawn to certain players and enabling/disabling it as he will.


    MCC survival items - are just there you can't really remove them, I've given them all the (MCC) name so they will all group together so you can just skip them. 


    AAA and Artillery mission generator's objective fire atmospheric ambient fire. I know it is not 100% realistic and it is there for the "look cool" effect, it is a game after all, but this is just my take you can place a manually destroy AA objectives. If you can provide an idea to do it differently I'll be glad to hear 

  9. On 19.7.2018 at 6:38 PM, nutzgo said:

    Gman, I have one question.
    Is it possible for Zeus to change the Civilian Relation as Zeus while a mission is ongoing?
    Let's say it's on "Average" at mission start, and the players do an action that doesn't kill the civilians (e.g. they kill an OpFor officer, blow up an empty building or something not directly linked to the civilians) - can I as Zeus change the relation in a module or something?

    You can do it manually with broadcasting global variant "MCC_civRelations_side" and the variable should be between 0(friendly) - 1(Aggressive).



    missionNamespace setVariable ["MCC_civRelations_west",0.5];
    publicVariable "MCC_civRelations_west";


  10. On 8.7.2018 at 11:44 PM, kromka said:


    1. OK. I missed this info. Is it some kind of limitation with the compas? This is quiet weird it can be turned off.

    2. I don't know is it a bug or is it intentional. As I've written earilier I would expect OK and CANCEL button in detailed settings in "misison settings" after press will return to main MCC, but it close whole MCC.

    3. I see. All misisons I've created placed this marker in direct vicinity of the target.

    4. What do you mean when you write "usually". I am just curious, because somebody can ask me why AO was in different place that real AO. And of course I can answer "because" but I would prefere to avoid such answer.

    5. Because man who creates a mission can accidentaly see those markers and can make some conclusions based on them. It just can spoil the mission. But maybe those markers are irrelevant.

    6. I can live with this. If this is hard limitation, then there is no point to discuss.

    7. Me.


    Best regards.


    1. Well it isn't something too hard to do it just takes time - which I don't find why it should be invested in it. As in general settings are pre-placed with a module, if you in a milsim you probably play without a compass and if you are more on the arcade style it is on by default - nothing to switch on and off in the middle of a mission. 

    2. If you took the time to post something here try to make it beneficial because i'm sure you are not expecting of me to go over all the OK and Cancel buttons on MCC and check them out. So the best way to make a request come to life is to  post a bug and how to recreate it or a request and how to fulfill it. 

    3. The markers are placed in a radius of 500 meters from the objective the AO is more or less the same radius as it expend the more players are logged in.

    4. Scratch the usually - the AO should always be marked with a red circle around it - it is possible that the red circle of a previous mission is still shown. 

    5. If you are referring to opening MCC then yes - the mission maker will see markers related to the mission. If you are referring to the usual map - the mission maker should not see any markers that the players can't see unless the clicked the "track units" button, and if he do it is a bug and you should report what markers are visible. 

    6. Indeed.

    7. You'll have to accept that there are some other opinions different then yours and the polite thing to do is to ask about adding it as an option feature and not saying something is useless just because you don't like it. 

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  11. On 16.5.2018 at 7:59 PM, tortuosit said:

    Ambient Warzone, can I spawn/despawn it via a script command? I didn't find a module for it. If there's a script command, I'd like to load it via a game logic from the editor. Thx. The only way I know is to activate it via the GUI.

    yes this:

    MCC_GAIA_AC = true;
    publicvariable "MCC_GAIA_AC";


    On 29.5.2018 at 6:49 AM, jtareb1 said:

    Is there a good MCC CTI template or mission out there? I have looked and cannot find one. 


    If not any general ideas on how to construct one? I imagine using zones rather than town objectives to start. 




    Well there is the MCC campaign which are CTI - you can find them in the mod itself


    On 23.6.2018 at 4:02 PM, kromka said:


    Recently I've made a frame mission with a Zeus and MCC operator. Simply speaking my group started test it extensively because MCC give us hope for easy missions.

    Yesterdays mission gave us some strong experience with your mod and personally I give it green light (now you should hear fanfares from the heavens - no? common... :) )

    Anyway I have some remarks. Key statement is that our group is relism fans (you know, all those commands, tactic, sitting hours in the bushes).


    1. Missions Settings->UI settings seems to not work properly. Whatever I will set there, after next opening everything is checked. All the time. Especially something wrong is with the GUI compass which appears (unintentionally) and it is impossible to hide (restart of the mission helps).
    2. Some CANCEL/OK buttons close MCC completely (eg. detailed settings in "misison settings"). It would be expected all CANCEL/OK would return to the main screen of MCC.
    3. In the mission generator there is a possibility that marker should point the target precisely or approximatelly. But for more experienced groups it would be awesome if there was no marker but area of operation indicator.
    4. Some red circle is also visible in the map even if it not correspond with a mission area.
    5. MCC operator, when he creates a mission, despite if he will press "players" on the main screen of MCC, he see some additional markers on the map. This is not good.
    6. When I press player's name in the main screen window I always center on he. It is quiet annoying because often I set the map position eg. for teleportation before selection of the player. It would be splendid if eg one click would select the player and two clicks center on he.

    7. All parachute jumps starts with a demo. It is completely not necessary.

    Best regards.



    1. The box checks are  not always correspond with actual status of the settings - E.g you might set nametags off but next time you'll open the settings it will show as it is on - but the truth it is off. You can't disable the compass once you enabled it. It is best to make a template mission and just set this settings using a module and not through MCC every mission. 

    2. I don't know what some means - if you found a bug post it here.

    3. If approximately has been chosen the map markers are placed randomly in the AO - the AO is usually marked with red circle. 

    4. See above

    5. Why it isn't good?

    6. It is limitation of the list UI element - why not selecting the player first then change the map. 

    7. Says who?



    On 26.6.2018 at 6:15 PM, Stefano Ravenna said:


    i have a question about spawning units and mcc.

    is it possible to create a unit, like an helicopter i.e., via zeus or eden and then using it as evac with the module in mcc?

    i've tried but when i open the evac module it did not recognize any existing units... i have to put them under gaia control?



    you should place the the module on an empty vehicle and then it should be visible in the menu. 


    On 3.7.2018 at 11:42 AM, nutzgo said:

    I use the background-civilian-patrol thing for my missions. It does work very good, but for some reason when someone e.g. shoots at the civilians (God forbid), this error comes up (Imgur link, it's safe)
    What does it mean?

    Imgur Picture


    It means there is an error - i'll fix it for next release. But in general civilians causalities effects the campaign score and in general turn the civilian relation to the players from friendly up to the point of using IED and suicide bombers on the players. 

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  12. On 16.3.2018 at 5:36 PM, redarmy said:

    Shay,i posted in GAIA thread but i feel i should post here because im using Gaia via latest mcc update and not the standalone version.


    im having an issue with the respawn mechanic via pre placed units


    i created a simple mission,created a zone,in grp leaders init i have code to make them defend zone 1,and respawn five times...


    when last member is killed,2 of the 8 grp members spawn DIRECTLY where they died rather than where they were placed via the editor,so something is not rite..

    i updated MCC today so im on the newest version using vanilla assets on Altis


    this is the syntax im placing in the group leaders init


    (group this) setVariable ["MCC_GAIA_RESPAWN",999, true];  


    when using MCC console to set them to respawn,it works sometimes,but not via this line.


    That has been fixed a few version ago - what version are you using?

  13. On 22.1.2018 at 1:12 PM, amonrada34 said:

    could I add mcc zone via trigger?

    Yes there is a module for that in 3den


    On 28.1.2018 at 3:16 PM, Husker-71 said:

    Those notifications are ruining my day! Love the Mod but every time I get in a chopper, am a team leader or get in a chopper etc I get a notification that tells me about some feature about MCC....problem is that there is then a 50/50 chance that  I cant close the notification..and the OK or cancel button is of screen...(so I don't Know what they look like).....meaning I have to hard shut down my entire game and reload losing any unsaved game data......Today it has done it 4 times back to back. For the love of god, I have tried everything to remove / disable this . Is there any fix for this ?


    Seems like you are using something very old - there is an option to disable them after the first time or not showing them at all from the MCC settings.


    On 1.2.2018 at 3:36 AM, AaChilders said:

    Thanks for MCC. As a single player, this is hands down my favorite mod. I have a small issue though, every time I open MCC I have to turn down the time acceleration from 9 to 1, as I prefer real time, not a big deal but a pain after a while. I wondered if someone could direct me to the file in the PBO where those parameters are controlled. Thanks for the great content.


    Are you referring to the campaign mission template?


    On 10.2.2018 at 12:33 AM, BruceALMIGHTYY said:

    MCC Wish List


    First of all I love MCC, if these things cannot be fixed or cannot be added.
    It will still NEVER Change my opinion that MCC is the best MOD in ARMA of all time.!


    Still Broken..


    MCC Parachute Drop PODS, Still ALWAYS flys off the map 100% of the time since like 3 versions ago.

    In the Mechanics module breaching ammo. 


    I have also noticed that if I use a MOD such as UNSUNG. And then try to make a campaign or use Mission Generator it gives me the factions
    and then uses default modern objectives. For example:

    There is already a option to use MCC interaction key and PUSH BOAT, Why limit it to push boat?

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, When making a RTS campaign or Mission Generator Mission GET RID OF THE ALARMS.

    There are SOO many GREAT features of MCC. However, I think almost none of them are realized or utilized!

    Please make more up to date videos of the great features. (and get rid of obsolete ones that make you waste your time, like MCC TEMPLATE)
    Or even better yet, a few examples or templates of a few game modes or styles.

    I doubt anyone knows or uses the Fantastic Survival mode that you have. I think it is PHENOMENAL! I would like to see actual functions expanded in this area.
    And, btw Shay includes all instructions on how to do so. 
    Unfortunately it doesn't apply to me, do'nt have the IQ for it.
    Just a run of the mill dude, which is precisely why my opinion matters!


    Yea, its me. That annoying guy. But, MCC and the wikia is the bible for me!



    One day soon, I am going to complile a list of mods that MCC has or does better. BUT MAN Its HUMONGUS!

    Do yall even realize what you got??

    Its way more than just a cheap Zeus, teleport, arty system!


    IF you study this thing like I do. We should probably all Bow down to the Almightyy ShayGman!

    AND, yes I know my lips are getting brown...lol


    In short:

    I'll take a look at the pods


    You can define any ammo as breaching ammo - just define a new one in the settings module. 


    ATM you can only push boats and drag crates and fixed weapons.


    i'll take care of the alarms


    As far all other request exc. MCC is a more or less a one men show - and I just don't have the time to do all the things I would love to do - real life, job, family exc come first. So we'll have to do with what we have. 


  14. R25 update


    Change log r25:

        Fixed: Mission won/failed buttons required the player to create a task first.


    Undercover Module
        Fixed - Module didn't work.
        Added - Text messages regarding the player is spotted or acting suspicious replaced by visual and sound effects.
        Added - AI memory, AI that spotted the players before will more likely to spot them again even if they didn't do anything suspicious.
        Added- You can now hide weapons exc in backpack and vests as long as you don't hold them in you hand or get to close to enemy AI you should be safe.


    Role Selection
        Added = Support ACE - will gain XP when using ACE and Role Selection
        Changed - XP gained while using a vehicle will distributed to all vehicle's crew
        Fixed - No XP gain when kill message was off
        Fixed - Can't equip binoculars
        Fixed - BAF medics didn't have MCC FAIK


    Medical System
        Added: Used bandages models after bandaging a unit
        Added: Used injector model after using Epipen
        Added: Used IV Bag after using IV bag
        Added: Medical garbage after using Doctor Bag
        Added: Curator and 3den module to set AI unconscious, one can disable the units bleeding while uncoscious or force uncosciout even after treatment for MEDEVAC missions.
        Changed: Renamed MCC first Aid Kit to Doctor Bag and gave it a new model
        Changed: Renamed MCC Saline bag to IV Bag and gave it a new model
        Changed: Injured civilians will show on the medic HUD
        Changed: Reduced MCC medical equipment weight
        Fixed: Can't unload wounded troop from a vehicle
        Fixed: Release action still shown after releasing a wounded unit


        Added: Magazine's repack - under "self interaction >> equipment" repacks partly loaded magazines in the playr's inventory


    Download from:



    Steam Workshop

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  15. On 24.11.2017 at 5:05 PM, Wait4Code said:



    My team and I have just started to use MCC. We find it great ! 

    We only have one problem : creating tasks. We add a task with a name and a description in the MCC menu but then the task doesn't appear in the available list so we cannont add any waypoint to the task...

    Any idea ?


    Thanks in advance




    I"ll check it out

  16. R24 is out.

    dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9yrd9xhjhfzmmc2/%40mcc_sandbox_a3.rar?dl=0

    Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=338988835



    Change log r24:
    - Added: In RTS allow Helis or Jets workshop to change aircraft pylons
    - Added: In the campaign disabled cinematic and intro by default only pop-up window. Can be adjusted with the campaign module.
    - Fixed: Campaign hangs on some missions.
    - Fixed: Compositions placed by MCC where local to the server and invisble to players
    - Fixed: MCC_logisticbaseBuild.sqf script error.
    - Fixed: Fix GAIA transport helis - by stcrowe
    - Fxied: Fix pylons locality - pylon chang will now work on MP.


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  17. On 14.11.2017 at 12:02 AM, MoaB said:

    Would it be possible to add the option of setting the mission settings via cba or a userconfig\mcc\settings.hpp? Pretty pretty please?


    Maybe if you'll open a ticket about it. https://github.com/shaygman/MCC_sandbox_modDev/issues


    On 14.11.2017 at 3:19 PM, Husker-71 said:

    Hi, thanks for this...am I correct to infer that this means that the civs will not ever produce IED'S or SB's (Suicide Bombers).....and therefore if I populate the Ambient CIVs with a hostile faction they will never produce IED's/SB? I cant see an option to actually make them permanently friendly...so how do I set that up? Thanks in advance.




    23 hours ago, john85oc said:

    Hey thanks for the Update

    but i miss someone folder there. Whats its happend with the "key" folder?


    Okay i found the problem... in dl of Armaholic its not all in!


    Glad you found out


    13 hours ago, Tuskegee_99th said:

    Hi shay_gman,


    Thanks so much for the update, and the mod in general, it's great.


    The settings issue I mentioned earlier is still exists. In fact, none of the settings stay set except the general mission settings. UI, GAIA, Role Selection etc. none of other settings remain set the way you select. Once you enter the settings from the MCC interface you can make changes but if you then exit the UI and return the settings will not have stayed the way you set them. Hope that's clear.



    Open a ticket about it: https://github.com/shaygman/MCC_sandbox_modDev/issues


    8 hours ago, john1 said:

    Is the updated Mcc out on Workshop yet?  It says Nov 4 is last one.


    Could there be a possibility to place the carrier a long way out to sea,almost off map?  Need to be able to do that for a mission.(2)  Can there be a timer that can be used to spwan stuff after a set time ?  Just a timer,no triggers,or zones,just sync to some moduel.Then planes takes off when timer reach 0.

    Also some way to make our own compositions for troop units and save them.Would be able to recruit new team members and make helos land be context tesitive point at. 

    To be able to use the Support Requester/Provider in zeus mode,and some sort of Ambience system for aircraft.Aircraft fly around and maybe get fire missions near the player.

    If there could be a possibility to make use of the Rescue helos by being able to load in (rather make the ai load in ) casuallties onto stretchers and make that work automatic.


    It's on Steam.


    About the rest - maybe

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  18. R23 is out



    Steam Workshop



    Ambient Civilians module - add an option that civilians will always be friendly enhancement

    Disable MCC edit change control from CTRL enhancement

    Cover system is always enabled bug

    Campaign init module isn't initializing bug

    Custom factions make mission generator to hang bug

    Fix pylons locality bug

    Fix Version number on GUI bug


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