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  1. I doubt ACE or CUP can effect the AI behavior on this. Did the ambush group didn't move at all? did they just stay prone? Are you sure you got them synced as you can see a line connecting them and once the IED marker is gone the ambush marker is gone too?
  2. When you placing the ambush group you should click and drag to the place you want the group to move to. Then link the ambush to an IED once the IED detonated they will move to where you dragged the mouse before. I'm happy that I inspired you learning how to script. Looking at your mod list it looks like you loved the new MCC features so much that you decided to rewrite some and releasing them as your mods. I don't know what broken means, you should try better explaining what is wrong.
  3. Well yeah. I took a look last night for some reason the curatorSelected, curatorMouseOver returns nill when selecting custom modules.What I've found is that the MCC module doesn't work well ion dedicated server if CBA isn't running and only god know why..... for example: everything is working fine on local host, switching to dedicated server without CBA I don't even have the Zeus MCC modules :( don't really know what to say. I'll check it out. Define CAS - there are like 10 types of CAS. Just make the missions in MCC and not in 2d and then export to MCC.
  4. As a veteran in this thread you already know that all the functions in MCC are optional and are off by default and if they aren't off by default it is a bug :)
  5. There is a module in the 2D editor under MCC called start location. Just put it where you want it. You can have one serve as HQ and others as FOBs exc. Or just use Zeus respawn points
  6. It's coming from the bis_fnc_sortBy used by GAIA. It's a major error as it clot the rpt file. I found the cause and fixed it and it is already fixed for the next release. Unfortunately I don't think I will find the time to do proper testing until next weekend. But it fixed so just take it easy or use the dev version from GIT
  7. A quick pick to the new update and what it will bring. Post your mind here as your feed backs are very important. Planned Change log: Using the non-complex system AI units will heal others - it just like the normal heal but they won't inject api.
  8. Thanks, I'll disable the forward emplacement placing in the next update. It is the new ArmA security system - should be fixed in the next update or just disable BE. MCC should kick the mission maker if he disconnected. And in any case server admin can always take control over MCC. Are you using the latest mod version? It is strange as it seems the squares are on the map and not in MCC interface - which means it is a really old version of MCC. Are you using the mission version or the mod version? where did you get it from?
  9. {} instead of this () - fixed it again. It's hard to write code while at work B)
  10. I've fixed it try again - changed the code.
  11. Yup stcrow you got it right but the armed variable is attached to an hidden object and not the object the player see. I'll explain: MCC spawns an hidden object attached to the object you used as the IED. So the real IED is a hidden object and the fake IED is the object you have placed. You can check if the real IED is alive. Example in the init line of an object: _null = this spawn { [_this,"medium",0,60,true,0,30,west] spawn MCC_fnc_createIED; sleep 10; while {alive (_this getvariable ["realIed",objNull])} do {sleep 1}; hint "IED has been disarmed/explode". }; You can check the function here: https://github.com/shaygman/mcc_sandbox.Altis/blob/master/mcc/fnc/ied/fn_createIED.sqf Apparently I messed up a little as calling the function should return an array with the 1st element the object and 2nd the real IED but I used execVM rather then spawn so it will not return a value as it will go into a loop, I'll try to remember to fix it for the next release.
  12. @Stcrowe I can't agree more. :cheers: You got it wrong when MCC tend to the GM side more. When we used to play, I really miss that part and i'm thinking about re-opening a clan again :dancered: , we used to make missions in 10 minutes using MCC while the guys sorted their gear and groups. We had about 2-3 different mission a night, we skip the BS and we placed a start location more or less close to the AO and we considerate on the tactics (nobody likes to drive 20 minutes just because you made a great FOB in the airport. When I make the mission I considering opening MCC/Zeus in mid-mission as a crime - you open it only when you really really need it. I handle missions as riddles - I think of the mission I have and what should be the best way for the players to approach it as example: I leave a canyon leading to OA clear or adding disabling IED on the route to the OA to test the players ambush evading skill. Then I close MCC and join as a medic. Usually a mission consist of a few zones 3 or 4 with some zones near by with QRF/CAS or artillery (if there is in the mission) and then you just play while being surprised by the AI wonderfully conducted by GAIA as they utilize QRF or CAS if you got exposed to early. We never had MCC with micro management in mind, it is not Zeus, it was and still just a fancy UI to an AI master mind (used to be UPSMON and now GAIA) with a lot of side functions you can use or not if you really want to add some specific actions or atmosphere. First post on this thread, Steam workshop, play with 6 or give us your mail address and we'll send you a CD :)
  13. Oh no don't get me wrong i'm totally up to creating GAIA stand alone - just farting my thoughts on general discussion regarding the pros & cons of different game styles. I'm up to any game style that you people enjoy playing.
  14. I don't use 2d editor - never liked it even if it will go 3d. Well it is fine if you enjoying more of military sim and less of the game-play, The dumb ArmA AI + open world leads to mostly exploits by the players rather then a challenge - the most common tactic I see is "stand on a hill and shoot them from a far" where if there was a dynamic tool I would just spawn artillery on their head or spawn AI group behind them as a punishment for not maneuvering, On the other hand there are this big all over the map combat missions/mods which are nice in terms of game-play as you have a lot of things going on but very unrealistic as no war goes unplanned and even in total war you always know which side is the front and each mission is specifically designed and planned. You usually expect what you are facing and it is not like "wow they have a tank" Real Life combat is all about actions and reactions or in another words training and planning. That is why even in the more fluid part of MCC aka the mission and campaign generators a big part of it was to break down each campaign to missions, and each mission to task and give a proper briefing regarding the enemy size, assets, reinforcement, civilians population and more to keep it immersed. So for me any mission that isn't dynamic have to be 100% planned to cover all the possible exploits and fuck ups that the players will do/create inorder get anywhere immersive enough to my taste and to create this kind of mission takes a lot of planning, testing and thinking of all the possible exploits. I'll give you an example: I was planing with a community and we had a mission to secure an HVT, The HVT was transit in a convoy and the enemy had a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) near by. The mission was to capture the HVT and escort him the the exfil. The first part - capturing the HVT was spouse to be easy and the real mission should have been escorting him back while being tailed by the enemy. The players sneak in by night to the ambush point, set up an ambush. The convoy arrived, the ambush was successful and in the first wave of fire most of the enemy vehicles, and units where down. The HVT was captured and the enemy QRF arrived as transport helicopter dropping more enemy units. The player managed to shoot down the enemy pilot and took over the helicopter and just flew the HVT to the Exfil point. From a hard, immersive mission it turns out to be an easy arcadish non realistic mission. Do you imagine in real life infantry flying a hostile helicopter with an HVT in it?! Next day I introduced the AA CAS run to MCC to destroy air assets only - next time the players will capture an operational enemy helicopter two fast movers will pop up and destroy it. The example above happen a very long time ago, in ArmA 2, and since then there are another ways to handle it as locking the helicopter, destroying the engine exc but this is just an example as players will always find the way to exploit the game. That is why nothing that isn't dynamic just isn't good enough for me. I tried to reproduce this error on a dedi and I couldn't. Can you help me pinpoint to the when does it start?
  15. Happy new year guys. In the upcoming weeks I want to wrap my work on MCC by providing templates for the different play styles MCC provides from: PvP, RTS, CooP, Survival and more to show case the fully functionality of MCC and cleaning it and bringing it to the most stable faze it can be. Then I would love to take the time off and marking a big V on this project and plan my road ahead. Yes you can, but as explained by Stcrowe later on it is best to use zones because the brilliant idea behind GAIA is to mimic an AI commander that have to defend and captures zones with the assets in hand. So without defining zones and letting him know what to defend and what to conquer he will be a very ineffective commander. In the template missions that comes with the mod the medical system as well as other MCC functions are turned on because they are a show case for MCC functions. By default MCC medical system is off unless you put the module. Thanks, they are related to one MCC function and one BI function. It should be easily fixed. *Edit: Ok after looking at the code on Git I can say two things: 1. The BIS_fnc_sorrtBy isn't a game effective error - the zones array is set by the zones numbers so zone 1 is the 2nd element in the array and zone 10 is the 11th element, the BI function don't know how to handle nil arguments. Maybe we'll need to write our own. 2. The missing MCC_make_groups function on the server have a big game effect as the server will not be able to generate groups on his side. Both of them should be fixed. Great video mate, I'm happy to see people using MCC to create different and non orthodox missions. That's the idea behind MCC - create what ever you want easy. We are not sticking to any specific genre and we let you guys use it as a framework to suit your game style. Well written. It's up to Spirit decisions to create a stand alone GAIA. It is always a debate when it comes to MCC because we know that a lot of mission makers hate us - after all if you know how to create missions in the 2d, it takes time and effort and then some guy log-in into MCC and create not so bad mission within a few minutes or even being really lazy and just click the mission wizard. MCC was developed to fulfill our play-style (when we used to play) where we prefered doing a few different missions every night rather then have on big op that someone has worked on it for a week and then not enough people showed in and the mission was too difficult or too easy. So we where looking for a tool to help in the fastest way to let the guys create whatever mission they want in a few minutes- usually while the rest of the guys where sorting their gear and groups. But we encourage everyone to use their own play-style as we provide the tools and never enforce our "way of thinking" to anyone who uses MCC. Maybe even let the commanders build their bases, produce units and capture points now that we have RTS elements?
  16. NP, I've added support to iniDBi2 which lead me to change the entire Role Selection UI - but it will be there for next update. Yeah I forgot a "}" at the end. Will fix it ASAP Strange, i'll check it out. The objective placing isn't effected by the zone size. The only three factors that determine the distance between objectives are: The number of players - more players mean further away. CQB - half the distance Map and luck - sometimes especially when in CQB mission MCC will not find a suitable house to place the objective in. Sometimes the map doesn't have enough enter-able houses that are big enough and sometimes they are not set right in the configs but anyway all objectives should be more or less in the same area. If you want missions to generate away from each other it is best to use the Campaign.
  17. You are asking for INIDb2 support or saying it is supported?
  18. And did you put the independents hostile toward bluefor?
  19. It is a bug, I'll fix it for next update so it will be disabled also with CBA. What side was the unit you have played. You should pick the opposite side. As if you are fighting Opfor you should go Bluefor with the UC module.
  20. Zeus. Name saved only from the MCC 3D editor or Zeus. I can add it to the next update.
  21. Yeah, but again - are you sure you are on the latest version of MCC? I remember I've fixed it a few weeks ago and I've tested it right now and once the MCC mechanic module interaction disabled I couldn't access self interaction. There is no way to disable BI heal function (AFAIK) but don't worry as MCC basic healing is using it, Means you can heal a wounded unit either with the healing from the mouse wheel or with the MCC interaction. In the complex system MCC removes all the default FAIK and Medkits and replace them with MCC items.
  22. @drpastah just tested it spawned some units, some vehicles named two of them. Both of them shows in the SQM.
  23. I was just kidding regarding the media, Anyway are you using the MCC mod version? Did you put the MCC medical module and set all the needed parameters? Medikits will only give infinite epi exc on the basic level in the complex system you will need to use the real items.
  24. Hello, Been to Holland, what a great country it is I planned to meet with Spirit there but then life happen. So i'm back and it's time to see what is new... Is this problem still exist after the latest ArmA patch? BTW check my previous post regarding a work around until new release. Yeah I've fixed it for the next release. You shouldn't press hijack without selecting a unit. I'll add a check to avoid player doing it. The transition animation will not change - some people like it some don't, I can't make everyone happy all the time - sorry. Deleting zones - why don't you just minimize them in size and discard them away? Strange - i'll check it out. Just to clarify things do you mean saving to SQM or as MCC mission? Yeah it called "I forgot to add } at the end" :D - I'll fix it for next release. Man I think apart from sending me a real letter with a stamp and all you have contacted me in every known media to man (Steam, YouTube, forums, mails) ;) Regarding your questions: You can't use MCC respawn with BI revive - the main reason is that AFAIK BI pretty much did the worst revive script method where you first die, respawn, and then set in the unconscious faze. Why is this bad, well you can't really use the "killed" or "respawn" eventhandlers when the revive kick in after the respawn which means I can't tell when the player really die or when he really respawn. Usually medical/revive scripts work around catching the player before he die and set him to unconscious state (ACE for example). If you still want unconcious state, revive exc I recommend you using the MCC medical system complex or basic or other revive scripts such as A3 wounds or BTC revive. Right now you need to turn in the hostage to MCC start location - HQ I might change it later. Is it still not working after the patch? Yeah, i'll fix it for next release - thanks. It should be disabled once you select to disable it since last update - did you downloaded the latest version?
  25. If you are having trouble logging in there is a quick hotfix. Put this in your mission description.ext file. class CfgRemoteExec { class Functions { mode = 2; jip = 1; }; };